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Mon, June 5th, 2000 - Disclaimer
Bullets fly as Gail targets Agent Graves and the cast of 100 Bullets in this weeks YABS!

Tue, May 30th, 2000 - Disclaimer
Gail introduces "Thimble Theater of the Absurd" featuring characters doing things you'd never quite expect!

Mon, May 22nd, 2000 - Disclaimer
The advice column we all so desperately need in this edition of YABS!

Mon, May 15th, 2000 - Disclaimer
YABS Flashback! What if Gail was a Marvel Knights writer? Gail takes on one of Marvel's greatest heroes in today's YABS.

Mon, May 8th, 2000 - Disclaimer
In today's YABS a very special chat with a cast member of the upcoming X-Men movie!!!

Mon, May 1st, 2000
Gail takes a week off from YABS (seriously) and a comics pro fills in for her, prefering only to be credited as "Elvis Nixon."

Mon, April 24th, 2000 - Disclaimer
YABS Flashback Wonder Woman takes her act on the road to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada! With a special guest appearance to boot!

Mon, April 17th, 2000
The CBLDF cruise has ended, but there's an untold story the public doesn't know. The hushed-up story can be read only in this weeks YABS!

Mon, April 10th, 2000 - Disclaimer
YABS Flashback Probably the most eye-opening YABS to date! The story you'll never read in the funny books.

Mon, April 3rd, 2000 - Disclaimer
A special week for YABS readers. Up front a look at DC's 'JSA' followed by a Special 8-Page Back-Up look at Frank Miller's Sin City!

Mon, March 27th, 2000
This week, the much-requested and long-awaited conclusion to the Batman fanfiction of dark visionary, Brendan "Nightwing" Hockenberry!

Mon, March 20th, 2000 - Disclaimer
A very special issue of YABS where Gail asks, "What if there was an 'Aliens vs. Captain Carrot and his amazing Zoo Crew' comic?" Plus, an extra special full color cover by Scott Shaw! This is the YABS you don't want to miss!

Mon, March 13th, 2000 - Disclaimer
YABS FLASHBACK Gail continues her look at Marvel's top books as she takes affectionate aim at Marvel's most talkative team, "The Avengers."

Mon, March 6th, 2000
The truth behind comics' longest running family is revealed!

Mon, February 28th, 2000 - Disclaimer
Marvel's Darkest Knight, The Punisher, returns in an unusual siege on crime boss Fat Sal Manetti.

Tue, February 22nd, 2000 - Disclaimer
We've got retro fever this week with a parody titled, "Gotham Boogie Knights."

Mon, February 14th, 2000
A tribute to the romance comics of ages past, filled with love, intrigue and the merest hints of sex!

Mon, February 14th, 2000
A tribute to the romance comics of ages past, filled with love and intrigue.

Mon, February 7th, 2000 - Disclaimer
A comics store 'Intervention' for Timmy, a 12 year old super-hero comic fan.

Mon, January 31st, 2000 - Disclaimer
A forgotten story of the Silver Age you won't want to miss, starring two of your all time favorites!

Mon, January 24th, 2000
Classic YABS In this weeks YABS "something what goes on in a comic store after dark."

Tue, January 18th, 2000
We're all familiar with Scott McClouds's "Understanding Comics,' but what about his follow up work, "Understanding Understanding Comics."

Mon, January 10th, 2000 - Disclaimer
It's a typical panel at a typical comics convention, until disaster strikes!

Mon, January 3rd, 2000 - Disclaimer
What if a major earthquake hit Riverdale? Read this weeks YABS,

Mon, December 27th, 1999 - Disclaimer
Attend the Marvel New Years Eve party and count down the New Year with all your favorite Marvel creators!

Mon, December 20th, 1999 - Disclaimer
What if Neil Gaiman were to write DC's Lobo? Gail gives you an idea how it would turn out!

Mon, December 13th, 1999
YABS CLASSIC In this weeks YABS Gail pokes fun at our friends at Sequential Tart!

Mon, December 6th, 1999
Gail shows no mercy as she takes aim at the stylings of DC/Vertigo's 'Hellblazer.'

Mon, November 29th, 1999
Mike Carlin visits glamourous Hollywood, California, shopping comic properties to studio execs when it turns into the pitch session from hell!

Mon, November 22nd, 1999
Gareb Shamus hasn't even published his first book and Gail's already slapped him down in this hillarious satire of the 'Black Bull' press piece.

Mon, November 15th, 1999 - Disclaimer
It's really strange in Gail's version of 'Stragners in Paradise!'

Mon, November 15th, 1999 - Disclaimer
You've never read Batman fan fic like this before!

Mon, November 8th, 1999 - Disclaimer
Classic YABS Starting today every Tuesday we'll run a classic You'll All Be Sorry column, one you may have missed the first time around. We flash back to November 8th, 1999 for Tony's Online Tips, Gail style!

Mon, November 1st, 1999 - Disclaimer
A 'Wizard' interview with fan favorite Alex Ross!

Mon, October 25th, 1999 - Disclaimer
YABS Flashback Gail introduces us to an old relative of hers, Grandpa Travis, who had quite the career in the comics industry!

Mon, October 25th, 1999 - Disclaimer
DC Comics Burkittsville Retreat, a Blair Witch Parody.

Mon, October 18th, 1999 - 8-Page Back Up
The DC Direct Currents, Gail style!

Mon, October 18th, 1999
Thpawn: The Redeemer, an interview with Todd!

Mon, October 11th, 1999 - Disclaimer
Gail takes aim at "Your Man @ Marvel."

Mon, October 11th, 1999 - Disclaimer
The Wizard "Interview" w/ comic legend John Byrne.

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