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Faith Erin Hicks Is

Faith Erin Hicks Is "Friends With Boys"

Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks spoke with CBR about her new book "Friends with Boys," discussed her weekly comic "The Adventures of Superhero Girl" and weighs in on blogging, zombies, KGB cheerleaders and more.

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "Anya's Ghost," "Zita the Spacegirl," Win Cybils

"Anya's Ghost" and "Zita the Spacegirl" win 2011 Cybils Awards! Sony shutters PSP comics service! Oprah lauds "Blankets"! Why is "One Piece" so popular? The return of "Stumptown"? Plus more!

Mark Siegel & Calista Brill on First Second in 2012

Mark Siegel & Calista Brill on First Second in 2012

Editorial Director Mark Siegel and Senior Editor Calista Brill speak to the direction of First Second, web serialization, strong female heroines, Paul Pope's "Battling Boy" and exclusive preview pages of this year's titles.

Yang & Pham

Yang & Pham "Level Up" Their Comics

The creators behind the acclaimed YA graphic novel "Level Up," Gene Yang and Thien Pham pit video games against medical school, discuss the secrets of Pac-Man and debate their own comics collaboration as well as Tiger Mother parenting.

Talking Comics with Joe Infurnari & Glenn Eichler

Talking Comics with Joe Infurnari & Glenn Eichler

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with "The Colbert Report" writer Glenn Eichler about his and artist Joe Infurnari's new book out from First Second, "Mush!: Sled Dogs with Issues."

Derek Kirk Kim Says

Derek Kirk Kim Says "Tune," "Mythomania" are the "Same Difference"

The award-winning cartoonist talks about the new HC edition of "Same Difference," his current webcomic, the first print volume of which comes out this year and his filmmaking debut.

ALL COMICS EVE: Nicholls & Flood Battle

ALL COMICS EVE: Nicholls & Flood Battle "Orcs: Forged for War"

Novelist Stan Nicholls and artist Joe Flood celebrate ALL COMICS EVE with CBR by discussing about their new graphic novel, the "New York Times" bestseller "Orcs: Forged for War," just out from First Second Books.

Ottaviani Relates the Extraordinary Life of

Ottaviani Relates the Extraordinary Life of "Feynman"

Writer Jim Ottaviani, best known for his self-published comics about science and scientists, spoke with CBR about tackling one of the great figures of the 20th century in his new biography about Richard Feynman.

Blast Off with Roman's

Blast Off with Roman's "Astronaut Academy"

Cartoonist Dave Roman discusses transitioning "Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity" from the web to print, explaining what is "Teen Boat!" and sharing an exclusive look at this fall's "Nursery Rhyme Comics"

Bertozzi Brings

Bertozzi Brings "Lewis & Clark" to Comics

Award-winning cartoonist Nick Bertozzi spoke with CBR News about writing and drawing his new graphic novel from First Second Books, the sometimes surprising true tale of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Siegel on

Siegel on "Sailor Twain"

Mark Siegel, the Editorial Director of First Second books talks to CBR News about his webcomic centering on the Hudson River and mermaids working in charcoal and designing wine labels.

Faith Erin Hicks on

Faith Erin Hicks on "Band Camp," Wolverine & More

Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks talks to CBR about “Brain Camp,” just out from First Second Books, as well as her Wolverine and Nextwave stories for Marvel Comics.

Jen Wang's

Jen Wang's "Koko Be Good"

In September, First Second debuts "Koko Be Good," an original graphic novel by Jen Wang. We spoke with Wang about her story of two people deciding how their lives will be lived and what it means to be a good person.

Jordan Mechner on

Jordan Mechner on "Prince of Persia"

The creator of video game classic "Prince of Persia" talks to CBR about diving into comics with two new projects: an anthology prelude to the upcoming film and a Knights Templar adventure in "Solomon's Thieves."

Interrogating First Second’s “City of Spies”

Interrogating First Second’s “City of Spies”

Playwrights Laurence Klavan and Susan Kim and artist Pascal Dizin talk to CBR News about their debut graphic novel “City of Spies,” out now from First Second Books.

C.C. Colbert on

C.C. Colbert on "Booth"

John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot Abraham Lincoln, is the subject of historian C.C. Colbert's first graphic novel. CBR spoke with Colbert about "Booth," which will arrive later this month from First Second.

Carla Jablonski Joins The

Carla Jablonski Joins The "Resistance"

April sees the release of "Resistance" from First Second Books, exploring life in Nazi-occupied France through the eyes of three children. CBR News spoke with writer Carla Jablonski about the book, the first in a trilogy.

FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK: Mark Siegel & Calista Brill

FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK: Mark Siegel & Calista Brill

First Second Books' editorial team takes CBR on a tour of their Spring slate from the new adventure by "Prince of Persia's" Jordan Mechner to historical tales of fanboy spy smashers and much more.

O'Connor Introduces

O'Connor Introduces "The Olympians"

The writer/artist behind the new series of graphic novels from First Second Books, George O'Connor talked with CBR about "The Olympians" and provided a look at his designs and approach to the characters and the series.

Hammer-Cracking Sci-Fi & Lightning-Cracking Mythology

Hammer-Cracking Sci-Fi & Lightning-Cracking Mythology

First Second creators George O'Connor & Adam Rapp deliver two kinds of twisted genre tales from the post-apocalyptic 'Ball Peen Hammer' to the expansive exploration of ancient 'Olympians'

Glenn Eichler Gets

Glenn Eichler Gets "Stuffed!"

Glenn Eichler, an award winning writer on "The Colbert Report," speaks with CBR News about his new graphic novel about family, race and repatriation, "Stuffed!," featuring artwork by Nick Bertozzi.

Danica Novgorodoff talks “Refresh, Refresh”

Danica Novgorodoff talks “Refresh, Refresh”

Fresh off her Eisner Award nominated debut graphic novel, “Slow Storm,” Danica Novgorodoff speaks with CBR News about her new graphic novel from First Second Books, "Refresh, Refresh."

Richard Sala Talks “Cat Burglar Black”

Richard Sala Talks “Cat Burglar Black”

Award-winning cartoonist Richard Sala talks to CBR News about his newest project from First Second books, "Cat Burglar Black," about a young orphan who happens to be a master thief.

Yang & Kim Team Up on “The Eternal Smile

Yang & Kim Team Up on “The Eternal Smile

Two of comics' most acclaimed and award-winning creators team-up on a new collection of stories from First Second Books. CBR sat down with Derek Kirk Kim & Gene Luen Yang to talk about "The Eternal Smile."

Emmanuel's Travels: Guibert talks

Emmanuel's Travels: Guibert talks "Alan's War"

Acclaimed French cartoonist Emmanuel Guibert comes to North America and tells the story behind the award-winning 'Alan's War' while on the road to this weekend's Toronto Comics Art Festival!

Danica Novgorodoff talks

Danica Novgorodoff talks "Slow Storm"

Eisner-nominated creator Danica Novgorodoff talks about her new graphic novel "Slow Storm," about a firefighter who tries to help an illegal immigrant, survive a massive storm, and get over her own frustrations.

Jordan Mechner Talks

Jordan Mechner Talks "Prince of Persia"

"Prince of Persia" creator Jordan Mecnher talks with CBR News about his upcoming PoP comics adaptation, the Disney movie, and the origins of his creation. Plus, we have the debut of the "PoP" graphic novel trailer.

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