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PREVIEW: "Nikolai Dante: Too Cool to Kill"

Rebellion has provided CBR with a 15-page preview of "Nikolai Dante" by Robbie Morrison & Simon Fraser. Dante bursts from the pages of "2000 AD" to his own collection on July 19.

Rob Williams Is Rockin' With

Rob Williams Is Rockin' With "Daken"

Rob Williams spoke with us about taking on "Daken: Dark Wolverine," moving the character to Los Angeles and how his work on 2000AD's "Low Life" helped prepare him to take on Marvel's most conniving character.

PRESS RELEASE: "Slaine: The Horned God" Special Edition Arrives 21 Years After First Publication

PRESS RELEASE: A Sequel 65 Million Years in the Making

PRESS RELEASE: Classic 2000 AD Character Brought to "Smushing" Life by threeAToys

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Powell's Judge Dredd

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Powell's Judge Dredd

Courtesy of 2000AD, CBR presents an exclusive first look at Eric "The Goon" Powell's cover for "Mega-City Masters" #3 featuring the inimitable Judge Dredd. The collection hits U.S. stores April 19, 2011.

"Dredd" Movie Panel From 2000AD To Kapow! Con

CBR has the EXCLUSIVE news that "Dredd" producer Andrew MacDonald is headed to Mark Millar's April Kapow! Comic Con in London with a first look at the Karl Urban-starring relaunch of the famed 2000AD property on film.

First Still of Karl Urban As

First Still of Karl Urban As "Dredd" Hits

In advance of the film relaunch of their signature character, 2000AD release the very first still of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd from the R-rated "Dredd" which just began filming in South Africa.

Smith Brings the UK to the USA

Smith Brings the UK to the USA

"2000AD" editor Matt Smith sat down with CBR News to discuss the future of the legendary UK title, his take on the "Judge Dredd" movie and an exclusive first look at Pat Mill’s upcoming "Flesh" sequel.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Romita Jr. Draws Dredd

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Romita Jr. Draws Dredd

Courtesy of 2000AD / Rebellion, CBR presents an exclusive first look at "Judge Dredd: Mega-City Masters 02," featuring the first-ever Judge Dredd cover art by comics legend John Romita, Jr.

Jock Covers

Jock Covers "Driver"

CBR News spoke with famed cover artist and "Losers" co-creator Jock about "Driver: The Pursuit of Nothingness," a Wildstorm one-shot tying in with the upcoming Ubisoft game, and for an update on the "Judge Dredd" film.


CCI EXCLUSIVE: "2000AD" Announces US Edition

Editor Keith Richardson sat down with CBR in San Diego and revealed plans for a US version of “2000AD,” never before seen in the US Alan Moore material, and the holy grail of Grant Morrison comics.

CCI: 2000AD Introduces

CCI: 2000AD Introduces "Anarchy in the USA"

At CCI, Pat Mills, creator of "2000AD," superstar artist Jock and editor Keith Richardson discussed "2000AD," breaking in to the American market and what it is that sets US and UK comic fans apart.

Davis & Williams on

Davis & Williams on "Judge Dredd"

American artist Guy Davis tackles Britain's most popular hero, infusing the Cursed Earth with a bit more monster madness. CBR News spoke with Davis and writer Rob Williams about their strip in March's "Judge Dredd Megazine."

PRESS RELEASE: Clickwheel's Comic Reader now available on iTunes

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