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ECCC 2010: Sunday Conversation with Ian Sattler

ECCC 2010: Sunday Conversation with Ian Sattler

DC Comics Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler filled in for Dan Didio, leading Emerald City ComiCon attendees and writers Eric Trautmann and James Robinson in a wandering, freeform conversation.

ECCC: Superman Goes to War Panel

ECCC: Superman Goes to War Panel

This weekend's Emerald City ComiCon, a panel of Superman all-stars including Geoff Johns, James Robinson, and Greg Rucka sent the hero off to war, and a key writer let slip about what lies ahead for the League.



Paul Dini spoke with CBR on what took so long for Zatanna's first ongoing series to come to fruition, what rules of magic he'll be implementing and how his real-life wife is an inspiration for the Mistress of Magic.

ECCC: DC Nation

ECCC: DC Nation

Saturday at Emerald City ComiCon, DC's Ian Sattler, Geoff Johns, and more answered fans questions about “Brightest Day,” plastic rings, legacy heroes, and kitchen appliances at the northwest’s largest con.


ECCC: "Green Lantern: The Future is Bright" Panel

Eager Emerald City ComiCon fans vault a whole spectrum of questions at the teams behind DC’s Green Lantern books, revealing spoilers for a "Brightest Day" DCU while a surprise guest squeezes some potentially juicy info out of Geoff Johns.

First Look: David Finch's

First Look: David Finch's "Batman" #700 Cover

The recently exclusive DC superstar offers up his first interpretation of the Dark Knight for the hero's milestone 700th issue, which remains the only creative announcement surrounding the June-shipping book.

Palmiotti, Gray & Conner Off

Palmiotti, Gray & Conner Off "Power Girl"

DC Comics announced today that the "Power Girl" creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner is leaving the book following the release of "Power Girl" #12 in May. Palmiotti spoke with CBR News.

Hold the Fortress Part II: Robinson and Gates on

Hold the Fortress Part II: Robinson and Gates on "War of the Supermen"

We spoke with James Robinson and Sterling Gates about the four-issue weekly series coming in May and also share their thoughts about Straczynski taking the reins on "Superman" with #701.

Fabian Nicieza Swings Onto

Fabian Nicieza Swings Onto "Red Robin"

The writer who ushered in the end of Tim Drake's solo run as Batman's sidekick returns to the character with June's "Red Robin" #13, planning on moral dilemmas and a Red Robin rogue's gallery.

Hold the Fortress Part 1: Robinson & Gates on

Hold the Fortress Part 1: Robinson & Gates on "Last Stand of New Krypton"

DC Comics' "New Krypton" saga erupted today with the release of "Last Stand of New Krypton" #1 by James Robinson and Sterling Gates. CBR spoke with them about the series and the "War" that's just around the corner.

Clarke Suits Up for

Clarke Suits Up for "Batman & Robin"

Andy Clarke spoke with CBR about his run on "Batman and Robin" that starts this week, spilling what he loves about the Batsuit, what makes Batman so cool and why Damian Wayne is someone he wouldn't mess with.

Straczynski Steps Up For

Straczynski Steps Up For "Superman" & "Wonder Woman"

On top of his upcoming "Earth One" graphic novel, JMS enlists for writing duties on the monthly marquee DC comics "Superman" and "Wonder Woman" with a double shot of post-milestone issues slated for July. UPDATED with new quotes from JMS.

Gail Simone Leaves

Gail Simone Leaves "Wonder Woman"

The fan-favorite writer and passionate Wonder Woman fan steps aside from her roll in ushering the adventures of Princess Diana and rolls out two in depth farewells for fans including one for her Wonder of Wonders column.

Brian Wood

Brian Wood "DV8s" From the Norm

CBR News gets the lowdown on Brian Wood's WildStorm debut as the writer readies for the relaunch of "DV8" in the form of an 8-issue story designed to reintroduce the team to both new readers and longtime fans.

Azzarello & Morales Ride DC's

Azzarello & Morales Ride DC's "First Wave"

Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales spoke with CBR News and shed some new light onto DC's new pulp-comic crossover title, "First Wave," which features Doc Savage, Will Eisner's Spirit and a different type of Batman.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Batman Confidential," "Milestone Forever"

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents two exclusive previews for title on sale this Wednesday, March 3: Sam Keith's "Batman Confidential" #42 and the second half of "Milestone Forever!"


PREVIEW: "The Flash" #1

DC Comics' official blog, The Source, has unveiled an advance look at Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul's highly anticipated new series, "The Flash," releasing the first five pages of of the title's first issue set to debut April 14.

DC Unveils First Look At

DC Unveils First Look At "First Wave"

Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales reinvention of iconic heroes from Doc Savage to The Spirit to Batman has its first full color pages see the light of day in advance of the universe-building "First Wave" #1 this March.

Keaton Flashes into

Keaton Flashes into "Crisis on Two Earths"

Josh Keaton, who portrays Spidey on "Spectacular Spider-Man," brings his talents (and laser-quick tongue) to the DCU, voicing Flash for Warner Bros. Animation's recent release, "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths."

McDuffie Deals with a

McDuffie Deals with a "Crisis on Two Earths"

Dwayne McDuffie reveals the changes made to "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" updating the story for a new audience, how the new leadership at DC may influence his future comics projects and more.

