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Kevin Huizenga Returns to

Kevin Huizenga Returns to "Ganges"

CBR News spoke with critically-acclaimed cartoonist Kevin Huizenga about the fourth and latest issue of his ongoing Fantagraphics series about everyman Glenn Ganges.

Wheeler, Duin & Rosen Spill

Wheeler, Duin & Rosen Spill "Oil and Water"

Writer Steve Duin, Eisner-winning artist Shannon Wheeler and editor Michael Rosen discuss their new Fantagraphics book about the effects of the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill with CBR.

Pipeline - 10/11/2011

Pipeline - 10/11/2011

Joe Kubert's career is analyzed in a beautiful coffee table art book. Then, Fantagraphics begins reprinting the life's work of Carl Barks, including a story that hasn't appeared unedited in North America in 60 years.

Richard Sala Unveils

Richard Sala Unveils "The Hidden"

CBR spoke with cartoonist Richard Sala about "The Hidden" from Fantagraphics, his unique new take on the survival horror genre as well as the online resurgence of "Invisible Hands."

Gahan Wilson Says

Gahan Wilson Says "Nuts" to Childhood

Legendary cartoonist Gahan Wilson spoke with CBR News about the new collection of his comic strip "Nuts" from Fantagraphics, working at "The New Yorker" and "Playboy" and more.

Talking Comics with Michael Kupperman

Talking Comics with Michael Kupperman

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with creator Michael Kupperman about his new Fantagraphics book, "Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010, a humorous look at the last hundred years in the revered author's made-up life.

Gabrielle Bell Moves On After

Gabrielle Bell Moves On After "Mome"

Cartoonist Gabrielle Bell discusses the final issue of "Mome," privacy in autobiographical comics and the struggle to craft the perfect short story.

Comics A.M. - Fantagraphics' First

Comics A.M. - Fantagraphics' First "Pogo" Collection Finally Goes to Press

First volume of the long-awaited "Complete Pogo" heads to press! DC relaunch new-creator scorecard! Dissecting The Atlantic's nonfiction graphic novel 'masterpieces'! Plus much more!

CCI: Fantagraphics Celebrates 35 Years of Publishing

CCI: Fantagraphics Celebrates 35 Years of Publishing

Indie comics publisher Fantagraphics Books commemorated 35 years in the business with two major archival reprint announcements at Comic-Con.


CCI: "Love and Rockets" Panel

Los Bros Hernandez, Gilbert, Jaime and Mario, joined Fantagraphics editor Kristy Valenti to discuss 30 years of working on their seminal comic book "Love and Rockets" during their CCI panel.

Fantagraphics' Groth Discusses the State of Comics

Fantagraphics' Groth Discusses the State of Comics

CBR News spoke in depth with Gary Groth, the co-founder and publisher of Fantagraphics, about digital releases, changes at "The Comic Journal," producing comic strip archives and much more.


REVIEW: "Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse," Vol. 1

ROBOT 6's Chris Mautner calls the first Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse collection from Fantagraphics a "pretty spiffy package" that "provides a rich portrait of the artist and his times, as well as some great comics."

Looking Through Stein's

Looking Through Stein's "Eye of the Majestic Creature"

Cartoonist Leslie Stein spoke with CBR News about "The Eye of the Majestic Creature," her surreal, autobiographical graphic novel which has just been published by Fantagraphics.

McKean Draws a Sexy

McKean Draws a Sexy "Celluloid"

"Cages" author and "Sandman" cover artist Dave McKean has a new book of erotica out titled "Celluloid." CBR News spoke with him about the project and the challenges of making a decidedly "adult" graphic novel.

Vehlmann and Jason Visit

Vehlmann and Jason Visit "Isle of 100,000 Graves"

Fabien Vehlmann and Jason spin an unsettling yarn of pirates and executioners in "Isle of 100,000 Graves." CBR spoke with both creators about the book, which marks Jason's first long-form collaboration.

Bagge Talks

Bagge Talks "Hate," "Yeah!" and Bat Boy

CBR News spoke with Peter Bagge about the return of Buddy and Lisa in the latest "Hate Annual," the new printing of his and Gilbert Hernandez's "Yeah!" and IDW's "Bat Boy" collection.

Pipeline - 5/10/2011

Pipeline - 5/10/2011

Augie has an early look at the new Fantagraphics "Mickey Mouse" comic strip collection, which he deems worth the cover price for the introduction alone. Plus, quick thoughts and random links.

Woodring Chronicles

Woodring Chronicles "Congress of the Animals"

Jim Woodring spoke with CBR about "Congress of the Animals," his first full-length Frank adventure debuting in June, and why none of it was drawn with his famous seven-foot long steel nib pen Nibbus Maximus.

Gilbert Hernandez Steps Out

Gilbert Hernandez Steps Out "From the Shadows"

CBR News spoke with acclaimed "Love and Rockets" cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez about his latest graphic novel in the "Fritz" series, a surreal thriller entitled "Love From the Shadows."

