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Fawkes Makes Magic with

Fawkes Makes Magic with "Constantine"

Ray Fawkes discusses his and Jeff Lemire's approach to "Constantine" and how the solo series will present the one time Vertigo mainstay in a different light than his "Justice League Dark" appearances.

B&B - 1/14/2013

B&B - 1/14/2013

DC Comics EiC Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase debut B&B, an exclusive monthly talk with CBR. This month: New creative teams for "Constantine" and "Birds of Prey," 900 issues of "Detective" and more!

Simon Bisley Lays

Simon Bisley Lays "Hellblazer" To Rest

Legendary artist Simon Bisley discusses the cancellation of "Hellblazer" with issue #300, his favorite moments on the book, thoughts on new series "Constantine" and what went into creating the final "Hellblazer" cover.

DC Comics Solicitations for March, 2013

DC Comics Solicitations for March, 2013

DC Comics has released their full solicitations text and images for product releasing in March, 2013, including the latest from "Justice League of America," "Earth 2" "Constantine" #1 and more.

Robert Venditti Redrafts

Robert Venditti Redrafts "Hellblazer" As "Constantine"

With a move from Vertigo to the DC Universe John Constantine is in for some changes, but writer Robert Venditti explains why the sardonic, smoking magician will stay the same at his core.

Comic Book Easter Eggs: The John Constantine Edition

Comic Book Easter Eggs: The John Constantine Edition

As we prepare to say farewell to "Hellblazer," check out three John Constantine Easter eggs in non-Vertigo comics, including the craziest magical bar you'll ever see! Harry Potter, Promethea and more!

DiDio Assures Fans, DC is

DiDio Assures Fans, DC is "Supremely Proud" of Just-Canceled "Hellblazer"

"We’re supremely proud of Vertigo’s 'Hellblazer,'" DC Comics Co-publisher Dan DiDio said in a statement expressing aprecciation of the just-canceled one-time Vertigo flagship title.

COMMITTED: Responding to

COMMITTED: Responding to "Hellblazer's" Cancellation

CSBG's Sonia Harris was already vocally displeased with DC Comics' treatment of John Constantine, and the announcement of the cancellation of "Hellblazer" has inspired her to weigh in on how to better utilize the character.

DC Cancels

DC Cancels "Hellblazer," Announces New 52-Based "Constantine" Ongoing

As of February's "Hellblazer" #300, John Constantine will no longer walk the London streets of Vertigo. Instead, Robert Venditti will tell the solo adventures of his New 52 Justice League Dark counterpart in "Constantine."

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