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Pipeline - 2/9/2010

Pipeline - 2/9/2010

This week, Augie reviews "Batman: The Cat and the Bat" and "Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher." Both are great fun, but only one has a character with a jet pack. Also, more thoughts on digital comic distribution to the iPad!

PRESS RELEASE: Alex Ross Original Signed Art Donated To S.W.R.O Charity


New "Mortal Kombat vs DCU" images, trailers

Midway has released a new batch of MK vs DCU images and game trailers, including cut scene footage of Catwoman vs Sonya Blade, Captain Marvel struggling with Mortal Kombat related anger issues and...Darkseid!

RAGNA-ROCK: Fawkes & Stewart on “The Apocalipstix”

RAGNA-ROCK: Fawkes & Stewart on “The Apocalipstix”

"The Apocalipstix" shows readers an all-girl rock-and-roll triumph over the end of civilization. CBR caught up with writer Ray Fawkes and artist Cameron Stewart to discuss the original graphic novel.

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