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WC11: Pak Explores the Red Skull's Origins

WC11: Pak Explores the Red Skull's Origins

How does a little boy become one the Marvel Universe's biggest monsters? Writer Greg Pak and artist Mirko Colak begin to answer that question in July when they kick off the five issue "Red Skull" series.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "5 Ronin" - Punisher

CBR presents an exclusive preview of Marvel's "5 Ronin," featuring a Punisher story by Peter Milligan and Laurence Campbell with covers by Giuseppe Camuncoli and David Aja. Frank Castle heads to feudal Japan in March.


Aja's "5 Ronin" Covers Unveiled

Marvel Comics has released artist David Aja's covers for March's "5 Ronin" miniseries, a Peter Milligan scripted event which reimagines five of Marvel's heroes as masterless samurai living in feudal Japan.



Marvel has released an advance look at Peter Milligan's "5 Ronin" #1, a new miniseries featuring Marvel heroes in feudal Japan. The first issue features art by Tomm Cokker with covers by John Cassaday and David Aja.

David Aja Draws Thor #600

David Aja Draws Thor #600

Marvel Comics has revealed the previously top secret artist for Stan Lee’s contribution tothe hotly anticipated "Thor" #600 will be "Immortal Iron Fist" star David Aja. CBR has your exclusive first look at this story.

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