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CCI: "Red" Press Conference

Stars Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and Karl Urban joined series creators Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner after their panel at Comic-Con International to discuss comics, adapting "Red" to film and old age.

CCI: Love,

CCI: Love, "Big Bang Theory" Style

At Comic-Con International, the cast and writers of "The Big Bang Theory" spoke to fans about the upcoming fourth season of the popular CBS sitcom, the future of the show's characters, Sheldon’s love life and more.

X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Scott Pilgrim: Aug 5th Comic Reel

X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Scott Pilgrim: Aug 5th Comic Reel

Aaron Johnson will not be attending "First Class." Hal's nephew to appear in "Green Lantern." Evil Exes talk "Scott Pilgrim." Also, "Y: the Last Man" director talks trilogy and more.


CCI: "Chuck" Vs. Comic-Con

The creators and stars of "Chuck" spoke during Comic-Con International about the imminent arrival of Baby Awesome, the Buy More as subsidiary of the CIA, the casting of Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mother and more.


CCI: "Sucker Punch" Press Conference

The cast and crew of "Sucker Punch" spoke at Comic-Con International, discussing the empowerment of their fight training, director Zack Snyder's approach to filmmaking and the decision to shoot the movie in 2D.


CCI: "Human Target" Panel

The heroes of FOX's "Human Target" series fielded questions and provided clues about what will happen to Christopher Chance in the upcoming season during their Comic-Con International panel.

CCI: Adult Swim Panel

CCI: Adult Swim Panel

Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Tom Root, Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, and Brendan Small gave rabid fans a taste of what to expect from the upcoming seasons of Robot Chicken, Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Exes: Satya Bhabha & Brandon Routh

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Exes: Satya Bhabha & Brandon Routh

Evil Ex #1 and #3, Satya Bhabha and Brandon Routh, discuss their "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" characters' hidden humanity, working with director Edgar Wright, movie nights in Toronto and Routh's blonde wig.


CCI: DC's "Secret Origin" Revealed On Film

The Ryan Reynolds narrated “Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics” debuted at CCI with several legendary DC figures on hand to discuss the documentary and Denny O’Neill revealing how he almost died writing "Azrael."

Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Scott Pilgrim: Aug 4th Comic Reel

Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Scott Pilgrim: Aug 4th Comic Reel

Mark Strong talks the importance of Sinestro's look. Matthew Vaughn talks the "heart" of "First Class". "Scott Pilgrim" writer talks adaptation. Also, a first look at "Dylan Dog" and more.


CCI: "Smallville's" Final Season

"Smallville" actors John Schneider, Justin Hartely and producer Brian Petersen spoke with CBR News at Comic-Con International about the return of Pa Kent, Oliver Queen's story arc and the pesky issue of tights.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Writers

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Writers

Creator Bryan Lee O'Malley and screenwriter Michael Bacall spoke with CBR News about taking "Scott Pilgrim" from the page to screen, director Edgar Wright's gift for casting, and the screening of the film at CCI.


R.I.P. "Superman" Screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz

The screenwriter who became Richard Donner's closest collaborator on the first two "Superman" films as well as a driving force behind the '70s Jame Bond franchise passed away at the age of 68.

X-Men: First Class, Batman 3, Mage: Aug 3rd Comic Reel

X-Men: First Class, Batman 3, Mage: Aug 3rd Comic Reel

"First Class" drops a battle of the minds due to "Inception" as the boys of that film find themselves at the center of "Batman 3" rumors. Also, "Mage" to be a film discovered and more.

"Mage": The Film Discovered

"Watchmen" Producer Lloyd Levin has picked up the film rights to Matt Wager's "Mage: the Hero Discovered," the first book in the creators planned "Mage" trilogy. "The timing is good," said Wagner of the deal.

CBR TV @ CCI: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

CBR TV @ CCI: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

Co-stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost spoke with CBR TV about comic book fans' love of "Spaced," re-creating Comic-Con International in Arizona for the upcoming sci-fi comedy "Paul" and more.

CCI: Morrison And Mortimer Talk

CCI: Morrison And Mortimer Talk "Sinatoro"

Superstar writer Grant Morrison and director Adam Mortimer spoke with CBR News about their upcoming film project "Sinatoro" and described how they hope to bring moviemaking into the 21st Century.


CCI: "The Goon" Film Panel

Creator Eric Powell, producer David Fincher, actor Paul Giamatti and Blur Studio's Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler pitched their animated version of "The Goon" at Comic-Con International. Hilarity ensued.

Deadpool, Green Lantern, Priest: Aug 2nd Comic Reel

Deadpool, Green Lantern, Priest: Aug 2nd Comic Reel

Is Robert Rodriguez looking to direct "Deadpool"? Is Krona set to visit "Green Lantern"? Will Maggie Q talk about "Priest"? Also, Kevin Feige calls Joss Whedon "the right thing" and more.


CCI: "The Guild" Panel

Creator Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton and the cast of "The Guild" treated fans to an inspired "Bollywood" musical number and talked about season four of their popular web series at Comic-Con.

SPINOFF: What New Show Are You Most Looking Forward To?

SPINOFF: What New Show Are You Most Looking Forward To?

