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More Than One Way to

More Than One Way to "Skin Horse"

Writer/artist Shaenon Garrity spoke with CBR about her webcomic "Skin Horse," her history on the web, working for Viz Media, financing projects with Kickstarter and her upcoming book "CLAMP in America."

Beranek & DiGerolamo Open The Webcomic Factory

Beranek & DiGerolamo Open The Webcomic Factory

Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo discuss their new webcomic hub, explaining how the internet born format is continuously changing the way comics and other forms of media are being produced.


The "Abominable" Karl Kerschl

Karl Kerschl, the critically acclaimed artist and writer of "Wednesday Comics," "Teen Titans: Year One" and more spoke with CBR News about his Eisner-nominated webcomic "The Abominable Charles Christopher."

Foglio On The Many Lives Of

Foglio On The Many Lives Of "Girl Genius"

In light of last week's announcements regarding new "Girl Genius" projects, the popular webcomic's co-creator Phil Foglio spoke with ROBOT 6, discussing the deal with Tor, the audiobooks, prose novels and more.

The End and Beginning of

The End and Beginning of "(MySpace) Dark Horse Presents"

We spoke with Scott Allie about the end of "MySpace Dark Horse Presents," the title's pending return to print what's next for Dark Horse's digital comics and an exclusive story from the final issue!

ZUDA Shuttering Website, Moving To iPad, PSNetwork

ZUDA Shuttering Website, Moving To iPad, PSNetwork

DC Comics has announced that as of today, the website will be shut down, but they will continue to offer titles through comiXology's iTunes App and PlayStation®Network.

EXCLUSIVE: The Full Story of

EXCLUSIVE: The Full Story of "S.H.O.O.T."

Commando atheists armed to the teeth against supernatural threats headline the latest from MySpace Dark Horse Presents, and CBR has the full comic story along with word from writer Justin Aclin.


VIDEO: "Iron Man: Extremis" Motion Comic Trailer

Marvel Comics has released the first trailer for "Iron Man: Extremis," the publisher's latest motion comic endeavor which will adapt the popular Warren Ellis and Adi Granov storyline.

Marvel to Release Iron Man Motion Comic

Marvel to Release Iron Man Motion Comic

Marvel's next motion comic will be Iron Man Extreme, presumably an adaptation of the "Extremis" story arc by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov that influenced the 2008 film starring Robert Downey Jr. ROBOT 6 has details.


Lanzing "Commands & Conquers" Motion Comics

A motion comic based on the "Command & Conquer" video game series arrived this past weekend and we spoke with writer Jackson Lanzing about the project. Check out the interview, then watch the first episode right here!

'Zahra's Paradise' creator speaks

'Zahra's Paradise' creator speaks

ROBOT 6's Brigid Alverson speaks to the anonymous creator of First Second's newest webcomic, which is about a mother searching for her missing son after the Iranian presidential election of 2009.

Barnes and Southworth are

Barnes and Southworth are "Not Invented Here"

Veteran webcartoonists Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth took some time and spoke with CBR News about turning their creative sites on the software industry in their new collaborative webcomic "Not Invented Here."

Comeau and Horne Create

Comeau and Horne Create "A Softer World"

Writer Joey Comeau and photographer Emily Horne spoke with CBR News about about the origins, future and creative process behind their long-running webcomic "A Softer World" and it's upcoming second print collection.

Foglio on His Award-Winning

Foglio on His Award-Winning "Genius"

Phil Foglio, the artist and co-writer of the Hugo Award-winning "Girl Genius," spoke with CBR about being halfway through the epic steampunk story and gives the acceptance speech he would have delivered at Worldcon.

Piskor Takes

Piskor Takes "Wizzywig" on the Lam

Cartoonist Ed Piskor's latest volume of "Wizzywig," featuring the adventures of an early computer hacker and "social engineer," is available now through the artist's web site. CBR News spoke with Piskor about the new book.

Matt Maxwell Travels the

Matt Maxwell Travels the "Strangeways"

The writer of ROBOT 6's ongoing webcomic "Strangeways," Matt Maxwell talked with CBR News about the tradition of weird westerns, werewolves, online serialization and what he has planned for his next project.

Mark Crilley on

Mark Crilley on "Brody's Ghost"

CBR has an exclusive first look at "Brody's Ghost" part two, which hits "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" next week. We spoke with writer-artist Mark Crilley about the web comics and the graphic novel series starting in June.

Seibel Illustrates Harvey Pekar

Seibel Illustrates Harvey Pekar

One of the key artists involved in "Smith Magazine's" online "Pekar Project," Tara Seibel spoke with CBR about breaking into comics from the graphic design field, life in Cleveland, the softer side of Harvey Pekar and much more.

"Moon Girl" Exclusive to comiXology

Publisher comiXology continues to bring original comics content to their iPhone app with the release of "Moon Girl" this month. Writers Johnny Zito and Tony Trov talk with CBR about their update of the Golden Age superhero title.

Harvey Pekar On

Harvey Pekar On "The Pekar Project"

Straight out of Cleveland, legendary comics scribe Harvey Pekar spoke with CBR News about "The Pekar Project," his many other upcoming projects and watching people eat old twinkie filling with Anthony Bourdain.

