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Azzarello & Lee Launch

Azzarello & Lee Launch "Batman: Europa"

A brand-new four-issue Dark Knight series from Brian Azzarello arrives this January taking Batman on a life-threatening team-up with the Joker across Europe, and Jim Lee will be there to draw chapter one.

PREVIEW: "Batman: Hidden Treasures"

DC Comics has released a preview of "Batman: Hidden Treasures" featuring stories by Ron Marz and Len Wein with art by Bernie Wrightson and Kevin Nowlan and a cover by Wrightson. The one-shot hits stores today.

When Words Collide - 10/4/2010

When Words Collide - 10/4/2010

This week, Tim reflects briefly on the Adam West "Batman" television show before going in-depth on the topic in a conversation with Jim Beard, editor of the upcoming anthology, "Gotham City 14 Miles."

"DC Universe Online" Delayed Until 2011

Sony Online has announced that they will be delaying the long anticipated "DC Universe Online" MMORPG until an undetermined date in early 2011, though beta testing opens on October 7.

PRESS RELEASE: Warner Bros. Records to Release Danny Elfman and Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box in December

SPINOFF: Nolan Officially On

SPINOFF: Nolan Officially On "Batman 3"

Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he is on board to direct the next installment of the Batman series, a franchise he resurrected with "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight." SPINOFF has details.

Lauren Montgomery on

Lauren Montgomery on "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

The director of the latest Warner Bros. animated direct-to-DVD movie spoke with CBR News about bringing the popular story arc to video and how important it was to stay true to the source material.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

"Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" offers a strong story, superb action and a surprising amount of comedy alongside the welcome return of Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy to their iconic roles.

Beechen's DC Double Shot

Beechen's DC Double Shot

Writer Adam Beechan divides his DC Universe time between the streets of Gotham City and a wild world of music and monsters with his "Commissioner Gordon" and "Nightmaster" one-shot stories hitting this fall.

The Sinestro Corps Joins

The Sinestro Corps Joins "DC Universe Online"

Sony and DC Entertainment have released new screenshots from "DCU Online" featuring several new locations including the JLA watchtower and Ace of Clubs as well as a battle between the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps.

Grumpy Old Fan: Batman and WildStorm

Grumpy Old Fan: Batman and WildStorm

ROBOT 6's Tom Bondurant looks at DC Comics' December solicitations, contemplating this week's news about WildStorm and the number of Bat books that will hit stands.

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

This week, learn the strange history behind the origin of the Batcave!! Plus, what's Lucasfilm's problem with pacifism and what's the real story behind John Stewart's historic blunder in "Cosmic Odyssey?"


VIDEO: "DCU Online" Director's Cut Trailer

Jim Lee and Blur Studios director Tim Miller offer behind the scenes commentary for the newly released Director's Cut trailer for Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment's "DC Universe Online."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Hellboy: Masks and Monsters"

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exclusive look at "Hellboy: Masks and Monsters," October's collection of Hellboy's adventures with Batman, Starman and Ghost by Mike Mignola and others.

VIDEO: Starro's Assault Continues on

VIDEO: Starro's Assault Continues on "Batman: B&TB"

Cartoon Network has released a clip from "Batman: The Brave and the Bold's" conclusion to "The Siege of Starro," along with screenshots from the show. The episode airs September 24 at 7:30 PM.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Batman: TB&TB - The Videogame"

Wayforward's "Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame" places players squarely in the world of the cartoon series providing a side-scroller that is fun for fans of the cartoon and newcomers alike.

DC Comics Solicitations for December, 2010

DC Comics Solicitations for December, 2010

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in December 2010, including the latest from "Brightest Day," "Batman Inc.," "Green Lantern" and much more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Batman: Streets of Gotham" #16

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Batman: Streets of Gotham" #16 by Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen, Ivan Brandon and Ramon Bachs. The issue hits Wednesday, September 22.

Visit The Joker's Lair in

Visit The Joker's Lair in "DC Universe Online"

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released new screenshots from "DC Universe Online," featuring the Joker's Fun House, the Hall of Doom and more. "DCU Online" hits in spring 2011.

VIDEO: Wonder Woman in

VIDEO: Wonder Woman in "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman arrive on Apokalips in this new clip from Warner Bros and DC Entertainment's "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse," arriving September 28, 2010.

