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Bad Break Ups and a Kangaroo: Bendis talks

Bad Break Ups and a Kangaroo: Bendis talks "New Avengers: Disassembled"

This Summer, Brian Michael Bendis will once again put the superheroes of the Marvel U through the wringer. In "New Avengers: Disassembled," the team is shattered upon the rock that is "Civil War" and in "Ultimate Spider-Man Annual" #2, Peter again tangles with the Kingpin. Bendis spoke with CBR about both projects.

Ten Years Later: Reflecting on

Ten Years Later: Reflecting on "Kingdom Come" with Alex Ross

Ten years after the release of "Kingdom Come," the series is still highly popular with old and new fans alike, with an Absolute edition on the way as a reward for the most dedicated fans. Jonah Weiland sat down with Alex Ross for a lengthy chat about his thoughts on the series 10 years later and what it means to him today. Updated 5/13/06

The Green Party: Winick Talks

The Green Party: Winick Talks "Green Arrow."

Can a man bring hope to a devastated city by working inside and outside the system? Oliver Queen is going to find out as he splits his time between being the new mayor of Star City and the city's resident costumed vigilante. We spoke with "Green Arrow" writer Judd Winick about the series.


Preview: "Lions, Tigers & Bears" Vol.2 #2

Image Comics and Runemaster Studios have provided CBR News with an eight page preview of this Wednesday's "Lions, Tigers & Bears" Vol.2 #2.

"Knight" Time: Marvel Comics' "Moon Knight" Conference

Charlie Huston spent some time with the press today, in a Marvel Press conference, where he revealed more about "Moon Knight" and the titular hero. Includes preview art from issue #2.

Marvel Previews For 05/09/06:

Marvel Previews For 05/09/06: "Storm" and "Runaways"

Marvel Comics has released previews of two upcoming comics, shipping on May 31, 2006: "Runaways" #16 and "Storm" #4.

Markosia in Trouble?  Not So says Chuck Satterlee

Markosia in Trouble? Not So says Chuck Satterlee

Recent rumors have painted a not so pretty picture for Markosia Comics, the publisher behind "Starship Troopers" among others. Director of Operations Chuck Satterlee addresses the rumors and sets the record straight.

DC Comics Launches

DC Comics Launches "52" Web Site -

DC Comics announced today they've launched a website to support their weekly series "52," with the web site bringing fans the latest from the DCU during the event.

DC Comics Continues To Sell Out OYL, Now With

DC Comics Continues To Sell Out OYL, Now With "Blue Beetle," "Ion," and "Batman"

DC Comics has informed press and retailers that "Ion" #1, "Blue Beetle" #1, and "Batman #652" have all sold out, and will be going to back to print. Details and covers inside.

Erik Larsen On

Erik Larsen On "Savage Dragon" Milestones & "Wanted" Characters

CBR News talked with Erik Larsen about publishing milestones and the characters of "Wanted" paying a visit to "Savage Dragon."

"Son of M" Races To Its Finish With "Civil War" Repercussions

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard of Marvel Comics' "Civil War" event, which has been affecting all their well-known characters. Now Quicksilver gets in on the fun, with this preview of "Son Of M" #6.

"Civil War" + "Infinite Crisis" = Big Bucks? We Surveyed Comic Shops To Find Out

Last Wednesday saw the release of "Infinite Crisis" #7 and "Civil War" #1 on the same day. Did the release of these two highly anticipated issues generate record sales figures at comic shops across the country? CBR News surveyed nine different stores in the U.S.A. to find out.

CBR Celebrates 10 Years In Operation Today

CBR Celebrates 10 Years In Operation Today

Believe it or not, CBR took it's first steps onto the Internet 10 years ago today on May 8th, 1996. CBR's Jonah Weiland checks in to discuss this momentous occasion and how the release of "Kingdom Come," also celebrating a 10 year anniversary today, helped inspire the creation of CBR.


