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REVIEW: "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" #1

Doug Zawisza gives IDW's "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" #1 a 4 star review saying Eric Powell, Tracy Marsh, Phil Hester and Bruce McCorkindale's comic "reads like a lost Godzilla movie from yesteryear."

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Celebrates WonderCon's 25th with Cartoon Art Museum, IDW and Art Adams


PREVIEW: "G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War" #0

IDW Publishing has released the Snake Eye story in full from "G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War" #0 along with covers and solicitation info from the various titles participating in the event sotryline

Busiek, Kaluta, Allred & Cassaday Go On A

Busiek, Kaluta, Allred & Cassaday Go On A "Rocketeer Adventure"

Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, Michael Kaluta and John Cassaday discuss their contributions to IDW's May-debuting "Rocketeer Adventures" anthology set in Dave Stevens' classic retro series. Plus, exclusive art!

C2E2: IDW's

C2E2: IDW's "Doctor Who" Goes Digital

The TARDIS touches down on the iPad today, courtesy of IDW. We spoke with Director of ePublishing Jeff Webber about the announcement at C2E2, which sees worldwide digital distribution for "Doctor Who" comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Bud Sagendorf's "Popeye" Collection from IDW in Stores

IDW Publishing Solicitations for June, 2011

IDW Publishing Solicitations for June, 2011

IDW has released images and solicitation information for new comics on sale in June 2011 including "Hero Comics," "Transformers," "G.I. Joe," "Locke & Key," "Godzilla" and more.

Saying Goodbye To IDW's

Saying Goodbye To IDW's "Angel"

In advance of the franchise-wrapping "Angel Yearbook," a quartet of writers with the biggest impact on the Joss Whedon character's legacy at IDW discuss how they'll bring the adventures of Angel, Spike and the rest to a close.


PREVIEW: "GI Joe: Real American Hero" #164

Courtesy of IDW, CBR has an exclusive first look at "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" #164 by Larry Hama and SL Gallant. Featuring covers by Herb Trimpe and Rod Whigham, the issue hits stores March 16.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Presents a Fundraiser for Cartoon Art Museum and the Hero Initiative

Chris Ryall's

Chris Ryall's "Zombies vs. Robots" Returns

IDW Publishing Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall spoke with CBR News about his upcoming "Zombies vs. Robots" miniseries, "Undercity," while giving details on Sony Pictures' deal to bring "ZvR" to film.

McMillian & Andreyko Spill

McMillian & Andreyko Spill "True Blood"

CBR spoke with writers Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian about their plans for "True Blood: Tainted," a new miniseries which sees the disastrous effects of a contaminated batch of vampires' artificial blood.

PRESS RELEASE: "30 Days of Night" Returns


IDW's "Zombies vs. Robots" Heads to Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to a film based on Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood's IDW Publishing series "Zombies vs. Robots," with "Transformers" director Michael Bay's studio producing.



Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR has an exclusive first look at six pages from this week's "G.I. Joe" #27, the conclusion of the "M.A.S.S. Destruction" storyline by Chuck Dixon, Robert Atkins and Allan Goldman.


EXL. PREVIEWS: "GI Joe: Cobra," "Suicide Forest"

IDW Publishing has provided CBR with exclusive looks at two new comics hitting the stands this Wednesday, February 16 -- "G.I. Joe: Cobra" #13," the prelude to "Cobra Civil War" and "Suicide Forest" #3.

Grants and Niles Team Up for

Grants and Niles Team Up for "Suicide Girls"

Steve Niles and Brea and Zane Grant translate the sexy online community into a team of daring adventurers in "Suicide Girls." Featuring art by David Hahn and Cameron Stewart, the series launches in March from IDW.


PREVIEW: "Jericho Redux"

Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents a preview of "Jericho Redux" picking up where Season 2 of the TV show left off. The title is written by show writers and producers Dan Shotz, Robert Levine & Jason M. Burns and hits stores February 9.

Sturges Enchants

Sturges Enchants "Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life"

A long-time fan of the iconic British character, writer Matthew Sturges tells CBR about his enthusiasm for writing the Doctor and what he has planned for the miniseries drawn by Kelly Yates.

Tony Harris Kickstarts

Tony Harris Kickstarts "ROUNDEYE: For Love"

"Ex Machina" and "War Heroes" artist Tony Harris spoke with CBR News on how he took his labor of love adventure comic from a fully self-published project to an IDW serial through the use of Kickstarter.