Dan Hipp Unleashes

Dan Hipp Unleashes "Gyakushu!" on the Web

The acclaimed artist behind Image Comics' "The Amazing Joy Buzzards," Dan Hipp concludes his long-delayed Tokyopop series "Gyakushu!" online as he prepares to take on "Ben 10" in February.

Goldman Shows

Goldman Shows "Red Light Properties"

The artist behind acclaimed graphic novels "Shooting War" and "08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail," Dan Goldman returns to webcomics with a brand new serialized story that appears every Tuesday on

Comic Creators Unite to End Human Trafficking

Comic Creators Unite to End Human Trafficking

"The Dreamer's" Lora Innes joins with J.K. Woodward, Lar DeSouza, Thom Zahler and many other comic writers and artists in order to speak out against human trafficking through their art.

"Comic Critics" Reaches #100!

COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD's resident webcomic, "Comic Critics," has reached it's 100th installment! Join creators Sean Whitmore and Brandon Hanvey as they take a look at 2009's infamous December Skip Week.

Child’s Play: Where Gamers Give Back

Child’s Play: Where Gamers Give Back

Child's Play's Kristin Lindsay talks about the charity that started as a toy drive for a single hospital and has grown into an international annual event showing that when gamers give back, it makes a huge difference.

Kurtz & Adams Throwdown at the North Pole

Kurtz & Adams Throwdown at the North Pole

This holiday season may end up seeing the biggest "PvP" Christmas storyline ever as the strip's creator, Scott Kurtz, is joined by comic book legend Neal Adams to present the latest battle in the Kringus vs. Santa Claus war.


PREVIEW: "Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie"

Courtesy of IDW Publishing and Paramount Studios, CBR presents a preview of the digital comic "Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie, A Case Study by Dr. Johann Averys DMN" by Scott Lobdell and Mark Badger.

Neal Adams Animates The

Neal Adams Animates The "Astonishing X-Men"

The comic art legend explains how he pitched Marvel on making a motion comic from Joss Whedon & John Cassaday's hit, what it takes to make the form work and how he'll celebrate the book's launch.

Cassaday on the

Cassaday on the "Astonishing X-Men" Motion Comic

On October 28th fans can purchase the first episode in the motion comic adaptation of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's "Gifted." CBR News spoke with Cassaday about the project and his involvement with it.

Carthage Is King In

Carthage Is King In "Citizen X"

The new historical fiction webcomic by "Hannibal Goes to Rome" writer Brendan McGinley ruminates on what could have been if Carthage, instead of Rome, had been the ultimate victor in the Punic Wars.

A Walk Through

A Walk Through "Gunnerkrigg Court"

CBR News speaks with Tom Siddell, creator of the popular fantasy/adventure webcomic, "Gunnerkrigg Court," which is releasing it's second hardcover collection this November, courtesy of Archaia.

Ron Marz And Studio 414 Put The Moves On

Ron Marz And Studio 414 Put The Moves On "Valkyrie"

The writer talks about creating a motion comic from the ground up and the potential future of the comic industry as motion comics continue to increase in popularity.

Ron Perazza Talks Zuda Comics

Ron Perazza Talks Zuda Comics

On the eve of their second anniversary, Zuda Comics' Ron Perazza talks with ROBOT 6 about the webcomic imprint's first two years, controversies they've faced, awards they've won and what the future holds in store.

Cloonan & Cho Talk

Cloonan & Cho Talk "K.G.B."

Nineties nostalgia and Korean rap collide in "K.G.B.," a new webcomic by Eisner winner Becky Cloonan and cartoonist Hwan Cho, who talked to CBR News about the epic story of the Korean rap group K.G.B.


PREVIEW: "Wolverine Vs. Thor"

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an advance look at "Wolverine Vs. Thor," a new web comic from writer Frank Tieri and artist Paco Diaz that debuts next week on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

Smith Magazine on Katrina & Harvey Pekar

Smith Magazine on Katrina & Harvey Pekar

Larry Smith and Jeff Newelt of Smith Magazine talk to CBR about Josh Neufeld’s New Orleans book "A.D.", the role that comics play at the magazine, and their new ongoing project with Harvey Pekar.

Jonathan Rosenberg’s Infinite Typewriters

Jonathan Rosenberg’s Infinite Typewriters

The cartoonist behind “Goats,” Jonathan Rosenberg talks to CBR about working more than a decade in the webcomics trenches and the new editions of his strip coming out through Del Rey books.

"Dark Horse Presents" Returns to MySpace

Following a one-month gap in publication, MySpace has welcomed Dark Horse back with a new issue of "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" featuring a Buffy story written by Jane Espenson.

IN-DEPTH: Ryan North

IN-DEPTH: Ryan North

The creator of the popular "Dinosaur Comics" web series, Ryan North goes in-depth with CBR about the venerable strip, its origins and inspirations, his favorite comics and his reinvention of web advertising,

CCC09: Emma Caulfield Q&A

CCC09: Emma Caulfield Q&A

Emma Caulfield reflects on her career as Anya on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with co-stars Camden Toy and Doug Jones and talks her new Web comic "Contropussy."

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