Bruce Timm Watches Over a

Bruce Timm Watches Over a "Crisis on Two Earths"

Groundbreaking animation producer Bruce Timm spoke with CBR about his thoughts on how "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" morphed (and how it didn't) from its original concept based and more.

Tony Bedard Gets Green Light

Tony Bedard Gets Green Light

CBR News checked in with Tony Bedard about his new assignment as writer of “Green Lantern Corps” and found that not only is he a long-time fan of Green Lantern character but he believes that there is no higher honor than serving in the GLC.

Paul Malmont Gets

Paul Malmont Gets "Savage"

Author Paul Malmont told CBR news that, despite his new "Doc Savage" series starring a character who has been around for more than 70 years, there are still plenty of new stories left to tell featuring the Man of Bronze.

DC's Executive Justice League

DC's Executive Justice League

Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns – three of the biggest names in comics and now the executive staff in charge of DC – and EVP of Marketing John Rood talk first with CBR in a full interview about leading DC in comics and other media with no fear in 2010.

Comics Community Reacts to DC's Executive Three

Comics Community Reacts to DC's Executive Three

CBR rounds up the first reactions from the creators, retailers and editors who know Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns best, from what they feel that these new hires will mean for DC to what advice they give the trio on day one.

DC's New Executives Speak

DC's New Executives Speak

Newly-minted Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee and new Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns release their first words on their new gigs as does DC Entertainment head Diane Nelson.

DC Names DiDio & Lee Co-Publisher, Johns Chief Creative Officer

DC Names DiDio & Lee Co-Publisher, Johns Chief Creative Officer

DC Comics has just announced that the search for a new publisher is over. Jim Lee & Dan DiDio have been named Co-Publishers, with Geoff Johns to serve as Chief Creative Officer. We have the latest details.

Jerwa & Oeming: Return of the Fox

Jerwa & Oeming: Return of the Fox

Brandon Jerwa and Michael Avon Oeming land on the same page to create a kung-fu kicking, Alex Toth-inspired version of the classic Red Circle vigilante the Fox in the co-feature pages of DC Comics' "The Shield" series.

DC Comics Solicitations for May, 2010

DC Comics Solicitations for May, 2010

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in May 2010, including "Brightest Day" #2, "The Return of Bruce Wayne" #1, "Absolute All-Star Superman," I, Zombie" #1 and more.

Mark Schultz has

Mark Schultz has "Spirit"

Writer Mark Schultz has revealed to CBR that by his own choice, his run on "The Spirit" will last only three issues, but that still gives him enough time to play with some of Will Eisner's toys and bring some new ones to the sandbox.

NYTF: Mattel's DCU and He-Man Lines

NYTF: Mattel's DCU and He-Man Lines

New York's Toy Fair continues on with Mattel unveiling the expansion of their popular DC Universe Classics and Justice League Unlimited lines as well as new figures that cross over the DCU and Masters of the Universe.

Daniel Breaks Out With

Daniel Breaks Out With "Batman"

Bruce Wayne may have prepared Dick Grayson for his eventual turn wearing the cowl of The Dark Knight, but writer/artist Tony Daniel has putting the former Boy Wonder through the paces in the pages of "Batman."

"Watchmen" HeroClix On Their Way

WizKids/NECA announce a new collector's set for their superhero tabletop game that will be on sale at Comic-Con International, featuring movie versions of the popular characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comics classic.

DC Shakes Up The GLC In

DC Shakes Up The GLC In "Brightest Day"

Peter Tomasi moves to an all-new Guy Gardner ongoing titled "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors" while "Green Lantern Corps" comes into the hands of "R.E.B.E.L.S." writer Tony Bedard featuring...Green Lantern Ganthet?

Aquaman Returns in

Aquaman Returns in "Brightest Day"

DC Comics drops the first story-specific teaser for the upcoming twice-monthly follow up to the blockbuster "Blackest Night" event with an early David Finch cover and word from Geoff Johns on the sea king's future.

David Hine brings Arkham to

David Hine brings Arkham to "Detective Comics"

"Arkham Reborn" writer David Hine spoke with CBR News and discussed the upcoming conclusion to his ongoing Arkham saga scheduled to appear in the pages of "Detective Comics" this April.

Wein is Right on (Human) Target

Wein is Right on (Human) Target

Len Wein shared what he loves about the Human Target, why he feels the character has lasted nearly 40 years and what he feels is the difference between Christopher Chance on television and the printed page.

Christopher Nolan To Head

Christopher Nolan To Head "Superman" Reboot?

Word is out that the "Dark Knight" director has been tapped to oversee the Man of Steel's next foray into film as well as the fact that a third Batman picture is already in the works at Warner Brothers.

DRAW! Jordi Bernet Talks

DRAW! Jordi Bernet Talks "Jonah Hex"

In a rare interview, living legend Jordi Bernet shares how Sergio Leone inspires his take on the Old West, how you make a scarred face smile, and the one appearance of Hex he’d love to get his hands on.

Geoff Johns On

Geoff Johns On "Absolute Justice"

The writer behind DC Comics biggest stars brings the company's original superteam to "Smallville" tonight and shares with CBR the purpose of the Justice Society, the radness of the Star-Rocket Racer and the grand ambitions of DC Entertainment.

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