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NYCC: Oni Commits To Webcomics With New

NYCC: Oni Commits To Webcomics With New

In a major new publishing initiative, Oni Press will relaunch its website in January as a fully functional webcomics portal with multiple new serials from webcomics all-stars and classic reprints, EIC James Lucas Jones explains.

Faith Erin Hicks Talks

Faith Erin Hicks Talks "Superhero Girl" Flying To Dark Horse

ROBOT 6's Brigid Alverson talks to "The Adventures of Superhero Girl" creator Faith Erin Hicks about the webcomics' upcoming print collection from Dark Horse Comics.

Tony Cliff Dives Into “Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant”

Tony Cliff Dives Into “Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant”

Cartoonist Tony Cliff spoke with CBR News on the future and style of his Eisner Award-nominated swashbuckling webcomic, "Delilah Dirk."

Woodward Pitches the

Woodward Pitches the "Bottom of the Ninth"

CBR News spoke with artist and animator Ryan Woodward about his new iPad app/animated graphic novel, "Bottom of the Ninth," a baseball yarn set 200 years in the future.

Emma Capps Builds

Emma Capps Builds "The Chapel Chronicles"

Teenage cartoonist Emma Capps spoke to CBR News about her ongoing webcomic, which she posts in two languages, reviewing Plato's "Republic" for the Unshelved Book Club, and more.

Derek Kirk Kim Says

Derek Kirk Kim Says "Tune," "Mythomania" are the "Same Difference"

The award-winning cartoonist talks about the new HC edition of "Same Difference," his current webcomic, the first print volume of which comes out this year and his filmmaking debut.

"Axe Cop" Co-Creator Ethan Nicolle Prepares for "Bearmageddon"

Ethan Nicolle, co-creator the wildly successful "Axe Cop" with his then-five-year old brother Malachai, spoke with CBR News about "Bearmageddon," his webcomic about an all-out war on mankind by bears.

Combat Human Trafficking with the Comic Creators for Freedom

Combat Human Trafficking with the Comic Creators for Freedom

IDW Creator and Comic Creators for Freedom founder Lora Innes sends out a call to arms to comic creators and fans to help combat human trafficking in the United States in a special CBR guest editorial.

D’Errico and Weibe Launch

D’Errico and Weibe Launch "Sky Pirates of Neo Terra" Webcomic

Artist Camilla d’Errico and "Green Wake" writer Kurtis J. Weibe have teamed for a webcomic based on "Sky Pirates of Neo Terra," the Nintendo DC game turned Image anthology, and ROBOT 6 has the details.

CBR TV: Emma Caulfield, Camilla Rantsen on

CBR TV: Emma Caulfield, Camilla Rantsen on "Ripped"

Co-writers Emma Caulfield and Camilla Rantsen discuss the genesis of their current webcomic, "Ripped," plans for the future and Caulfield's return to the world of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" by way of Anya's bunny suit.

"Buffy's" Emma Caulfield Gets "Ripped"

The "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum spoke with CBR News about her newest webcomic endeavor involving a psychic university and the humble beginnings of Jack the Ripper.

NYCC: MTV's Stan Lee's

NYCC: MTV's Stan Lee's "The Seekers" Contest Winner Panel

While the panel started off with some confusion and an early exit by Stan Lee, MTV's new webcomics creators charmed the audience with their plans for the upcoming "The Seekers."

Renee Lott's

Renee Lott's "Studly Pete" Rises Online

Cartoonist Renee Lott spoke with CBR News about the follow-up project to "Festering Romance, her recently-launched webcomic "The Rise and Fall of Studly Pete."

Rucka & Burchett Set Sail With

Rucka & Burchett Set Sail With "Lady Sabre"

Acclaimed creators Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett expand their adventure repertoire with the new "Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether" webcomic, telling CBR their plans for Steampunk swashbuckling.

Graphicly Redesigns And Redefines

Graphicly Redesigns And Redefines

The online comics provider is working its way through a new model that allows both indie creators and established publishers to upload comics online to be read and embedded anywhere as "the YouTube of comics," explains CEO Micah Baldwin.

CSBG's Month of Webcomics!

CSBG's Month of Webcomics!

Throughout the month of May, CSBG has been spotlighting a different webcomic every day! See which have been featured so far and maybe you'll discover a new favorite strip!

Xeric Winner Jason Brubaker Brings

Xeric Winner Jason Brubaker Brings "reMIND" to Print

Xeric Grant winner Jason Brubaker brings his acclaimed independent web series to print and discusses the OGN, his extremely successful Kickstarter drive and and gives tips on self-publishing.

Thompson Visits the

Thompson Visits the "Cul de Sac"

Richard Thompson, the cartoonist behind the syndicated "Cul de Sac" strip, talks to CBR News about the challenges of a daily strip, Toad Zombies, the influences of caricature and “Pogo.”

Siegel on

Siegel on "Sailor Twain"

Mark Siegel, the Editorial Director of First Second books talks to CBR News about his webcomic centering on the Hudson River and mermaids working in charcoal and designing wine labels.

Moen and Parker Talk

Moen and Parker Talk "Bucko"

Cartoonist Erika Moen teams with webcomics rookie Jeff Parker for "Bucko," which launches today, and the duo took time out to speak with CBR News about the dick and fart joke murder-mystery.

