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PRESS RELEASE: Open "Doorways" with George R.R. Martin

IDW Comics on Sale September 1, 2010

IDW Comics on Sale September 1, 2010

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including "Death Ship" #4 and "G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds" #4.

The Future of

The Future of "Angel"

We spoke with Dark Horse's Scott Allie and IDW's Chris Ryall about last week's announcement that "Angel" will be returning to Dark Horse in late 2011 and what this means for the character's future with both publishers.


Hill's "Locke & Key" Heads To TV?

Months of stories and rumors surrounding the hit IDW series seem to be pointing towards an upcoming "Locke & Key" TV series produced by Stephen Spielberg and adapted by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci.

IDW, Dark Horse Clarify

IDW, Dark Horse Clarify "Angel" Publishing Plans

Following the news that "Angel" would join "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" at Dark Horse, current license holder IDW and Dark Horse have each issued press releases regarding the situation.

PRESS RELEASE: HBO and IDW Announce Second Printing for "True Blood" Comic Book

"Angel" Returning to Dark Horse Next Year

In a brief announcement in this week's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley" one-shot, it was revealed that "Angel," which has been licensed by IDW Publishing since 2005, will return to Dark Horse late next year. ROBOT 6 has details.

PRESS RELEASE: Darwyn Cooke’s Second Parker Novel Coming in October From IDW

Waltz On

Waltz On "Silent Hill: Past Life"

"Silent Hill" returns to comics in October and Tom Waltz, who is also writing the next video game installment, spoke with us about the "Past Life" miniseries, exploring an earlier chapter in the town's haunted past.

PRESS RELEASE: Lone Justice Graphic Novel Exclusive at Baltimore Comic-Con

Thompson Brings

Thompson Brings "Kids in the Hall" Straightman To Comics

With "Danny Husk: The Hollow Planet," comedian Scott Thompson brings his "Kids in the Hall" character Danny Husk to comics, courtesy of IDW Publishing and Frozen Beach Studios.

CCI: IDW's Hasbro Panel

CCI: IDW's Hasbro Panel

IDW creators sat down with fans during the publisher's Hasbro-themed panel at Comic-Con International to discuss what's coming up next in the worlds of Transformers, G.I.Joe and Dungeons & Dragons comic series.

PRESS RELEASE: Khan Returns in IDW "Star Trek" Comic

PRESS RELEASE: "The Rocketeer" Soars Again

PRESS RELEASE: The Return of John Byrne's "Next Men"

CCI: Dunbier on

CCI: Dunbier on "The Rocketeer" Anthology

Editor Scott Dunbier spoke with CBR about the upcoming "Rocketeer" miniseries, which will feature work from Mike Allred, John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke, Michael Kaluta, Bruce Timm, Bill Willingham and many more.

IDW Announces Exclusives and Events for Comic-Con

IDW Announces Exclusives and Events for Comic-Con

IDW's plans for San Diego's Comic-Con International include exclusive versions of "True Blood" #1, "Doctor Who" #13, and a Krazy & Ignatz mug, as well as signings with Berkeley Breathed, Michael Chiklis, and many more.

PRESS RELEASE: Joe R. Lansdale Takes on Literary Mash-Ups

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Announces Retail Marketing Director

Andy Schmidt's

Andy Schmidt's "5 Days to Die"

We spoke Andy Schmidt about his creator-owned miniseries "5 Days to Die," which ships weekly in September and follows a mortally-wounded cop faced with an impossible choice, a situation Schmidt finds oddly familiar.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Transformers: Ironhide" #3

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Transformers: Ironhide" #3, on sale July 8 from the creative team of Mike Costa and Casey Coller.

