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The Life & Loves of Will Eisner's

The Life & Loves of Will Eisner's "The Spirit"

With Frank Miller's screen adaptation of "The Spirit" opening this week, CBR looks at the life and loves of the classic Will Eisner creation, from his origins as a newspaper strip to his reinvigoration by Darwyn Cooke.

CBR TV: Darwyn Cooke

CBR TV: Darwyn Cooke

Celebrated creator Darwyn Cooke ("DC: The New Frontier," "The Spirit") talks to CBR TV about his upcoming comic book adaptations of the highly regarded "Parker" novels by Donald Westlake and why the project is such a personal one for him.

2008 Harvey Award Winners

2008 Harvey Award Winners

This weekend saw the presentation of the 2008 Harvey Awards, hosted by Kyle Baker and kicked off with keynote speaker Brian Bendis. Brian K. Vaughan, Darwyn Cooke and "All Star Superman" took the top honors. Updated

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative announces Baltimore Comic-Con plans

PRESS RELEASE: The Baltimore Comic-Con is only two weeks away

PRESS RELEASE: George Perez named Orlando MegaCon Guest of Honor

PRESS RELEASE: Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone take on Mike Allred's "Madman"

CCI: IDW's Ideals and Dreams

CCI: IDW's Ideals and Dreams

IDW Publishing announced a slew of upcoming comics and multimedia projects based on their properties at their panel "Ideals and Dreams" at CCI Saturday. CBR News was there.

CCI: Darwyn Cooke on the

CCI: Darwyn Cooke on the "Parker" Graphic Novels

Darwyn Cooke will be adapting Donald Westlake's "Parker" series of crime novels as original graphic novels, IDW announced Wednesday night at Comic-Con. We caught up with Cooke to discuss the project.

Dunbier talks Darwyn Cooke SDCC Scavenger Hunt

Dunbier talks Darwyn Cooke SDCC Scavenger Hunt

Fans at Comic-Con International can collect some exclusive signature cards illustrated by Darwyn Cooke, tying-in to his top-secret new project for IDW. We spoke with Scott Dunbier about the hunt.

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe celebrates comic book All Stars Week

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