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REVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #16

Tim Callahan gave "Batman and Robin" #16, the final Grant Morrison issue with Cameron Stewart, Chris Burnham and Frazer Irving on art, 4 stars, calling it "part wrap-up, part celebration and part artistic jam session."

PRESS RELEASE: Image Continues "Next Issue Project" with "Crack Comics" #63


Theatre-Comics: "The Astronaut's Birthday"

Playing now at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, Redmoon Theatre's "The Astronaut's Birthday" is an 80-foot tall Kibyesque comic book with elements of live performance. CBR has a full review.

Joe Casey & Chris Burnham get

Joe Casey & Chris Burnham get "Downe"

Forget the Comics Code, "Nixon's Pals" creators Joe Casey and Chris Burnham get violent in "Officer Downe," a new one-shot available from Image Comics this July.

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