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CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

Writer Mark Verheiden stopped by CBR TV to discuss his career as a comics creator, producing the upcoming TNT series "Falling Skies" with Noah Wylie and Steve Spielberg, the show's comic tie-ins and more

Discovering Paul Dini's

Discovering Paul Dini's "Tower Prep"

Fan favorite comic and TV writer Paul Dini welcomes the writing staff of his Cartoon Network series "Tower Prep" to CBR to discuss the teen drama where "X-Files" style creepiness meets mystery mythology.

SPINOFF: Cast & Crew Talk

SPINOFF: Cast & Crew Talk "Faster"

Stars Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton, along with director George Tillman Jr. and the writers of "Faster," discuss their new movie, Johnson's return to action, and the film's back-to-basics approach.

SPINOFF: Bale Talks

SPINOFF: Bale Talks "Dark Knight Rises"

While promoting his work in David O. Russell’s "The Fighter," actor Christian Bale has also begun breaking his silence on Christopher Nolan’s developing sequel to "The Dark Knight." SPINOFF has the details.

"Walking Dead" Ratings Remain Strong

With its fourth episode, AMC's adaptation of "The Walking Dead" showed a slight decline in overall numbers, but the show continues its stellar showing in a crowded cable landscape.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead"

In this week’s "The Walking Dead," "Vatos," Rick & Co. are sidetracked in their search for Merle as Glenn is kidnapped by another group of survivors while Jim’s bizarre behavior at camp hints at even bigger problems.

Friedle Looks Back at

Friedle Looks Back at "Batman Beyond"

The voice of Terry McGinnis, Will Friedle, shared his thoughts on playing opposite Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill on "Batman Beyond," which Warner Bros. is releasing this week on DVD for the first time in its entirety.

The Green Hornet, Dredd, Nemesis: Nov 22nd Comic Reel

The Green Hornet, Dredd, Nemesis: Nov 22nd Comic Reel

A new "Green Hornet" trailer bursts onto the scene. Karl Urban dons the helmet of "Dredd." Director Tony Scott talks "Nemesis." Also, "Dark Knight" star doubts the title will "rise" and more.

SPINOFF: 10 Potential Batman Spin-Off TV Shows

SPINOFF: 10 Potential Batman Spin-Off TV Shows

If rumors are true, Warner Bros is considering spinning a television series out of Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises." SPINOFF has some suggestions we’d happily watch.

SPINOFF: Clash of the Teaser Titans

SPINOFF: Clash of the Teaser Titans

This week saw the premiere of teaser trailers for both "Green Lantern" and "Cowboys & Aliens." Now, SPINOFF wants to know: which one will you be rushing to the theater to see on opening night?


VIDEO: New "Green Hornet" Trailer Released

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for next year's super hero actioner,"The Green Hornet," starring Seth Rogen as the titular hero with Jay Chao in the role of his more competent sidekick Kato


VIDEO: "Young Justice" Series Premiere Clip

Cartoon Network and WB Animation have released a new video clip from the November 26 airing debut episode of "Young Justice" along with a slew of new screenshots from the highly anticipated new series.

John Glover Returns to

John Glover Returns to "Smallville" in "Luthor"

The CW has released photos from next week's "Smallville" featuring the return of John Glover in his role of Lionel Luthor in the appropriately titled episode "Luthor."

First Still of Karl Urban As

First Still of Karl Urban As "Dredd" Hits

In advance of the film relaunch of their signature character, 2000AD release the very first still of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd from the R-rated "Dredd" which just began filming in South Africa.

Superman, The Wolverine, Wilson: Nov 19th Comic Reel

Superman, The Wolverine, Wilson: Nov 19th Comic Reel

The search for "Superman" is on! Darren Aronofsky officially directing "The Wolverine." Alexander Payne eyeing Daniel Clowes's "Wilson." Also, "Dark Knight" to rise in May and more.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Fringe - The Abducted"

Olivia attempts to return to her home universe with help from an old friend, but her journey home is complicated by the arrival of a serial kidnapper with deep ties to Colonel Broyles. SPINOFF has the full recap.

Official: Darren Aronofsky Directing

Official: Darren Aronofsky Directing "The Wolverine"

Director Darren Aronofsky is officially the director of the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" sequel, simply titled, "The Wolverine." Expected to shoot early next year, the film will follow the character to Japan.

Warners, Nolan And Snyder Search For Superman

Warners, Nolan And Snyder Search For Superman

Relaunch producers Christopher Nolan & David Goyer along with director Zack Snyder are ramping up their search for the next Superman with an eye towards a no-name actor.

Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises, Cowboys & Aliens: Nov 18th Comic Reel

Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises, Cowboys & Aliens: Nov 18th Comic Reel

Dennis Leary to join "Spider-Man!" Tom Hardy to play Hugo Strange? "Cowboys & Aliens" trailer invades the Internet. Also, the trial for "Superman" continues and more.

