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REVIEW: "Chew" #16

CBR Reviewer Doug Zawisza reviewed the latest issue of Image Comics' "Chew," giving it 4 stars and calling John Layman and Rob Guillory's series "one of the most memorable and different books [on the stands today]."

McCool Talks

McCool Talks "Memoir"

We spoke with Ben McCool about "Memoir," a new series about a midwest town suffering from a case of collective memory loss, discussing the town's residents and sharing exclusive art from series artist Nikki Cook!

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Lorna, Relic Wrangler" Faces Off Against the Forces of Evil in March

EXCLUSIVE Image Previews For December 22

EXCLUSIVE Image Previews For December 22

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR News is proud to bring you an exclusive first look at titles on sale this Wednesday including "Haunt" #12, "Dynamo 5 Holiday Special 2010" and "Mice Templar" Vol. 3 #1.

PRESS RELEASE: Record Setting "Spawn" #200 Issue Becomes Comics' Best Value in Years

Collecting Stokoe's

Collecting Stokoe's "Orc Stain"

Writer/illustrator James Stokoe spoke with CBR about the first arc of "Orc Stain," currently available in trade paperback, as well as the over 100 pages of free comic books he uploaded to his blog earlier this month.

PRESS RELEASE: John Layman Signs Advance Copies of "Chew" #16 at Midtown Comics Downtown, NYC.

McFarlane Hires Artist Robert Kirkman

McFarlane Hires Artist Robert Kirkman

As part of January's "Spawn" #200, Todd McFarlane is tapping the "Walking Dead" creator to write and pencil a four-page Omega Spawn origin, plus an exclusive look at David Finch's cover process.

PRESS RELEASE: "Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman" A Perfect Jump-on Issue

PRESS RELEASE: "The Kill Corps" Sent to Hell in 2011

"Walking Dead" Nominated For Golden Globe

The smash hit AMC series based on Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's Image comic has received a nod in the "Best Television Series: Drama" category and faces some stiff competition.


Grecian's "Proof" Is "Endangered"

CBR News spoke with writer and co-creator of "Proof" Alex Grecian about the title's upcoming relaunch in "Proof: Endangered" #1, our hairy hero's continued journey of self-discovery and the future of the series.

Kirkman Vs.

Kirkman Vs. "The Walking Dead," Part 2

CBR News talks further with creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman about the difficulties of killing television characters, rumors of behind-the-scenes problems and his own future with "The Walking Dead."


COMMENTARY TRACK: "Marineman" #1

Writer and illustrator Ian Churchill provided CBR News with a behind-the-scenes look at the first issue of "Marineman," his new ongoing Image Comics series about world famous oceanographer Steve Ocean.

Kirkman Vs.

Kirkman Vs. "The Walking Dead," Part 1

Comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman spoke with CBR about his hit television series, the exhausting promotion process and deviations the show has taken from the original source material.

Talking Comics With Ivan Brandon

Talking Comics With Ivan Brandon

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with writer Ivan Brandon about the upcoming softcover edition of "Viking: The Long, Cold Fire," the writer's work on "Doc Savage" at DC Comics, digital publishing and more.

Kirkman & Howard Have A

Kirkman & Howard Have A "Super Dinosaur"

"Astounding Wolf-Man" collaborators Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard are teaming on the all-ages ongoing "Super Dinosaur" and CBR has the first exclusive interview with Kirkman about the book he describes as Pixar on paper.

EXCLUSIVE: Second Kirkman/Howard Teaser

EXCLUSIVE: Second Kirkman/Howard Teaser

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive look at a second teaser image for the next Robert Kirkman/Jason Howard comic book, set to debut under Kirkman's Skybound imprint in 2011.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Halcyon" #2, "Orc Stain"

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive extended preview of "Halcyon" #2 and the complete first issue of James Stokoe's "Orc Stain" from the first collection, on sale December 8.

EXCLUSIVE: Kirkman, Howard Are Skybound

EXCLUSIVE: Kirkman, Howard Are Skybound

Courtesy of Image comics, CBR presents an exclusive look at a new teaser image for the next Robert Kirkman comic book. Working with artist Jason Howard, the new series launches in 2011 under the Skybound imprint.

