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PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Liberty Comics" raises $27K for CBLDF

PRESS RELEASE: CBLDF serving as Special Consultant in Christopher Handley case

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond's Retailer Summit raises over $20,000 for charities

PRESS RELEASE: Cory Doctorow, DJ Spooky CBLDF benefit announced

PRESS RELEASE: Cory Doctorow to read "Little Brother" at CBLDF benefit

First (Amendment) Issue: Dunbier talks

First (Amendment) Issue: Dunbier talks "Liberty Comics"

CBR speaks with editor Scott Dunbier about "Liberty Comics," the Image anthology featuring Garth Ennis, Ed Brubaker, Mark Millar, Darwyn Cooke and other top talents, all benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

PRESS RELEASE: CBLDF wins Gordon Lee case

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