"G.I. Joe" Writers Declare "Cobra Civil War"

Writers Chuck Dixon and Mike Costa and editor Andy Schmidt spoke with CBR News about life after Cobra Commander, "Cobra Civil War" and what to expect from IDW's new ongoing "Joe" titles.

Scott Tipton on “Star Trek: Infestation”

Scott Tipton on “Star Trek: Infestation”

“Infestation,” IDW's inaugural crossover event, is nearly upon us, overwhelming several licensed universes. CBR News spoke with “Star Trek: Infestation” co-writer Scott Tipton about his contribution to the crossover.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Launches "Templesmith Comics" for iOS Devices

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Announces Second Printing for "Infestation" #1

PRESS RELEASE: SuicideGirls Bring Unique Lifestyle Brand to Comics

Burnham Haunts “Ghostbusters: Infestation”

Burnham Haunts “Ghostbusters: Infestation”

When there're inter-dimensional zombies in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? CBR spoke with writer Erik Burnham about the two-issue “Ghostbusters: Infestation,” which ties into IDW's first crossover event.

Mike Raicht on “G.I. Joe: Infestation”

Mike Raicht on “G.I. Joe: Infestation”

IDW's “Infestation” event sets the heroes of G.I. Joe and the ruthless agents of Cobra against a threat from the publisher's own “Zombies vs. Robots” cross universe. CBR spoke with writer Mike Raicht about the series.

Powell and Marsh Enter Godzilla's “Kingdom of Monsters”

Powell and Marsh Enter Godzilla's “Kingdom of Monsters”

Co-writers Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh spoke with CBR about “Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters,” the new ongoing series launching in March from IDW starring at least one rampaging Toho monster.

Campbell Charts the Danger Girl Crossover

Campbell Charts the Danger Girl Crossover

Artist and "Danger Girl" co-creator J. Scott Campbell spoke with CBR News about the upcoming crossover miniseries with Dynamite Entertainment's "Army of Darkness," raining upon comic stores this April.

G.I. Joe Enters the

G.I. Joe Enters the "Cobra Civil War"

IDW held a press event to discuss its G.I. Joe line following the death of a major character in this week's “Cobra” #12. CBR has the details of the coming “Cobra Civil War,” which launches a new Snake Eyes ongoing series.



Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR is pleased to share an exclusive preview of "Angel" #41 by David Tischman, Mariah Huehner, Elena Casagrande, and Jenny Frison. The issue hits stores next week, January 26.

Thom Zahler Returns with “Love and Capes”

Thom Zahler Returns with “Love and Capes”

Thom Zahler's superheroic sitcom “Love and Capes” returns in February, now flying under the IDW banner. CBR News spoke with the cartoonist about the “Ever After” miniseries, in which the Crusader and Abby begin married life.

Peter S. Beagle Revisits

Peter S. Beagle Revisits "The Last Unicorn"

CBR News spoke with legendary fantasy writer Peter S. Beagle about IDW Publishing's "The Last Unicorn" comic series, the impending Blu-ray release of the classic film adaptation and being too busy to die.


Irvine's "Dark Sun" Shines Bright

CBR News spoke with writer Alex Irvine about “Dark Sun,” IDW Publishing's second “Dungeons and Dragons” series, discussing details about the heroes, villains and monsters of the 5-issue mini drawn by Peter Bergting.



Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Spike" #4 written by Brian Lynch with art and cover by Franco Urru. Spike's reunion with Drusilla continues this Wednesday, January 12.

"Danger Girl" Takes On "Army of Darkness"

Dynamite and IDW have announced the return of J. Scott Campbell's Abbey Chase in "Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness," a n April-debuting miniseries written by Danger Girl co-creator Andy Hartnell.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Infestation #1"

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, ROBOT 6 presents a preview of “Infestation #1,” by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and David Messina. The zombie invasion into the worlds of Star Trek, Transformers, Ghostbusters and GI Joe starts here!

CBR's Top News Stories Of 2010

CBR's Top News Stories Of 2010

As the clock ticks down on 2010, CBR ranks the top ten stories that had readers, retailers and creators buzzing from the past 12 months from DC's restructuring to the advent of a major legal digital marketplace and more!


REVIEW: "The Cape" #1

Ryan Lindsay gave IDW's "The Cape" #1 4 stars calling the comic by Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella and Zach Howard "one of the best origin stories of the year, [introducing] a villain you absolutely will want to read more about."

From The Vault: Billy Martin on CBR TV

From The Vault: Billy Martin on CBR TV

Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin and Brent Allen joined CBR TV to discuss "Vitriol the Hunter," their comic soon to be published through IDW, their intention to develop a non-traditional horror story and more.

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