Producers Speak of

Producers Speak of "The Brave and the Bold"

Producers James Tucker & Michael Jelenic discuss working on "Batman: The Brave and The Bold," using obscure DC Comics characters, the series' impending end and the latest story, "The Siege of Starro."

Finding Balance in

Finding Balance in "Batman: The Brave and the Bold - the Videogame"

In our final interview with WayForward, CBR and game director Adam Tierney delved into the game's villains, the music and balancing it all together to create a compelling gaming experience.

"Batman Inc." Heads to Asia

DC Comics has released Yanick Paquett'e cover for his and Grant Morrison's "Batman Inc." #2 which seems to indicate that one of the Bat-franchises will be opening up in the Far East come December. ROBOT 6 has the cover.

WB, DC Release Clip from

WB, DC Release Clip from "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

Warner Home Video and DC Entertainment have released a new film clip and screenshots from the September 28 releasing "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" direct to DVD animated feature.

Chaykin Follows Catwoman and Batman

Chaykin Follows Catwoman and Batman

Writer/artist Howard Chaykin creates an all-new one-shot teaming the Dark Knight detective and the on-again, off-again villainess in a chase after old-school villain the Cavalier in "Batman/Catwoman: Follow the Money."

Grodd, Gorilla City Part of

Grodd, Gorilla City Part of "DCU Online"

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have unveiled the latest character making his presence known in the upcoming "DC Universe Online" MMORPG: the super-powered simian known as Grodd!


REVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #14

Giving Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving's "Batman and Robin" #14 4 stars, Greg McEllhaton says "I'm sad that Morrison only has two more issues left, but he's knocking this last big story out of the park."

THE BAT SIGNAL: Dustin Nguyen

THE BAT SIGNAL: Dustin Nguyen

Artist Dustin Nguyen continues his stay in Gotham City, leaving his mark along the "Streets of Gotham" and penciling his way onto "Batgirl" while hoping to bring Lil' Gotham to the printed age.


VIDEO: "Batman: B&tB: The Siege of Starro"

Cartoon Network has released clips and images from "Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Siege of Starro," the first part of which airs September 17 and kicks off a string of new episodes.


PREVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #14

DC Comics has released a preview of this week's "Batman and Robin" #14 by Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving with covers by Frank Quitely and Irving. It's Robin vs the Joker on Thursday, September 9!


PREVIEW: "Batman" #703

DC Comics has released a preview for "Batman" #703, by the guest creative team of writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Cliff Richards. The issue hits stores Thursday, September 9.

PRESS RELEASE: "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" Premieres at Paley Center for Media


Creating "Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Videogame"

Wayforward Technologies' Adam Tierney goes in-depth with CBR about the production of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Videogame," and gives us a look at the launch trailer.

FAN EXPO: Yanick Paquette on “Batman Inc.”

FAN EXPO: Yanick Paquette on “Batman Inc.”

Yanick Paquette talks to CBR about his return to DC Comics and why working with Grant Morrison, not Batman, was the biggest draw. He also revealed the dynamic duo have another project in the works.


PREVIEW: "Batman Confidential" #48

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR brings you an advance look at "Batman Confidential" #48. Written by Kevin VanHook with art and cover by Tom Mandrake, this issue goes on sale this week.

DC's Musical History Compiled

DC's Musical History Compiled

From the Fleischer Superman cartoons to Danny Elfman's "Batman" theme, a new CD celebrates 75 years of DC Comics, and its producer tells CBR what it took to assemble the world's greatest superhero tracks.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

We spoke with Fabian Nicieza about designing "Bruce Wayne - The Road Home," DC Comics' October event spanning eight self-contained yet inter-connected one-shots covering the closest allies and oldest enemies of Batman.

DC Unveils Batman's Future

DC Unveils Batman's Future

Grant Morrison's "Batman Inc" begins an era of two Batmen in Gotham as Bruce WAyne and Dick Grayson retain the cowl, but more surprises lay in store for the Bat-franchise including a team-up with Catwoman against a new foe.

FAN EXPO: DC Nation Panel

FAN EXPO: DC Nation Panel

Dan DiDio led a DC Nation panel that included Chris Sprouse, Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, and more as they discussed events in "Batman" and "Brightest Day" and teased what may be Andy Kubert's next project.


New "DCU Online" Screenshots Unveiled

Sony Entertainment Online and DC Entertainment have released a new batch of "DCU Online" screenshots, featuring a number of heroes and villains from the Gotham City corner of the DC Universe.

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