REFLECTIONS: Ron Marz's "Samurai" Style

With the "Samurai: Heaven and Earth" collection now in stores, Robert caught up with writer Ron Marz for a look back on the series, news of the sequel and what else he's got coming in the months to come.

Box Art & Voice Talent Revealed for

Box Art & Voice Talent Revealed for "Justice League Heroes" Videogame

An impressive list of voice actors including Ron Perlman and Michael Jai White voice an equally impressive list of heroes in "Justice Leage Heroes." Plus, the box art revealed.

From NASA Designer to Comic Creator: Sheikman talks

From NASA Designer to Comic Creator: Sheikman talks "Robotika"

Alex Sheikman's "Robotika" has been turning heads with it's striking art and intriguing storyline. But who is the man behind the comic? We profile Sheikman and learn about his beginnings in comics, his day job at NASA and much more.

Ron Garney Signs Marvel Exclusive

Ron Garney Signs Marvel Exclusive

Marvel's announced that Ron Garney has signed exclusively with the publisher. Plus, a look at his art from "Amazing Spider-Man" #532.

Previewing Image's

Previewing Image's "The Portent" #3

Creator Peter Bergting and Image Comics have provided CBR News with a preview of the June shipping "The Portent" #3, part of a four-issue mini-series.

Beau Smith Goes Wild With

Beau Smith Goes Wild With "Cobb: Off The Leash."

Real men don't wear spandex: they just kick butt. This month, Beau Smith and Eduardo Barreto bring some manliness to vigilantes in IDW Publishing's "Cobb: Off The Leash." Come in and learn why Batman and Wolverine have nothing on Cobb.

"The Red Star" Returns in August, Weta Workshop Joins Team

After a long absence, Christian Gossett's "The Red Star" returns this August in the graphic novel "The Red Star: Sword of Lies." Gossett will be joined by the renowned team at Weta Workshop ("The Lord of the Rings," "King Kong") who'll handle digital painting duties. We spoke with Gossett, who also gave us loads of early sketches from the book.

"Civil War" #1 Arrives & We Want Your Thoughts

With the arrival of "Civil War" #1 today, all of us here at Comic Book Resources invite our visitors to share your opinion of this series' first book. Come on inside for details on how to participate and see what others think.

Gaiman Reveals New

Gaiman Reveals New "Eternals" Art

Neil Gaiman. Eternals. New art. What are you waiting for? Check out the newest art from the hotly anticipated Marvel Comics series by one of the medium's greatest scribes.

Yippee-Kai-Ay Mother...: Seeley talks

Yippee-Kai-Ay Mother...: Seeley talks "Hack/Slash: Slice Hard."

In "Hack/Slash: Slice Hard," slasher hunters Cassie Hack and Vlad find themselves locked inside a huge complex with a multitude of undead serial killers and the unarmed duo must use their wits to survive. CBR News spoke with writer Tim Seeley about this latest installment.

Not Fade Away: Jeff Mariotte Talks

Not Fade Away: Jeff Mariotte Talks "Angel"

With "Angel: Old Friends" wrapped up and the future redefined for the series, CBR News though it was time to update "Angel" fans on the direction of their favorite characters. Writer Jeff Mariotte was happy to present a spoiler free overview of where "Angel" has been and will be going.

DC Overprints

DC Overprints "52: Week 1," Sell Outs for "Checkmate" #1 & "Blue Beetle" #2

DC Comics has announced that they have significantly overprinted "52: Week 1" to enable retailers to reorder for weeks to come, plus "Checkmate" #1 & "Blue Beetle" #2 have sold out and are headed back to press.

Marvel Comics Previews:

Marvel Comics Previews: "Iron Man," "Sensational Spider-Man," and More!

Marvel Comics has released previews of five upcoming titles, all shipping on May 24. These include "Sensational Spider-Man," "Fantastic Four: Death In The Family" and more.

