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Mon, June 21st, 2004
Standing in memory of Douglas Adams, CrossGen bankruptcy news, an unused Brian Hitch "Ultimate Fantastic Four" cover, how much say do the new X-Creators have on the title, Diggle and Yu on Wildstorm title and much, much more. Updated

Thu, June 17th, 2004 - Issue #40
How can a publisher receive the love of a comics retailer? James gives you some examples on what publishers have done for him and how publishers and retailers can learn from those collaborations.

Sun, June 13th, 2004 - Issue #38
Listen up comics publishers, James wants your time for a few moments to talk about comic covers. Which ones work and which ones don't? You might be surprised by his list.

Fri, June 4th, 2004 - Issue #37 1/2
Zombies take over a San Francisco comic shop and we've got the pictures. It's the aftermath of the "Remains Zombiefest" with loads of pictures from the event. What do azombified Steve Niles and Kieron Dwyer look like? We've got the evidence.

Fri, May 28th, 2004 - Issue #37
This week James shares with you how to throw a comic signing for the undead, plus a chat with "Remains" creators Steve Niles and Kieron Dwyer.

Fri, May 21st, 2004 - Issue #36
The zombie contagion has hit comics big time! James takes a look at some of today's top comics featuring those walking corpses like "The Walking Dead," "Remains," "The Goon," "El Zombo," "Shaun of the Dead" and many more.

Fri, May 14th, 2004 - Issue #35
James Sime takes a look at the return of Atomeka Press and talks with Atomeka partner Ross Richie about the company. Plus, loads of exclusive artwork from "The Dave Johnson Sketchbook."

Fri, May 7th, 2004 - Issue #34
James shares with his readers an account of his experience at WonderCon this last weekend as well as pictures from his latest in store event hosting a party for "Supernatural Laws" Batton Lash.

Fri, April 30th, 2004 - Issue #33
James sits down for a chat with the International Comic Arts Association's Executive Director Erik Enervold to find out more about this new comics trade organization.

Fri, April 23rd, 2004 - Issue #32
James sits down with AiT/Planet Lar and "Planet of the Capes" writer Larry Young to talk about the new graphic novel and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at early work on the series.

Sun, April 18th, 2004 - Issue #31
James Sime returns with some thoughts about the cancellation of "Wildcats" and "Stormwatch," a look at what led to the cancellation of these titles, what's happened to the Wildstorm line and much more.

Fri, April 2nd, 2004 - Issue #30
James gives you an introduction to a new comics trade organization, the International Comic Arts Association.

Fri, March 26th, 2004 - Issue #29
Titled "When World Premiere Television and Funnybook Shops Collide," James tells the story of another very unique in store event held only the way James knows how.

Fri, March 19th, 2004 - Issue #28
James Sime remembers comic artist Martin Emond ("White Trash," "Lobo") by recounting his own personal experiences with him and a look at his body of work.

Fri, March 12th, 2004 - Issue #27
A look at what in-store contests can do for your store and the different ways of implementing them, plus a look at "Vogelein: Clockwork Faerie" and "Hel On Ice."

Fri, March 5th, 2004 - Issue #26
"Whether intentional or accidental, the evolution of comic selling has brought the culture of comics to the forefront of retailing." What's James mean by this? Read on to find out. Plus an interview with "Hench" artist Manny Bello, one of James' homegrown heroes.

Fri, February 27th, 2004 - Issue #24
"Comics need more fun, dammit." So says James Sime. This week he gives you a look at the events that happened in and around this years Alternative Press Expo with a massive gallery of pictures and images from the various parties held at the store.

Fri, February 20th, 2004 - Issue #23
James gives us all a look into a day in the life of a comic pimp, errr, retailer. While this may not be a typical day, it's an eventful one. Plus, a look at a new original graphic novel called "Hench" coming from AiT/PlanetLar.

Fri, February 13th, 2004 - Issue #22
James sets the Valentine mood with a look at a selection of great romance comics with varying degrees of sweet and sour. Books include 'Preacher,' 'Jinx,' 'Love Hina,' 'Blankets,' 'Kill Your Boyfriend,' 'Marmalade Boy,' 'True Story Swear To God,' 'Ultimate Spider-Man' and 'Clumsy.' Plus, follow-up to last week's column on the YASLA Library list.

Fri, February 6th, 2004 - Issue #21
There are many worthy awards to win as a comic creator, but getting on the Young Adult Library Services Association list of Best Books for Young Adults is a big one. James tells you more about this award, why you should care about it and what you can do as a creator to be considered.

