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Thu, January 10th, 2008
Get the results of the first annual CI Awards, good writing beats ugly art, one man fights to get home and Grodd commands you to read these reviews! Grodd commands!

Sun, January 6th, 2008
The year starts off on a bad note as even Lucas Trent couldn't save as Supergirl, Ryan Choi and the Monitors all help stink up the place.

Sun, December 30th, 2007
There's no "bah humbug" here as the year ends on a good note -- barely avoiding cracking up -- thanks to guidebooks, teenagers and Jonathan Hickman.

Thu, December 20th, 2007
Just barely acceptable this week with no Fat Cobra even though Hunter Rose, Felony and Supernaut fight their way into your hearts.

Thu, December 13th, 2007
Things go badly as war may be good for business but bad for buying, despite good times with bad people making DC run the roost on purchases.

Thu, December 6th, 2007
Let's call it "independent's day" as only Image represents the Big Four publishers in a week that ends in a tie score.

Fri, November 30th, 2007
Signified by Batroc "Ze Lepair," it's a painful loss as the purchases are passable and the reading material is retrograde, even with two big reference books that fascinate.

Fri, November 23rd, 2007
Despite tryptophan-related delays, a close call wins the day as each major company gets a comic across the counter, from "Checkmate" to Grendel, "G0dland" to Penance.

Thu, November 15th, 2007
Everybody hurts when the Hulk lets you down, even though rookies made the jump and Chinatown stands alone.

Thu, November 8th, 2007
Fat Cobra! It's all good as Cobras slim and chunky populate the purchases, while many other books outdo the "Annihilation" of absurdity.

Thu, November 1st, 2007
A gut wrenching loss this week as beating up gods and mobsters doesn't overcome Nazi brain bases on the moon and a crossover not knowing it's already over.

Thu, October 25th, 2007
Sleep inducing sequential art with Texas Twister and a Kree named Mar-Vell, and even E.M.P.I.R.E. can't save the day.

Thu, October 18th, 2007
Surprises abound as four comics make the jump and despite some of the dumbest issues of the year, lots of stuff makes it worthwhile.

Thu, October 11th, 2007
War is still good for business as Frank Castle and Tom Noir face off against big guns and Madrox gets to chill in a week that works.

Thu, October 4th, 2007
It's all good as Tommy Monaghan saves the day, Sixshot scares everybody, Jack and Rocket Racer surprise while Brock and Michael Iron bring the pain.

Thu, September 27th, 2007
DC dominates the purchases even as the whole ship goes under, with old friends, new revelations and sex in the rain with masks on. Seriously.

Thu, September 20th, 2007
Four books work their way into the meritocracy with tough guys dominating the week, from spies and assassins to lunatics and kings.

Thu, September 13th, 2007
DC's back with a vengeance as lightning strikes twice and story time is fun time, with grand gestures from "Noble Causes" and more as well.

Fri, September 7th, 2007
Marvel dominates the purchases as money goes to "Iron and the Maiden," MODOK and a pair of gamma powered giants.

Thu, August 30th, 2007
An all-jump Buy Pile is dominated by smart people and the determined as written by Dan Slott, Dwayne McDuffie and Jim Robinson.

Thu, August 23rd, 2007
Can three jumps beat a full house of ho-hum? Danny Rand, John Horus and Logan all cozy up with Supergirl, Green Scar and a retired cold warrior to find out ...

Thu, August 16th, 2007
A stunning four jumps made this week a clear winner with independents and big names alike throwing down like the slam dunk competition.

Thu, August 9th, 2007
Stupitron particles cancelled out the quality in a week where a double dose of "Fables" can't beat a cache of cliches.

Thu, August 2nd, 2007
Marvel-ous indeed with the House of Ideas dominating a good week of comics, mostly centering around the 616's power players.

Thu, July 26th, 2007
That didn't go well -- Batroc is among the most interesting moments in a week that has Hunter Rose, Lightning Lad's big brother and a lot of comics just treading water.

Thu, July 19th, 2007
Winning the week due to three comics demanding to come home, including past prime pistoliers, Bullseye showing leadership qualities, and the good Doctor Banner, we presume ...

Thu, July 12th, 2007
Juuuuuust barely made it with Squirrel Girl rocking your worlds, Madrox getting lonely, Stephen Colbert quipping it up, Doctor Gotham playing for keeps and a giant flying pie as examples of this wild week.

Fri, July 6th, 2007
Things don't go well as "again?" is the battle cry for a week of old ideas and misfires, including "New Avengers/Transformers," "Supergirl" and more.

Thu, June 28th, 2007
War is good for business, or so says Dr. Banner, Hippolyta, the United Planets and Sinestro in a winning week filled with laughs, punching and -- surprisingly -- romance.

Thu, June 21st, 2007
Men of remarkable focus rule the roost in a week that wins on the strength of determination from retired pistoliers to stellar betrayals and Cold War hold outs.

Thu, June 14th, 2007
For the love of pie, do not call it a comeback, as Bruce Banner, Jay Faerber and Keith Giffen bring the pain, Judd Winick brings the magic, Bill Willingham brings the legends and Namor leaves the panties behind in a week full of smart decisions and deep impacts.

Thu, June 7th, 2007
Things are simply Marvel-ous as scoundrels rule the roost, ex girlfriends are bad ideas and if you're using magic on Earth 616, you're probably kind of goofy.

Fri, June 1st, 2007
Much ado about nothing as the crazy fun of "Shaolin Cowboy," the fun of "The Ride" and the intensity of "Silent War" are negated by Star Sapphire Corps, a change to the Beyonder and Reed Richards dumbing it down.

Thu, May 24th, 2007
Winning big time with four comics beating the odds, what with Tony Stark's "tin plated dictator" routine and Kid Karnevil busting on to the scene, plus "FF," "LSH" and much more.

Thu, May 17th, 2007
Skill and craft are center stage with new works from DC, Dynamite and Boom! Studios, while Ultimate Batman cracks up and Minx's new line knows what girls like.

Thu, May 10th, 2007
Things don't go well as T'Challa's befuddles, Jack's unlucky, Matty Roth does the leg work and the Nobles attend a funeral.

Thu, May 3rd, 2007
Losing ground against hyperflies and Extremis and repentant Nazis even while the Hulk calls it a comeback and Mister Terrific stares you down across the board.

Thu, April 26th, 2007
Legions and substitutes still mean the kids are all right, while the "bwa-ha-ha" doesn't stop, "Astro City" resurfaces and a lot more in a week that pulls through despite Wonder Woman's luddite tendencies.

Thu, April 19th, 2007
Things go badly for a wide variety of characters in a week that struggles vainly but ultimately falls under the weight of "World War Three," naked Ultron, time-lost Legionnaires and a guy with no face.

Thu, April 12th, 2007
Repressed memories, bizarros and some of the dumbest developments ever done in comics still manage to make the week a winner, along side hitting She-Hulk with a flying car and viewing the "Nightly News."

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