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Wed, December 20th, 2000 - Issue #74
The year 2000 was supposed to be a good one for the comic industry. Steven Grant takes a current look at the industry and examines what effect the closing of might have.

Wed, December 13th, 2000 - Issue #72
Pop. Its meaning and how it applies to comics, or doesn't. And what we can learn from the true Pop of the past.

Wed, December 6th, 2000 - Issue #71
The challenges facing the writer and artist with narrative in comics.

Wed, November 29th, 2000 - Issue #70
Steven Grant reacts to the cancellation of X-Man and shares a bit of back story on the decision. You might find yourself surprised by his reactions.

Wed, November 22nd, 2000 - Issue #69
The job of adapting novels and movies to the comic format isn't as easy as you might think and Steven shares his first hand experience.

Wed, November 15th, 2000 - Issue #68
The question of professionalism in comics. Does it actually exist?

Wed, November 8th, 2000 - Issue #67
Steven starts "There's a rumor going around that there are no bad characters, just bad talent." Is that the case? Steven examines this idea and gives some examples.

Wed, November 1st, 2000 - Issue #66
Steven Grant presents a look into his past, a reprint of an article he wrote in 1984 titled "Computers in Comic Books."

Wed, October 25th, 2000 - Issue #65
The epic battle between the rule makers and rule breakers in the comic industry, who's more succesful and who has more fun.

Wed, October 18th, 2000 - Issue #64
The chaos of the comics world. The overwhelming urge of the fans to know what's going to happen next. Who really knows where this industry is headed? Maybe Steven Grant? Check inside.

Wed, October 11th, 2000 - Issue #63
What all comic writers want, what all comic artists want and what all aspiring artist should know. Consider what Steven Grant brings up in today's MOTO!

Wed, October 4th, 2000 - Issue #62
Steven answers the question "How to survive your first year as a writer" and includes some sage advice given to him by his father.

Wed, September 27th, 2000 - Issue #61
Challengers of the Unknown, Sex and the City and a really good idea, all in today's Master of the Obvious!

Wed, September 20th, 2000 - Issue #60
DC's ability to capitalize on the success of the 1989 Batman movie, Marvel's inability to capitalize on the X-Men movie and how it negatively affects the entire industry.

Wed, September 13th, 2000 - Issue #59
A look at the history of Marvel Comics editorial, it's clashes with the corporate heads, it's triumphs, failures and where it's headed with Joe Quesada as Editor-In-Chief.

Wed, September 6th, 2000 - Issue #58
Why embracing the comic talent of the past instead of throwing them to the curb could help this industry, plus who is Holly Beth Vincent?

Wed, August 30th, 2000 - Issue #57
Work-for-hire. Creator owned. The greatest dilemma facing comics professionals today. Is there a right answer?

Wed, August 23rd, 2000 - Issue #56
As the American political season shifts into overdrive Steven looks at the very real possibility that we're "staring down a new war on popular culture" and what it's affects could be on the comic industry.

Wed, August 16th, 2000 - Issue #55
Steven Grant discusses the concept of "the franchise." The obsession with creating a franchise, what they are and how it happens.

Wed, August 9th, 2000 - Issue #54
Steven Says, "This is the way deals are made." Follow this process while looking at what happened with Steven's character "Whisper."

Wed, August 2nd, 2000 - Issue #53
Steven Grant begins his second year here at CBR and shares the story behind the name of the column and wraps up last years salient points.

Wed, July 26th, 2000 - Issue #52
It's Steven Grant's one year anniversary at CBR! In this column Steven offers his own observations of this years Comic-Con International and where we're headed next.

Wed, July 19th, 2000 - Issue #51
Loners: Hated and Feared by a World they Mostly Ignore in today's MOTO.

Wed, July 12th, 2000 - Issue #50
Attending Comic-Con International in a week? Looking to break in? Steven gives you tips on what to do and what not to do when presenting your work for review.

Wed, July 5th, 2000 - Issue #49
Steven examines the "iconic" character in comics, the new buzzword in the industry.

Wed, June 28th, 2000 - Issue #48
Is a ratings system really needed for comics? Would it work? Steven Grant examines the issue and gives a definitive answer.

Wed, June 21st, 2000 - Issue #47
The many challenges facing an artist trying to make their mark in comics today and the comic fan's fleeting love affair with them.

Wed, June 14th, 2000 - Issue #46
Does anything shock us anymore? Is there anything in today's comics that really shocks? Examining the use of shocking material in today's storytelling.

Wed, June 7th, 2000 - Issue #45
The embattled writer. They seem to take the brunt of the crap from fans on the net. Where did this lack of manners come from?

Wed, May 31st, 2000 - Issue #44
With the advent of cable, Hollywood faced one of it's biggest challenges ever and succeeded. Steven shows us what the comics industry can learn from Hollywood.

Wed, May 24th, 2000 - Issue #43
The grim reality that faces today's freelance writer. What to expect, how to do it and how not to get burned.

Wed, May 17th, 2000 - Issue #42
Steven reacts to Marvel's recent announcements regarding the future of the company and doesn't hold back!

Wed, May 10th, 2000 - Issue #41
The inherent silliness of comics, it's evolution and why silly comics are rarely silly.

Wed, May 3rd, 2000 - Issue #40
Steven discusses the negative fan reaction when an established creator breaks new ground by going out on their own using Warren Ellis' recent announcements as an example.

Wed, April 26th, 2000 - Issue #39
Steven discusses the proper use of dialogue in comics and thoughts on Frank Miller's return to the Dark Knight.

Wed, April 19th, 2000 - Issue #38
Steven Grant finally answers his most frequently asked question, 'What's the secret of writing?'

Wed, April 12th, 2000 - Issue #37
Steven's on vacation, but turns his column over to fan Kristian Horn who answers the question, "What's good about the comic industry?"

Wed, April 5th, 2000 - Issue #36
Steven Grant shares his thoughts on the battle currently waging between Steranko and Marvel and his thoughts about how things are and should be.

Wed, March 29th, 2000 - Issue #35
A look at various industry awards, from the Academy Awards to the many awards given in the comics industry.

Wed, March 22nd, 2000 - Issue #34
An issue entitled "My Year of Shame," Steven discusses his days working for an upstart comics company called TSR Comics.

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