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Tue, February 27th, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #195
Coupons in comics? The 1980s invade again? Slow-paced Chuck Dixon comics? What a strange week it is for Pipeline!

Fri, February 23rd, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #87: Justice League
Augie looks back at the glorious madness that was the Giffen-era Justice League this week.

Tue, February 20th, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #194
Augie takes a look at Frumpy the Clown, Robin: Year One, Monarchy and Desperate times in this edition of Pipeline Commentary and Review.

Fri, February 16th, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #86
Augie gives some tips on letterhacking, and the Superman graphic novel that you may have missed.

Tue, February 13th, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #193
Four DC titles are reviewed this week: 'The Flash,' 'User,' 'Young Justice,' and 'Batman: Gotham Adventures.'

Fri, February 9th, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #85
DC's recent 'Justice Leagues' event did not enthuse Augie. Read Pipeline2 to find out why, and how he would have fixed it.

Tue, February 6th, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #192
It's a variety of reviews this week, featuring 'The Avengers', 'Action Comics', and the final issues of the 'Officer Down' event in the Batman titles.

Fri, February 2nd, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #84
Augie looks at Marvel's Silent December, flips through 'Previews', and briefly reviews an assortment of books from the past three weeks.

Tue, January 30th, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #191
Augie looks at 'Gatecrasher', 'Superman Adventures', 'Jezebelle', 'Superboy', and some 'Green Arrow' continuity this week.

Fri, January 26th, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #83: CrossGen Part 2
Augie finishes his look into the CrossGen Universe. This week it's 'Mystic', 'Meridian', and 'The First' under the Pipeline microscope.

Thu, January 25th, 2001 - PCR Extra, Issue #9
'Green Arrow' #1 and 'Ultimate Marvel Magazine' lead off a pack of special reviews for PCR Extra.

Tue, January 23rd, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #190
After a brief discussion of comics web sites and trade paperbacks, Augie delves into the intersection of comics, politics, and CBR.

Fri, January 19th, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #82: CrossGen Part 1
Augie begins his look into the CrossGen Universe. This week it's 'Sigil' and 'Scion' under the Pipeline microscope.

Tue, January 16th, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #189
More looks back at the year 2000 in comics, plus reviews aplenty for 'Zero Girl,' 'JLA,' 'The Defenders', 'Hellblazer,' 'Wildcats,' and more!

Fri, January 12th, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #81: Blade of the Immortal
It's an in-depth look at Dark Horse's superlative series, 'Blade of the Immortal.' What makes this Augie's 'Best Find of 2000'? Read here!

Thu, January 11th, 2001 - PCR Extra, Issue #8
Augie makes his new year's resolutions, looks back at his 'finds' of 2000, and reviews a trio of books.

Tue, January 9th, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #188
Augie takes a long look at 'Ultimate Spider-Man' -- the plot, the story structure, the homages, and more.

Fri, January 5th, 2001 - Pipeline2, Issue #80
Augie checks in with Derek Fridolfs, who's just finishing up his first year in the comics business.

Thu, January 4th, 2001 - PCR Extra, Issue #7
PCR Extra looks at a Batman trade, a new Fantastic Four homage series, a Spider-Man one-shot, some of America's Best Comics, and more!

Tue, January 2nd, 2001 - Pipeline, Issue #187
Augie performs the post-mortem on Chris Claremont's second 'X-Men' run. Plus, looks at 'Daredevil Ninja', 'The Authority', and 'Jenny Sparks'.

Fri, December 29th, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #79
Augie discusses the 'Batman Dies!!!' stories, reviews 'Killraven', and ponders the plot direction of 'Ultimate Spider-Man.'

Tue, December 26th, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #186
Augie takes a look at some of the books solicited for March 2001 in the latest PREVIEWS.

Fri, December 22nd, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #78
Augie discusses overprinted comics, 'banned' stories, the McFarlane challenge, and more with the Marvel editors involved.

Tue, December 19th, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #185
Augie flips through some recent comics this week, including 'Gear Station', 'Desperate Times', 'GenActive', 'Batman', and more!

Fri, December 15th, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #77
Augie takes a sneak peak at 'Ultimate X-Men #1'. Plus, reviews of 'Black Widow' and 'Scene of the Crime'. Plus: a look at some interesting covers of the recent past.

Tue, December 12th, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #184
Last week, Augie was invited up to visit the offices of Marvel Comics. Read all about his visit here!

Fri, December 8th, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #76
Augie catches up on some reviews, including 'AIT: One Shot One Beer,' 'X-Men Forever', and 'Powers.'

Tue, December 5th, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #183
It's reviews intermixed with commentary: 'Sleeping Dragons', 'Birds of Prey', and the movie 'Unbreakable' get reviewed amidst thoughts on trade paperbacks and missing comics.

Fri, December 1st, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #75
Pipeline takes a look through the latest PREVIEWS, for items shipping in February. What's coming out? What isn't? And why is Diamond soliciting panties?!?

Tue, November 28th, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #182
Augie reviews Avengers Infinity and Maximum Security and comments on the recent Marvel cancellations.

Fri, November 24th, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #74: X-MEN DVD
Augie takes a look at the biggest comics release of the week -- the X-MEN movie DVD.

Tue, November 21st, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #181
Augie looks at Marvel's output last week (including 'Big Town,' 'Thunderbolts,' and 'Captain America'), as well as Image's 'Spawn #100', and what that has to say for Image as a whole.

Fri, November 17th, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #73: Bat-Reviews
The Batman titles sure have focused a lot on the early days of Robin lately. Here's a look at three of those books, plus one more!

Thu, November 16th, 2000 - PCR Extra, Issue 6
PCR EXTRA Augie reviews a hodge podge of titles that came out last week, including 'Young Justice,' 'Daredevil/Spider-Man,' 'The Punisher/Painkiller Jane', 'Nightwing', 'Rising Stars,' and more!

Tue, November 14th, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #180
Augie traveled across the Hudson River into New York City for the second annual National Con. Read his report here!

Fri, November 10th, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #72: The Diamond Rant
Everything That's Wrong With Comics, Part 3: Why is Diamond to blame for everything?

Thu, November 9th, 2000 - PCR Extra, Issue #5
PCR EXTRA Augie just had too many books to review on Tuesday, so here are the rest of them. Plus, more musings on the Trade Paperback Economy.

Tue, November 7th, 2000 - Pipeline, Issue #179
There's news on a second X-Men DVD. There's a thought on trade paperbacks and their impact on the direct market. And there's also a half-dozen reviews of books from the past week. This Pipeline has it all!

Fri, November 3rd, 2000 - Pipeline2, Issue #71: Comics Companies
What share of the blame do comics companies deserve for all the ills in this industry? Part two of a three-part series.

Wed, November 1st, 2000 - PCR Extra, Issue 4
PCR EXTRA Augie takes a special look at CrossGen's latest, 'The First.' Also, check out his comments on Marvel's new web strategy.

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