SPINOFF: Taking Measure of

SPINOFF: Taking Measure of "V"

"V" actor Charles Measure spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about his portrayal of hired assassin Kyle Hobbes, his character’s evolution from cutthroat mercenary to impassioned soldier and what he expects to see in season two.

CBR's Webcomics Weekend 2 Report

CBR's Webcomics Weekend 2 Report

Last weekend saw the second New England Webcomics Weekend take place and CBR News was there, checking out the various panels, meeting the creators and showing everyone who attended the event a good time.

Liefeld Resurrects

Liefeld Resurrects "Zombie Jesus"

The "Deadpool" co-creator's latest original series takes the zombie genre to truly biblical proportions. Rob Liefeld spoke with CBR about "Zombie Jesus" and other webcomics he's planning to publish in the near future.

NYCC: Kurtz Talks Digital vs. Print

NYCC: Kurtz Talks Digital vs. Print

What was intended to be a debate between webcomics titan Scott Kurtz and legendary cartoonist Ted Rall about web versus print turned into a thoughtful discussion about the future of print media.

More Than One Way to

More Than One Way to "Skin Horse"

Writer/artist Shaenon Garrity spoke with CBR about her webcomic "Skin Horse," her history on the web, working for Viz Media, financing projects with Kickstarter and her upcoming book "CLAMP in America."

Beranek & DiGerolamo Open The Webcomic Factory

Beranek & DiGerolamo Open The Webcomic Factory

Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo discuss their new webcomic hub, explaining how the internet born format is continuously changing the way comics and other forms of media are being produced.


The "Abominable" Karl Kerschl

Karl Kerschl, the critically acclaimed artist and writer of "Wednesday Comics," "Teen Titans: Year One" and more spoke with CBR News about his Eisner-nominated webcomic "The Abominable Charles Christopher."

Foglio On The Many Lives Of

Foglio On The Many Lives Of "Girl Genius"

In light of last week's announcements regarding new "Girl Genius" projects, the popular webcomic's co-creator Phil Foglio spoke with ROBOT 6, discussing the deal with Tor, the audiobooks, prose novels and more.

The End and Beginning of

The End and Beginning of "(MySpace) Dark Horse Presents"

We spoke with Scott Allie about the end of "MySpace Dark Horse Presents," the title's pending return to print what's next for Dark Horse's digital comics and an exclusive story from the final issue!

ZUDA Shuttering Website, Moving To iPad, PSNetwork

ZUDA Shuttering Website, Moving To iPad, PSNetwork

DC Comics has announced that as of today, the website will be shut down, but they will continue to offer titles through comiXology's iTunes App and PlayStation®Network.

EXCLUSIVE: The Full Story of

EXCLUSIVE: The Full Story of "S.H.O.O.T."

Commando atheists armed to the teeth against supernatural threats headline the latest from MySpace Dark Horse Presents, and CBR has the full comic story along with word from writer Justin Aclin.


VIDEO: "Iron Man: Extremis" Motion Comic Trailer

Marvel Comics has released the first trailer for "Iron Man: Extremis," the publisher's latest motion comic endeavor which will adapt the popular Warren Ellis and Adi Granov storyline.

Marvel to Release Iron Man Motion Comic

Marvel to Release Iron Man Motion Comic

Marvel's next motion comic will be Iron Man Extreme, presumably an adaptation of the "Extremis" story arc by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov that influenced the 2008 film starring Robert Downey Jr. ROBOT 6 has details.


Lanzing "Commands & Conquers" Motion Comics

A motion comic based on the "Command & Conquer" video game series arrived this past weekend and we spoke with writer Jackson Lanzing about the project. Check out the interview, then watch the first episode right here!

'Zahra's Paradise' creator speaks

'Zahra's Paradise' creator speaks

ROBOT 6's Brigid Alverson speaks to the anonymous creator of First Second's newest webcomic, which is about a mother searching for her missing son after the Iranian presidential election of 2009.

Barnes and Southworth are

Barnes and Southworth are "Not Invented Here"

Veteran webcartoonists Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth took some time and spoke with CBR News about turning their creative sites on the software industry in their new collaborative webcomic "Not Invented Here."

Comeau and Horne Create

Comeau and Horne Create "A Softer World"

Writer Joey Comeau and photographer Emily Horne spoke with CBR News about about the origins, future and creative process behind their long-running webcomic "A Softer World" and it's upcoming second print collection.

Foglio on His Award-Winning

Foglio on His Award-Winning "Genius"

Phil Foglio, the artist and co-writer of the Hugo Award-winning "Girl Genius," spoke with CBR about being halfway through the epic steampunk story and gives the acceptance speech he would have delivered at Worldcon.

Piskor Takes

Piskor Takes "Wizzywig" on the Lam

Cartoonist Ed Piskor's latest volume of "Wizzywig," featuring the adventures of an early computer hacker and "social engineer," is available now through the artist's web site. CBR News spoke with Piskor about the new book.

Matt Maxwell Travels the

Matt Maxwell Travels the "Strangeways"

The writer of ROBOT 6's ongoing webcomic "Strangeways," Matt Maxwell talked with CBR News about the tradition of weird westerns, werewolves, online serialization and what he has planned for his next project.

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