Sun, February 1st, 2004 - Issue #20
Brian thinks 2004 is already off to a good start for the comics industry, some thoughts on the upcoming APE convention in San Francisco and more images from the Brian Wood Month celebration.

Fri, January 23rd, 2004 - Issue #19
James shares with you a look at the Brian Wood Month celebration still ongoing up in San Francisco. So far the celebration has included a Tiki bar tour, drunken bowling, incredibly strange wrestling, two women making out, a visit to a gun range and a comic launch party.

Fri, January 16th, 2004 - Issue #18
In previous weeks James has given you a number of ways of pimping your latest project, but how do you get in touch with retailers and then work with them? James talks about the best ways of contacting and working with retailers in order to get them interested in your book.

Fri, January 9th, 2004 - Issue #17
This week James examines the potential of one of the cheapest promotional avenues publishers have, bagstuffers, and the many ways they be used.

Fri, January 2nd, 2004 - Issue #16
In James Sime's first column for the new year, we figure the following quotes best describe what you'll find him talking about today: "Yes, a new year is dawning, not only for the calendar, but also for the comic industry. And from where I'm sitting, it looks to be a damn good one."

Fri, December 19th, 2003 - Issue #15
James Sime hosts creator Ed Brubaker in one of the most unique in store appearances ever: Brubaker will be arm wrestling his fans and those who win get the free stuff. James talks with Ed about the event and comics. UPDATED 3:30 AM TUESDAY The final update from the Brubaker Armwrestlethon held at the Isotope Friday includes a number of new videos, pictures from the event and a wrap up by James. Check it out!

Fri, December 12th, 2003 - Issue #14
James encourages you to take your ideas and put them on paper in the form of mini-comics. Why should you do it? James tells you exactly why. Plus a look at some current mini-comics you should be checking out.

Fri, December 5th, 2003 - Issue #13
This week James tells you the proper way to pimp to the pimp, or in other words, how you as a creator should approach a retailer in person or online and get them interested in selling your book.

Fri, November 28th, 2003 - Issue #12
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, James gives thanks for a wide selection of comic books, such as 'Union Station,' 'Caper,' 'Demo,' 'Catwoman,' 'Necronauts,' 'Less Than Hero' and 'Sgt. Rock.'

Fri, November 21st, 2003 - Issue #11
Last week James shared with you ideas on how to make your in-store event as succesful as can be using a recent event he threw as an example. This week James shares with your more wisdom and tips on how to make sure your in-store goes off without a hitch.

Fri, November 14th, 2003 - Issue #10
James gives you the inside skinny on his store's recent Joe Casey appearance and gives retailers and creators alike some suggestions on how to make their in-store's even better.

Fri, November 7th, 2003 - Issue #9
James reveals how one retailer uses the Previews catalog and what creators can do to make sure their comics get purchased. Then a look at four different books by writer Joe Casey.

Fri, October 31st, 2003 - Issue #8
So, you're a creator and you want retailers to buy your book? Well, then take a listen to what James has to say. Then, check out five books that James thinks are worth looking into.

Fri, October 24th, 2003 - Issue #7
Last week James and Kirsten discussed how you can donate comics to your local library. This week the duo finish off their look at comics in the library by showing you how you can help get those cataloged comics into new reader hands.

Fri, October 17th, 2003 - Issue #6
The guerilla marketing of comics continues. This week James shares how you can help get comics into Libraries, an important and somewhat untapped market to turn new readers into addicts.

Fri, October 10th, 2003 - Issue #5
Guerilla Marketing 101 continues this week with an idea of how to get graphic novels in front of an audience desperate for entertainment. Then there's Guerilla Marketing English style with comics in pubs. Finally, a tip of the hat to Larry Young.

Fri, October 3rd, 2003 - Issue #4
James assembles his street team for some serious guerilla warfare. They take to the streets with comics specially chosen for each location they've chosen. Have they succeeded? Did the comics get picked up and read? Read on.

Fri, September 26th, 2003 - Issue #3
James gives some examples of the guerilla marketing he has employed to spread the word of comics in the Bay Area, attacking the San Francisco public transportation system. Plus, a look at "Losers" and "The Goon."

Fri, September 19th, 2003 - Issue #2
James talks about why the industry badly needs more Guerrilla Marketing to promote itself and how he goes about doing it, plus a discussion of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics.

Fri, September 12th, 2003 - Issue #1
So, what is THE COMIC PIMP? It's San Francisco retailer James Sime's new weekly column in which he turns the world of retailing on its head! In this first issue he introduces you to the world of pimping comics and pimps one of his current favorites, "Hawaiian Dick."

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