Horrific Sins:

Horrific Sins: "Se7en" Comes to Comics This September

This September, Zenescope Entertainment will bring the gruesome world of the David Fincher film "Se7en" to comic book fans. CBR News spoke with Zenescope's Ralph Tedesco and Joe Tyler to see who's involved and what their plans are.


Talking "Abadazad," "Hero Squared," Music and More with J.M DeMatteis

With "Abadazad" debuting at Hyperion soon, and books like "Hero Squared" and "Stardust Kid" chugging along, J.M. DeMatteis is in a busy, busy place. We caught up with the scribe to get the latest on those series, plus he's shared a track from his CD, soon to be back into print.

Previewing This Wednesday's

Previewing This Wednesday's "Atomika" #7

Sal Abbinanti has provided CBR News with a five page preview of "Atomika" #7, shipping to comic shops Wednesday from Mercury Comics. Plus, we've got looks at upcoming covers by Bianchi, Castellini and Bisley.

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Dan Jurgens

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Dan Jurgens

This week, Robert sits down for a chat with writer/artist Dan Jurgens in which they discuss his work on "Battle for Bludhaven," his role in the weekly "52," on which parts of the DC Universe he'd like to play in and much more. Updated with preview art from "52."


REVIEW: "Civil War" #1

CBR's Hannibal Tabu takes a break from his Comic Reel Wrap and THE BUY PILE duties to bring you an advance review of the kick off to Marvel's big summer event, "Civil War" #1. What did he think? Come inside to find out.

Image Previews:

Image Previews: "Rocketo" #7, "Sead of Red" #9 and More!

Image Comics has provided CBR News with five page previews of "Rocketo" #7," "Sea of Red" #9, "ShadowHawk" #11 and "Strange Girl" #8.

George Perez gets Brave and Bold at Pittsburgh

George Perez gets Brave and Bold at Pittsburgh

Last weekend at the Pittsburgh Comicon, George Perez held court with fans to discuss his upcoming run on "The Brave & The Bold" plus what he's got coming following his run on the series.

DC Sends Two Sold-Out

DC Sends Two Sold-Out "Justice" Issues Back To Press

DC Comics has announced that "Justice" issues #4 and #5 have both sold out and second printings of each issue with new covers are on the way.


Review: "Bone: The Great Cow Race" Game

CBR's resident gaming expert Jeremy Goldstone stops by with a look a the second installment of games based on Jeff Smith's popular character, "Bone: The Great Cow Race."

The Forgotten Dead: Mark Waid talks

The Forgotten Dead: Mark Waid talks "John Doe"

Later this year, Mark Waid will wow his fans with something decidedly different-- "John Doe." The limited series from Boom! Studios stars a character who, with a network of operatives, names the unnamed dead of Potter's Field in New York City. Waid stopped by for a quick chat to discuss the preview book.

Books and Covers with Horn & Suydam @ Pittsburgh

Books and Covers with Horn & Suydam @ Pittsburgh

The inaugural panel for the 2006 Pittsburgh Comicon featured cover artists Greg Horn and Arthur Suydam discussing their careers and on covering a variety of Marvel comic books.

Over 140 Marvel Characters Come Together in the

Over 140 Marvel Characters Come Together in the "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" Game

Activision's released some screen grabs from the upcoming "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" video game, an all-new action/RPG featuring the largest number of comic characters ever seen in a single video game.

No Longer A

No Longer A "Dark Horse": Arvid Nelson talks "Rex Mundi"

With "Rex Mundi" moving to Dark Horse, Arvid Nelson sat down with CBR News to talk about the new direction for the series. One part Harrison Ford, a dash of Da Vinci, and you've got the recipe for Nelson's new direction for "Mundi."

Marvel Releases Video Prequel to

Marvel Releases Video Prequel to "Civil War" #1

Getting excited about the release of "Civil War" next Wednesday? Marvel's helping you get by until then with a new video prequel to the series.

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