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REVIEW: "The Flash" #10

Greg McElhatton gives "The Flash" #10 3.5 stars, saying of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul's "Flashpoint" lead-in tale, "the parts that work absolutely shine, and that makes it worth reading the comic, easily."

Warner Bros. Dealt Setback in Superman Legal Battle

Warner Bros. Dealt Setback in Superman Legal Battle

A federal judge denied Warner Bros. access to documents alleged to show an agreement between heirs of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster not to strike further copyright deals with the studio.

"Smallville" Series Finale Teaser Video

The CW has released new video clips for "Smallville," promoting the next episode, "Kent," the series finale and a special look back at the Season 10 romance between Tom Welling's Clark and Erica Durance's Lois.

Michael Clarke Duncan to Voice

Michael Clarke Duncan to Voice "Green Lantern's" Kilowog

Michael Clarke Duncan is reportedly in final talks to voice the alien Green Lantern Kilowog in Warner Bros. summer tentpole film, joining Geoffrey Rush as fellow alien GL Tomar-Re. SPINOFF has details.

Bedard Enlists with

Bedard Enlists with "Green Lantern Corps"

Writer Tony Bedard talks to CBR News about the ongoing “War of the Green Lanterns,” what the crossover event means for the “Green Lantern Corps" and the problem with the color yellow.

EXCLUSIVE: Reis & Perez Cover

EXCLUSIVE: Reis & Perez Cover "Flashpoint" #1

Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's "Flashpoint" #1 gets a Cyborg of Steel-centric variant cover thanks to Johns partners Ivan Reis and George Perez, and CBR News has your exclusive first look!


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Red Robin," Batgirl"

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR has exclusive advance looks at "Red Robin" #22 and Batgirl #20, both of which storm their way into comic stores tomorrow, April 13.


PREVIEW: "Superboy" #6

DC Comics has released a preview of "Superboy" #6 by Jeff Lemire and guest artist Marco Rudy with a cover by Eddy Barrows. It's Doomsday versus the Boy of Steel tomorrow, April 13!

DC Comics Solicitations for July, 2011

DC Comics Solicitations for July, 2011

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in July 2011, including the latest chapters of the various "Flashpoint" series the return of Cassandra Cain and more!


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Batman & Robin" #22

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Batman and Robin" #22. The final chapter of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's "Dark Knight, White Knight" hits Wednesday, April 13.

DC Rolls On With New

DC Rolls On With New "Flashpoint" Issues

The second issues of DC Comics massive amount of "Flashpoint" tie-in series reveal new hints about the alternate reality. FINAL UPDATE: Check out the cover to "Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint" #2.

WC11: DC Icons

WC11: DC Icons

Judd Winick, Amy Reeder and Frank Quitely were among the gathered DC Comics pros during the DC Icons panel at WonderCon to answer fan questions and tease coming developments in their respective DC projects.

WC11: Aaron Gets

WC11: Aaron Gets "Scalped"

Saturday at Wondercon, Jason Aaron discussed his Vertigo ongoing "Scalped," including which character is his mom's favorite, how long the series will last, a potential TV show and much more.

DC Annnounces

DC Annnounces "War of The Green Lanterns Aftermath"

"Green Lantern Corps" writer Tony Bedard will team up with on the rise artist Miguel Sepulveda for a two-part follow-up to the current event full of GL infighting and fallout with July's "War of The Green Lanterns Aftermath."

CBR TV: Paul Cornell Talks

CBR TV: Paul Cornell Talks "Action Comics"

Paul Cornell spoke with CBR TV about “Action Comics” #900, the trick in balancing Lex Luthor’s characterization, keeping readers invested in the villain without cheering for him, his take on Doomsday and more.

DeConnick Takes

DeConnick Takes "Supergirl" to School

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick spoke with CBR News about her June-launching three-issue arc on "Supergirl" and her plans for the Girl of Steel as well as her thoughts on women in media and the comic book industry.

WC11: Tony Daniel Spotlight

WC11: Tony Daniel Spotlight

"Batman" writer and artist Tony Daniel treated WonderCon attendees to an afternoon art lesson as the creator gave insight into his creative process, answered questions and drew a page while the audience watched.

PRESS RELEASE: Live from the DMZ - Now Broadcasting


PREVIEW: "Brightest Day" #23

DC Comics has released a preview of "Brightest Day" #23, the penultimate issue of the series written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi, The secrets of the forest, Firestorm vs. Deadman and more are revealed today!

"Brightest Day's" Protector Revealed

The character set to take up the White Lantern and become Earth's new protector stands revealed in today's "Brightest Day" #23, and CBR News has a first look and word from DC E-i-C Bob Harras in the spoiler-ific reveal.

New Screenshots from

New Screenshots from "Green Lantern" Game

Warner Bros. has released new screenshots from their upcoming "Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters" video game set in the movie's continuity and featuring the voice of Ryan Reynolds in the role of Hal Jordan.