After a summer of sneak previews, Comic-Con panels and internet articles, we're beginning to see advertising for next season's shows appearing on air. SPINOFF asks: What show are you most excited about?


CCI: "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story"

“With Great Power: the Stan Lee Story,” a documentary about the life of the legendary creator responsible for many of comics' greatest heroes, made its debut before a star-studded panel including Lee himself.

SPINOFF: Mark Millar Explains

SPINOFF: Mark Millar Explains "Kick-Ass 2"

Wondering where "Kick-Ass" stands when it comes to its second outing? Creator Mark Millar has been spilling the beans on the planned sequel, and it sounds as though part two will be focusing more heavily on Hit-Girl.

CCI: Pegg & Frost's

CCI: Pegg & Frost's "Paul" Takes On Comic-Con

Cast members were on hand at CCI to discuss "Paul," Simon Pegg and Nick Frost 's new movie that takes the comedic duo on a journey from Comic-Con International to Area 51 and beyond.

CCI: ABC’s Castle Panel

CCI: ABC’s Castle Panel

Star Nathan Fillion and the cast and creators of "Castle" appeared Sunday at Comic-Con International to talk about Richard Castle’s new novel Naked Heat and the upcoming third season of the hit television series.

Frank Darabont Directs

Frank Darabont Directs "The Walking Dead"

CBR News spoke with Frank Darabont at Comic-Con International about his work on "The Walking Dead," his experiences as a comic book fan and genre lover, the work of artist Drew Struzan and much more.


CCI: "Eureka" And "Warehouse 13"

At Syfy’s Saturday panel at Comic-Con International, the producers and stars of "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13" took to the stage and discussed what’s in store for both of the hit series in their upcoming new seasons.

CCI: The

CCI: The "Smallville" Panel

Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Geoff Johns and others discussed the final season of "Smallville," the show's tenth year, while revealing that Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Darkseid will make appearances by show's end.

Green Lantern, Thor, Boilerplate: July 30th Comic Reel

Green Lantern, Thor, Boilerplate: July 30th Comic Reel

Crowd runs from a "Green Lantern" set video. "Thor" cast talk about getting homework. "Boilerplate" to make his way to the big screen. Also, "Dead@17" finds a writer and more.

Robert Kirkman Creates

Robert Kirkman Creates "The Walking Dead"

As the creator of the comic book series and an executive producer on the show, Robert Kirkman knows a thing or two about "The Walking Dead." CBR spoke with the writer at CCI about his experience on the AMC series.

JJ Abrams To Produce

JJ Abrams To Produce "Boilerplate"

The producer behind everything from "Star Trek" to "Lost" sets his Bad Robot sights on the Victorian Robot comic hero turned multimedia book star with a film adaptation of "Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel" on tap.


CCI: "Thor" Cast On Director Branagh

After a successful Comic-Con panel, the cast of "Thor" spoke with CBR News about their director Kenneth Branagh and their experiences working with him on set while Branagh discussed his actors' homework assignments.


CCI: "True Blood" Sinks Its Fangs Into Comic-Con

The cast and producer of "True Blood" joined novelist Charlaine Harris on-stage during Comic-Con International to discuss the show’s current season, where it’s going next and the Snoop Dogg promo for Season 4.

Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Crosshair: July 29th Comic Reel

Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Crosshair: July 29th Comic Reel

"Thor" footage explodes onto the web! "Cowboys" director discusses tone. "Crosshair" to be a motion picture. Also, Chris Evans talks "Captain America," the "Blue Beetle" test film and more.

CCI: Cast, Crew Talk

CCI: Cast, Crew Talk "Tron: Legacy"

The cast and crew of Disney’s "Tron: Legacy" assembled at for a press conference at Comic-Con International where together, they discussed the original film, updating the look for the sequel and the legacy of Tron.

SPINOFF: Why Isn’t Ant-Man In

SPINOFF: Why Isn’t Ant-Man In "Avengers?"

Despite months of persistent rumors, most centering on actor Nathan Fillion, CCI attendees learned over the weekend that Ant-Man won’t appear in The Avengers. But why? SPINOFF sorts through the details.

Gale Anne Hurd Produces

Gale Anne Hurd Produces "The Walking Dead"

CBR News spoke with veteran Hollywood producer Gale Anne Hurd during Comic-Con International about her work on "The Walking Dead," the origins of the AMC series and the level of violence featured on the show.


CCI: "V" Pits Humans Vs. Aliens Vs. Humans

Following his panel at CCI, producer and writer Scott Rosenbaum promised fans new sides to the conflict in "V," along with the introduction of new characters to complicate matters for Anna, Erica and everyone else.

CCI: Zack & Deborah Snyder's

CCI: Zack & Deborah Snyder's "Sucker Punch"

"Sucker Punch" director Zack Snyder and producing partner Deborah sat down with CBR News to discuss the new film, "Watchmen," "Xerxes" and a hint at projects further down the road.

"Blue Beetle" Live Action Footage Hits Web

After a repeat airing at last weekend's Comic-Con International, the Geoff Johns produced test footage for a proposed "Blue Beetle" live action show has popped up online in full.

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