CBR TV: Robert Kirkman

CBR TV: Robert Kirkman

CBR TV spoke with Robert Kirkman about "The Walking Dead," the prose novels based on the "Walking Dead" comics, his new comic with artist Jason Howard, releasing digital comics day and date with print and more.

"Witchblade" Loses Hope

Ron Marz spoke with CBR News about how Top Cow's flagship character is dealing with her recent losses and what's on tap for future story arcs in "Witchblade," including an issue partially drawn by Marz's own children.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker" #1

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker," by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston. Comics go All-American March, 30, 2011!



Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive, extended preview of "27" #1, the new series from Charles Soule and Renzo Podesta. The series, sporting covers by W. Scott Forbes, hits stores Wednesday, December 8.

Casey Introduces

Casey Introduces "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker"

Joe Casey pulls back the curtain on Image's month of teasers for "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker," a Superexploitation story about a new kind of All-American hero, in this exclusive first interview.

Pipeline - 11/30/2010

Pipeline - 11/30/2010

Augie read "The Walking Dead" digitally this week and has some thoughts on how reading the zombie survival epic on an iPhone affected the storytelling. Also, it doesn't get much prettier than a Jim Lee art book!


REVIEW: "The Walking Dead" #79

Augie De Blieck gave "The Walking Dead" #79 4.5 stars calling the latest issue of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's zombie survival series "one of the liveliest and most engaging comics in recent memory."

"Walking Dead" Numbers Rise

With its fifth episode, the AMC adaptation of Robert Kirkman and company's Image comic earns its highest ratings yet, bucking trends and possibly expectations to make "The Walking Dead" the hit of the year.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics and Shadowline Thank "Morning Glories" Fans with Specially Priced Trade and Price Drop

Rian Hughes Celebrates

Rian Hughes Celebrates "Yesterday's Tomorrows"

The greatest stories from acclaimed designer and illustrator Rian Hughes come together in "Yesterday's Tomorrows" and "On the Line," two collections coming from Image Comics in December. CBR has the details.

Lobdell Calls in

Lobdell Calls in "The Butler"

Fan favorite writer Scott Lobdell spoke with CBR News in an exclusive first interview about his brand new limited series from Image Comics that pits old against young in the battle for tomorrow.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Collects "Li'l Depressed Boy" in February


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Firebreather," "Elephantmen"

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive previews for "Elephantmen, Vol. 1: Wounded Animals" and "Firebreather, Vol. 3" #1, both hitting stores Wednesday, November 24.

MORNING GLORY DAYS: Payback Plots & Tattle Tales

MORNING GLORY DAYS: Payback Plots & Tattle Tales

Nick Spencer joins CBR News once again to discuss what went down in "Morning Glories" #4, including a shocking betrayal from one of the Glories and the first major typo in the series to date!

PRESS RELEASE: Everything Changes with "Savage Dragon" #166

"Walking Dead" Ratings Remain Strong

With its fourth episode, AMC's adaptation of "The Walking Dead" showed a slight decline in overall numbers, but the show continues its stellar showing in a crowded cable landscape.

Image Comics Solicitations for February, 2011

Image Comics Solicitations for February, 2011

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in February, 2011, including new issues of "The Walking Dead," "Morning Glories," "Chew," "Hack/Slash," "Skull Kickers" and more.

CBR TV: Greg Capullo

CBR TV: Greg Capullo

Artist Greg Capullo spoke with CBR TV about his longevity working on "Spawn," reuniting with Todd McFarlane on "Haunt," the difficulty in getting back to full time comic illustration after several years off and more.

PRESS RELEASE: A Double Dose of "Firebreather"

Lieberman Presents

Lieberman Presents "Term Life"

"Cowboy Ninja Viking" author A.J. Lieberman spoke with CBR about his upcoming original graphic novel, and provided an exclusive first look at the first 34 pages of the story for your viewing pleasure!

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