"You'll Never Know" Carol Tyler

Award winning cartoonist Carol Tyler spoke with CBR News about the second volume of her family saga, "You'll Never now," her father's experiences in World War II and more.

Groth Discusses Gottfredson's

Groth Discusses Gottfredson's "Mickey Mouse"

Fantagraphics' Gary Groth spoke with CBR about the coming collections of "Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse" by definitive cartoonist Floyd Gottfredson, including a frank discussion of Mickey's past and present.

Tommaso On Re-Coloring Carl Barks

Tommaso On Re-Coloring Carl Barks

Colorist Rich Tommaso spoke with ROBOT 6 about his current gig re-coloring the complete Carl Barks comics for the upcoming Fantagraphics archive editions and the challenges that come with the unique job.

Farmer Discusses

Farmer Discusses "Special Exits"

Legendary underground cartoonist Joyce Farmer spoke before an audience of fans about her new graphic novel, the autobiographical "Special Exits," her beginnings as an alt-comic book creator and more.

Living Like A (Tony) Millionaire

Living Like A (Tony) Millionaire

Acclaimed cartoonist Tony Millionaire spoke with CBR News about his new book "Little Maakies on the Prairie," working with Elvis Costello, the difference between writing for adults and children and much more.

Pipeline - 1/4/2011

Pipeline - 1/4/2011

This week's PIPELINE touches on DC Comics’ new letters columns, Fantagraphics' upcoming Carl Barks hardcovers, more trouble in bookstore land, the unintended consequences of $3.99 day and date digital comics and more.

Exclusive: Fantagraphics to publish the complete Carl Barks

Exclusive: Fantagraphics to publish the complete Carl Barks

In an exclusive interview with ROBOT 6, Fantagraphics co-publisher Gary Groth reveals that the company has acquired the rights to reprint a definitive collection of Carl Barks’ Donald Duck comic stories.

Farmer on

Farmer on "Special Exits"

Underground comics creator Joyce Farmer returns to comics with a full-length original graphic novel about her parents' death and gave CBR News the details on the project thirteen years in the making.

Thompson Talks Fantagraphics' All-Ages Eurocomics Line

Thompson Talks Fantagraphics' All-Ages Eurocomics Line

Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson talks to CBR News about the publisher's plans for all-ages European graphic novels, why the line has no name and hints at future titles he'd love to release.

Ryan Goes To

Ryan Goes To "Prison"

Johnny Ryan has put aside the jokes and amped up the body horror with his new action-packed "Prison Pit." We spoke with Ryan about the new second volume in the series, its origins and how it relates to manga.

Happy Fifth Birthday,

Happy Fifth Birthday, "Mome!"

As the Fantagraphics anthology "Mome" celebrates five years of publishing new work by young cartoonists, ROBOT 6 talks to editor Eric Reynolds about what has changed, what's remained constant and what lies in store.

In Depth with Mort Walker

In Depth with Mort Walker

CBR News visits the legendary cartoonist's studio to discuss his long career and Beetle Bailey’s 60th anniversary, the letters he gets from people and what he has in common with Beetle.

Sakai's Deluxe & Ongoing

Sakai's Deluxe & Ongoing "Usagi Yojimbo"

Cartoonist Stan Sakai spoke with us about "Usagi Yojimbo: The Special Edition," a two-volume hardcover collection from Fantagraphics, as well as his upcoming plans for the ongoing series at Dark Horse.


REVIEW: "Prison Pit Book Two"

Chad Nevett gave Johnny Ryan's "Prison Pit Book Two" a 5-star review, calling it "the sort of book you can’t put down even after you’re done; you just keep...admiring the stark viciousness that jumps off the page."

PRESS RELEASE: Dave Cooper Gets "Bent" at Cartoon Art Museum

PRESS RELEASE: Fantagraphics Acquires Lost Graphic Novel by William S. Burroughs & Malcolm McNeill


Jason's "Werewolves of Montpellier"

CBR News spoke with writer/artist Jason about his latest project "Werewolves of Montpellier" and the subtle moments that make the story, in which dressing up as a mythical creature has dire consequences, work.

CCI: Fantagraphics To Publish Vintage Mickey Mouse Comics

CCI: Fantagraphics To Publish Vintage Mickey Mouse Comics

Fantagraphics has partnered with Disney to publish the complete Mickey Mouse comic strips by Floyd Gottfredson, the cartoonist renowned for his defining work on the character.

PRESS RELEASE: Fantagraphics Announces Signings and Debuts at Comic-Con International

Kelso Tells

Kelso Tells "Artichoke Tales"

Award winning cartoonist Megan Kelso spoke with CBR News about her newly released, decade-in-the-making project, "Artichoke Tales," her experiences creating "Watergate Sue" with the "New York Times" and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Fantagraphics Announces "Significant Objects: The Book"

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