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Valkyrie, FF Take Center Stage in

Valkyrie, FF Take Center Stage in "Fearless" Teaser

Marvel is teasing "Fear Itself: The Fearless," debuting what appears to be Mike Deodato's variant cover for the series' first issue with the teaser statement "Defeat the FF, Save the World."

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's "Season One" Trade Dress Revealed

Marvel's Next Big Thing: The Fearless

Marvel's Next Big Thing: The Fearless

Writers Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn and Chris Yost team up for Marvel's latest conference call, revealing the secrets behind the hammer-hunting saga that is the 12-part series "The Fearless" and CBR is on hand LIVE!

Showtime Summons

Showtime Summons "The Damned"

"X-Men" screenwriter David Hayter is tackling Showtime's adaptation of "The Damned," the Oni Press supernatural gangster comic by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt. SPINOFF has details.

Bunn Tests

Bunn Tests "The Fearless"

This October, "Fear Itself" ends and writers Cullen Bunn, Matt Fraction & Chris Yost explore its aftermath in "The Fearless," a 12-issue miniseries from Marvel Comics. CBR News spoke with Bunn about the project.

CCI: Marvel's Fear Itself Panel

CCI: Marvel's Fear Itself Panel

Marvel Comics wraps its weekend of events with a look inside their biggest story of the year as Steve Wacker, Nick Spencer and Chris Yost talk "Fear Itself" revealing the follow ups "Battle Scars," "The Fearless" and "Shattered Heroes."

Marvel Teases Post-

Marvel Teases Post-"Fear Itself" Developments

Marvel has released a mysterious "Hero for Hire" themed teaser image with hints of new Iron Fist developments spinning out of the "Fear Itself" summer mega-event

Where The Hell Am I - 7/6/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 7/6/2011

Jason kicks things into interview mode this week as he has a conversation with "The Sixth Gun" creator Cullen Bunn about his recent transition into the world of full-time freelance comic book writing.



The FF face their Serpent-possessed teammate the Thing in this advance preview of Marvel Comics' August-releasing "Fear Itself: FF" #1.

Bunn Confronts the Fears of the FF and Black Widow

Bunn Confronts the Fears of the FF and Black Widow

"Fear Itself" has given rise to a Marvel Universe-wide series of crises. In the "Fear Itself: Black Widow" and "Fear Itself: FF" one-shots, writer Cullen Bunn examines two of them in detail.


FIRST LOOK: "Fear Itself: Black Widow" #1

This July, Cullen Bunn and Peter Nguyen take the Avengers' top espionage agent and drop her in the middle of European intrigue as well as a major event as Marvel unveils an early look at "Fear Itself: Black Widow" #1.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Superman/Batman" #84

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Superman/Batman" #84. The issue, written by Cullen Bunn with art by ChrisCross and a Travel Foreman cover, hits stores on May 18.

Kickin' the Gun: Zubkavich & Bunn on Everything

Kickin' the Gun: Zubkavich & Bunn on Everything

ROBOT 6 hosts a two-part interview between "The Sixth Gun" writer Cullen Bunn and "Skullkickers" writer Jim Zubkavich that covers creator-owned comics, their writing process and much more

CBR TV @ C2E2: Zubkavich, Bunn

CBR TV @ C2E2: Zubkavich, Bunn

Jim Zubkavich speaks and drinks with Kiel Phegley, discussing the origins behind his current hit Image title, "Skull Kickers," while writer Cullen Bunn talks with Kiel about his current projects at Oni Press and Marvel

C2E2: Oni Press

C2E2: Oni Press

Ranging from pulp to philosophy, snake-punching to the meaning of life, the Oni Press panel at C2E2 provided both good fun and food for thought, featuring Oni creators Cullen Bunn, Ray Fawkes, and Brian Hurtt.

C2E2: Bunn Dives Into

C2E2: Bunn Dives Into "Fear Itself: The Deep"

Namor calls on some familiar faces to help defend the seas against a major threat in "Fear Itself: The Deep" from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Lee Garbett. CBR spoke to Bunn about the miniseries.

Bunn & Kindt Speak

Bunn & Kindt Speak "The Tooth"

CBR News spoke with co-writer Cullen Bunn and artist Matt Kindt about their collaboration with co-writer Shawn Lee on "The Tooth," a new Oni Press graphic novel featuring a monster smackdown of epic proportions.

Black Widow Encounters

Black Widow Encounters "Fear Itself"

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Peter Nguyen team to introduce the Black Widow to the dangers of "Fear Itself" in a new Marvel Comics miniseries. Featuring covers by Michael Ryan, the Widow stings readers in June.

Bunn: From

Bunn: From "The Damned" to "Superman/Batman"

Writer Cullen Bunn spoke with CBR News about the transition from writing creator-owned series like "The Damned" and "The Sixth Gun" to scripting "Superman/Batman," "Captain America" and more.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Superman/Batman," "Booster Gold"

DC Comics has provided CBR with exclusive looks at "Superman/Batman" #81 by Collen Bunn and ChrisCross and "Booster Gold" #41 by Giffen & DeMatteis and Chris Batista, both on sale 2/16.

Bunn On Deadpools & Sixth Guns

Bunn On Deadpools & Sixth Guns

Cullen Bunn spoke about his growing mainstream work and indie focus as he drops a "Deadpool Team-Up" playing with professional wrestling and the next expansive arc of his Western horror monthly "The Sixth Gun."

PRESS RELEASE: Oni's "Sixth Gun" Adds One to the Posse & Takes Aim at the Comics Recession



Courtesy of Oni Press, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "The Sixth Gun" #3 by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt. The next issue of the critically acclaimed series hits stores tomorrow, August 18.

Cullen Bunn's Got A

Cullen Bunn's Got A "Sixth Gun"

"The Sixth Gun" writer and co-creator Cullen Bunn spoke with ROBOT 6 about the series, what debuting as a Free Comic Book Day offering meant to the title, the melding of supernatural with Western elements and more.

C2E2: Oni Press

C2E2: Oni Press

"Yo Gabba Gabba's" Brobee invaded the Oni Press panel at C2E2 to help announce a new anthology based on the hit Nick Jr. television series, and CBR was there to get all the details on that and other projects from Oni.

I’ll Be “The Damned” - Cullen Bunn talks “Prodigal Sons”

I’ll Be “The Damned” - Cullen Bunn talks “Prodigal Sons”

Who wants to live forever? CBR News chats with writer Cullen Bunn about Oni's ghoulish gangster miniseries, “The Damned: Prodigal Sons,” starring a wiseguy who can’t seem to stay dead.


COMMENTARY TRACK: "The Damned: Prodigal Sons" #1

It's our most comprehensive track yet, as creators Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt go in- depth on The Damned: Prodigal Sons #1, the first issue of the sequel to their acclaimed Oni Press graphic novel, The Damned: Three Days Dead.

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