WC11: Frank Quitely Spotlight

WC11: Frank Quitely Spotlight

Superstar artist Frank Quitely charmed fans and answered questions ranging from the beginnings of his career, working with Grant Morrison, potential extras for the "We3" and "Flex Mentallo" collections and much more.

WC11: DC Universe

WC11: DC Universe

DC Comics brought an array of creators to WonderCon to discuss what's to come in "Flashpoint," the ending of "Justice League: Generation Lost," "Justice League of America," "Green Arrow," "The Flash" and more.


PHOTOS: "Smallville: Booster"

The CW has released an extensive photo gallery for "Booster," the Geoff Johns scripted episode of "Smallville" featuring the debut of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, set to air Friday, April 22.


EXCL PREVIEWS: "Secret Six, "Freedom Fighters," "First Wave Special"

DC Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at a trio new comics hitting the stands on April 6 -- "Secret Six" #32, "Freedom Fighters" #8 and the "First Wave Special" one-shot.

When Words Collide - 4/4/2011

When Words Collide - 4/4/2011

Tim and Graeme McMillan conclude their two-part discussion about "Legends," "Millennium" and "Invasion!" by asking questions about the lasting legacy of these series and quoting from the sacred book of Steve Englehart.

WC11: Reynolds

WC11: Reynolds" Talks "Green Lantern"

"Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds admitted it was Hal Jordan's "rage and purpose" which drew him to the film, promised plenty of action and name-dropped a few other Lanterns when asked about potential sequels.


5-STAR REVIEW: "Jimmy Olsen"

Greg McElhatton gave Nick Spencer and R.B. Silva's "Jimmy Olsen" a 5-star review, saying "If you told me a year ago that a 'Jimmy Olsen' one-shot would be one of the best comics of the year, I'd have laughed at you."

WC11: Amy Reeder Spotlight

WC11: Amy Reeder Spotlight

During a laid back and casual WonderCon panel, artist Amy Reeder spoke about her career in comics, from her time with Tokyopop to her current work with DC Comics, touching on the "Batwoman" delays and more.

WC11: Lively Hints At Star Sapphire

WC11: Lively Hints At Star Sapphire

Blake Lively revealed she landed her "Green Lantern" role in part because the darker edge she displayed in "The Town" may be key for stories to come, as she hinted at an appearance by Star Sapphire in potential sequels.


WC11: "Green Lantern" WonderCon Screencaps

CBR News presents an exhaustive library of screenshots culled from the newly released "Green Lantern" WonderCon footage for you to peruse, dissect and debate!


WC11: "Green Lantern" WonderCon Footage

Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have released four minutes of select footage from the upcoming "Green Lantern" feature film as shown to attendees at WonderCon.

SPINOFF: Does WB Really Need a New Superman & Batman?

SPINOFF: Does WB Really Need a New Superman & Batman?

With Warner Bros reportedly planning a Justice League movie for 2013, with a brand new Superman and Batman attached, SPINOFF wonders whether this is as bad an idea as it sounds.

WC11: WB Releases New

WC11: WB Releases New "Green Lantern" Poster

Warner Bros. has released the latest poster for the Ryan Reynolds helmed "Green Lantern" movie, as seen by attendees at this weekend's WonderCon. The movie opens in theaters on June 17.


WC11: "Green Lantern" Movie Panel

WonderCon in San Francisco was "Green Lantern" central Friday evening as DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns took to the stage with stars Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively to show off new footage and discuss the upcoming feature film.

WC11: EXCLUSIVE - Legendary Creators Speak About “Retro-Active”

WC11: EXCLUSIVE - Legendary Creators Speak About “Retro-Active”

In a CBR exclusive Keith Giffen, Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and Marv Wolfman spill the beans on their contributions to DC Comics just-announced “Retro-Active” series.

WC11: Green Lantern With Geoff Johns

WC11: Green Lantern With Geoff Johns

The CCO of DC Entertainment takes the stage in San Francisco as Geoff Johns talks Green Lantern at WonderCon digging into plans for the comic line in "War of the Green Lanterns" and unveiling his "Aquaman" artist.

WC11: DC Nation

WC11: DC Nation

DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio and a wealth of talent take the stage in San Francisco for the first big panel of WonderCon, announcing the new "Retro-Active" series and discussing everything from "Flashpoint" to "Batman: Europa."

DC Comics Unveils Cover to

DC Comics Unveils Cover to "Flashpoint" #3

Capping off the latest "Flashpoint Friday," DC Comics has unveilied Andy Kubert's cover for "Flashpoint" #3. The series, written by Geoff Johns with art by Kubert, is slated to debut on May 11.

WC11: Johns Goes to

WC11: Johns Goes to "War of The Green Lanterns"

CCO Geoff Johns spoke with CBR News to discuss the new "War of The Green Lanterns" event, the heart of Hal Jordan and how his views affect the character's upcoming big screen debut.

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