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He's So Cute:

He's So Cute: "Death Jr.: Root of Evil" comes to Wii

The popular comics and game franchise Death Jr. has found its way to the Wii gaming system, and CBR News talks to producer James Stanley about what fans can expect from the new "Root of Evil."


New "Incredible Hulk" Game Trailer

Sega has released the latest trailer for the upcoming "Incredible Hulk" game, which ties into the upcoming film and features the voice talent of the Marvel movie's headlining cast members. UPDATED

Sega Releases

Sega Releases "Incredible Hulk" Game Screens

SEGA of America today released a bunch of new screenshots from the June debuting video game "The Incredible Hulk," which ties into the upcoming feature film starring Edward Norton and Tim Roth.

NYCC: Inside Spider-Man's “Web of Shadows”

NYCC: Inside Spider-Man's “Web of Shadows”

Activision debuted the trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game at New York Comic Con and CBR spoke with Executive Producer Graham Fuchs about the project, which hopes to drive players up the wall.

NYCC: Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures

NYCC: Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures

NYCC was host to one of the designers of the new "Age of Conan" online video game who gave a video presentation and took a number of questions directly from the audience. CBR News reports.


NYCC: VIDEO - New "Iron Man" Game Trailer

Sega of America has unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming "Iron Man" video game, exclusive to New York Comic Con visitors, but we've got a look at it for those of you who can't make it to the show.

Iron Man Game to Feature New + Classic Suits

Iron Man Game to Feature New + Classic Suits

SEGA has released images of all the unlockable and platform-exclusive suits from "Iron Man," the new video game based on the classic Marvel Comics hero and upcoming film.

Stars to Voice

Stars to Voice "Incredible Hulk" Video Game + New Screenshots

Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and the stars of "The Incredible Hulk" will lend their voices to the film's video game adaptation, from which we have a gallery of new screenshots.

GO Wii RACER, GO! Developer talks

GO Wii RACER, GO! Developer talks "Speed Racer" Video Game

"Speed Racer" is coming to cinemas and the Wii, courtesy of Warner Bros and Sidhe Interactive, and producer/designer Andy Satterthwaite is here to tell you all you need to know about "Car-Fu."

More Than Meets the Eye: The Story of

More Than Meets the Eye: The Story of "Transformers: The Game"

"Transformers: The Game" writer Flint Dillie knows these characters well, as he also wrote for the original TV series. CBR News spoke with Dille about the early days and returning to the Transformers in video game form.

CBR's First Look at the

CBR's First Look at the "Spider-Man 3" Video Game

Last week in San Francisco, CBR attended the first demonstration of the upcoming "Spider-Man 3" video game. We've got the details (black suit anyone?) with preview images and the trailer.

"300: March To Glory" -- Frank Miller's World in a Video Game

Have you ever wanted to hop into a Frank Miller comic? Fans will get their chance thanks to the game "300: March To Glory." We spoke with the game's producer, Jeff Nachbaur, and have exclusive videos and production sketches.

CBR Visits Raven Studios, Home of

CBR Visits Raven Studios, Home of "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance"

Today, video gamers get to take control of their favorite Marvel heroes as "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" has finally arrived. Last Week, CBR News flew to Wisconsin to tour the studios of Raven Software, the birthplace of the game.

"Marvel Ultimate Alliance" Game Launch Trailer

With "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" out this Wednesday, Activision has released one final trailer to whet the appetites of video game fans.


New "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" Game Play Videos - Wolverine & More!

Activision's released a whole slew of new videos from the upcoming "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" video game, spotlighting Elektra, Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Storm and Wolverine.

"Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" Game Play Videos

See the Silver Surfer take on Galactus! Watch as your favorite heroes handle the Scorpion! See what happens when you take down Mandarin! Activision's provided CBR News with new game play video from "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance."

"Marvel Ultimate Alliance" Trailer - The Villains

Activision has released another trailer in support of the upcoming release of "Marvel Ultimate Alliance." This time, we get a look at the many villains that inhabit the game.


New "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" and "Spider-Man: Battle For New York" Screenshots

Activision's released new screenshots from "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" as well as screen shots and a trailer for the handheld game "Spider-Man: Battle For New York."

Activision Wants <I>You</I> To Join The

Activision Wants You To Join The "Ultimate Alliance"

Ever wanted to be a superhero? Well, now Activision is offering you a chance to be a superhero(ine) in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance," their hotly anticipated new video game. Wanna suit up? CBR News will tell you how!

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