Doctor Who: Adventures in Space, Time & Comics

Doctor Who: Adventures in Space, Time & Comics

CBR looks at the Doctor's history in comics, from his early days in "TV Comic" to "Doctor Who Weekly" and the current ongoing series from IDW, speaking with creators past and present as well as comic historian Paul Scoones.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW's Chris Ryall Becomes Company's First Chief Creative Officer

Waltz Warms Up

Waltz Warms Up "After the Fire"

Tom Waltz spoke with CBR about his original graphic novel "After the Fire," featuring Guiu Vilanova on art. The book stars a slain resurrected for vengeance - and perhaps something more - and ships in August from IDW.

Tipton Shares

Tipton Shares "Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge"

Scott Tipton, together with his brother David and artist Federica Manfredi, boldly goes to the classic "Star Trek" era as Kirk, Spock and company assess an advance but secretive planet for Federation membership.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Bram Stoker's Death Ship" #2

Courtesy of IDW, CBR brings you an exclusive 5-page preview of "Bram Stoker's Death Ship" #2, written by Gary Gerani with art by Stuart Sayger. The tale of horror on the high seas continues Wednesday, June 30.



Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Angel" #34, written by Bill Willingham and Bill Williams with art by Elena Casagrande. The issue is due in stores this Wednesday, June 23.

Dara Naraghi Discusses

Dara Naraghi Discusses "IT!"

"MGM Drive-In Theater: IT! The Terror from Beyond Space" debuts in July from IDW Publishing, and we spoke with writer Dara Naraghi about bringing the classic sci-fi movie up to date while retaining it's retro feel.

Morse Unearths

Morse Unearths "Strange Science Fantasy"

"Strange Science Fantasy" has vanished from Scott Morse's blog and an ultra-limited print run was devoured at last year's Comic-Con International. Never fear! The Silver Age-styled series returns in July at IDW.

IDW on

IDW on "Bone" for PSP and More

IDW brings Jeff Smith's "Bone" and "Rasl" to the Sony PSP this month, and we spoke with Director of ePublishing Jeff Webber to find out more about format, price point and what other devices may soon feature IDW titles.

HeroesCon: IDW Digital to Feature

HeroesCon: IDW Digital to Feature "Bone," "Rasl"

At HeroesCon, IDW Publishing announced that it will begin offering Jeff Smith's "Bone" and "Rasl" in digital format, and outlined its strategy of attracting new audiences with digital comics on the iPad, PSP, and other devices.

Tony Lee on the End and Beginning of

Tony Lee on the End and Beginning of "Doctor Who"

A year after his final BBC appearance, the Tenth Doctor hurtles toward his last comic book adventure. CBR spoke with writer Tony Lee about preparing "Final Sacrifice" and what's in store next for the Doctor.



Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Angel" #33 from the creative team of Bill Willingham and Elena Casagrande with covers by Jenny Frison and David Messina. The issue hits stores on May 26.

Costa on

Costa on "Transformers" and "Ironhide"

A slain Autobot and a humbled Decepticon return in "Transformers: Ironhide" #1 and "Transformers" #7. We spoke with Mike Costa about what a repowered Megatron could mean for the Robots in Disguise.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Comics Now Available on Blackberry


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Kill Shakespeare" #2

Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Kill Shakespeare" #2 by the creative team of Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger with a cover by Kagan McLeaod. The issue hits stores May 19.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW's G.I. Joe and Transformers Comics Come to the iPad

Joe Pruett and the Return of

Joe Pruett and the Return of "Negative Burn"

CBR spoke with Joe Pruett about the return of "Negative Burn" in June from Desperado/IDW Publishing as an annual trade paperback featuring new stories by Phil Hester, Michel Fiife, John McCrea and more.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Transformers: Ironhide

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Transformers: Ironhide" #1

The legend of Ironhide continues in "Transformers: Ironhide" by Mike Costa and Casey Coller. IDW Publishing has given CBR an exclusive preview of the first issue of the new miniseries, which hits stores the Wednesday, May 12.

Niles Sinks His Teeth Into

Niles Sinks His Teeth Into "X-Files/30 Days of Night"

Steve Niles spoke with CBR News about his upcoming IDW/Wildstorm title which will cross over his popular vampire franchise with the Emmy Award television winning series.

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