Leary Joins Spidey Cast As Capt. Stacey

Leary Joins Spidey Cast As Capt. Stacey

The chain-smoking comedian turned acclaimed cable actor is in final talks to sign on as Gwen Stacey's Spider-Man supporting police captain in director Marc Webb's upcoming wall-crawler reboot.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Pt.1"

Does director David Yates' adaptation of the first half of the final Harry Potter novel measure up to the high expectations fans have for it? In a word, yes. SPINOFF has a full review.

Ritchson Jumps Back in the Water as Aquaman

Ritchson Jumps Back in the Water as Aquaman

Alan Ritchson reprises his role as Aquaman on this week's episode of "Smallville," and now that he's tested the water, he's bringing the DC Comics' superhero's wife Mera along, too.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Human Target - Ilsa Pucci"

The second season premiere of "Human Target," titled "Ilsa Pucci," is strengthened by the performances of Jackie Earle Haley and the rest of the cast, but could have benefited from a more relaxed pace.

SPINOFF: Lundgren Is Never

SPINOFF: Lundgren Is Never "Expendable"

Whether you know him as Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, Universal Solider Andrew Scott or duplicitous drug addict Gunnar Jensen from "The Expendables," there's probably a few things you don't realize about Dolph Lundgren.

"Cowboys & Aliens" Trailer Hits Web

Get a first look at director Jon Favreau's follow up to "Iron Man" as Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford prove unlikely allies in an Old West shootout against visitors from beyond the stars in "Cowboys & Aliens."

We3, Green Lantern, The Avengers: Nov 17th Comic Reel

We3, Green Lantern, The Avengers: Nov 17th Comic Reel

Grant Morrison says "We3" news may be coming soon. The "Green Lantern" trailer has arrived! Mark Ruffalo compares the Hulk to sex. Also, producer explains "The Thing" delay, and more.


POLL: "Green Lantern" Trailer Reaction

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment's trailer for "Green Lantern" debuted last night, and CBR wants to know your reaction to the first full look at Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan and the rest of the Corps.

Haley Moves with

Haley Moves with "Human Target"

"Watchmen" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" actor Jackie Earle Haley spoke with CBR about playing the enigmatic Guerrero on "Human Target" and the evolution of the show's cast in its second season.

"Green Lantern" Trailer Debuts

The "Green Lantern" trailer has arrived introducing movie audiences to the world of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. While it mainly focuses on Hal, the trailer also offers a glimpse of Oa and Hector Hammond.

McBride Says

McBride Says "Human Target" Has Character

Veteran actor Chi McBride spoke with CBR News to discuss the show's second season, the developments in store for his character Winston and why TV shows should focus on character over mythology.


VIDEO: "Avengers" Welcome the Black Panther

This week's episode of "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" introduces the Black Panther to the Disney XD show's animated universe. T'Challa makes his debut November 17 at 8:30 PM.

Cowboys & Aliens, Men in Black III, Afterburn: Nov 16th Comic Reel

Cowboys & Aliens, Men in Black III, Afterburn: Nov 16th Comic Reel

"Cowboys & Aliens" poster teases the Internet! "Men in Black III" starts filming, but plans a holiday! "Afterburn" to be a motion picture! Also, "The Cape" come to NBC in January and more.

VIDEO: Aquaman Surfaces in

VIDEO: Aquaman Surfaces in "Smallville"

The CW has released preview clips from this week's "Smallville." Titled "Patriot," the episode features a captured Aquaman being submitted to a series of tests by Col. Slade.

"Walking Dead" Rises In Ratings

With its third episode, AMC's adaptation of "The Walking Dead" showed a dramatic ratings boost, pointing the way towards a very favorable reception for Robert Kirkman and company's stories on the small screen.

"Cowboys & Aliens" Ramps Up Amid Screenplay Disputes

The first full poster for Jon Favreau's "Iron Man" follow up hits in advance of the first trailer, all the while a legal battle is heating up over the screenplay history of the Platinum Studios comic adaptation "Cowboys & Aliens"


SPINOFF: "The Walking Dead" Recap

This week’s episode of "The Walking Dead" delivers much of the emotional punch of the premiere as Rick reunites with his family, Lori grapples with guilt and Daryl Dixon learns what happened to his brother Merle.

The Wolverine, Youngblood, Green Lantern: Nov 15th Comic Reel

The Wolverine, Youngblood, Green Lantern: Nov 15th Comic Reel

"Wolverine 2" finds a new title! "Youngblood" script still in the works! "Green Lantern" trailer preview! Also, "Thor" with "Tron," the "Dark Knight Rises" not entirely in IMAX, and more.

Montgomery Ames For

Montgomery Ames For "Human Target"

British actress Janet Montgomery spoke with CBR News on the Vancouver set of "Human Target" about joining the show for its second season as Ames, a master thief who comes to work for Christopher Chance.

SPINOFF: What if Films Never End?

SPINOFF: What if Films Never End?

With special editions, directors cuts and multiple DVD releases of the same movie, filmmakers can keep tweaking their movies forever. SPINOFF asks: how much fine-tuning is too much?

SPINOFF: Shock Horror: Is

SPINOFF: Shock Horror: Is "Green Hornet" Actually Good?

For months, the Green Hornet movie has been the butt of jokes, concern and outright derision - But, if initial test screenings are to be believed, it might be the best superhero movie in a long time.

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