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PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Slashes Price of "Wolverine and the X-Men" #1

Where The Hell Am I - 8/10/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 8/10/2011

Jason Aaron returns, this week bringing Jared Fletcher along with him to discover exactly what it is a letterer contributes to the making of your monthly comic books.

Marvel Teases

Marvel Teases "Wolverine & the X-Men" Cast

Marvel has released a new teaser image for Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo's "Wolverine & the X-Men " title, featuring Logan standing in front of a group of blacked-out teammates.

Aaron Speaks

Aaron Speaks "Frankly" About "PunisherMAX"

CBR News spoke with writer Jason Aaron about the current and upcoming arcs of "PunisherMAX," the final chapters in Frank Castle's bloody, violent war against the Kingpin.


REVIEW: "Scalped" #51

CBR's Ryan K. Lindsay gave "Scalped" #51 a rare five-star review, saying of Aaron & Guerra's work on the issue, "For a comic that has built its reputation on being hard, this issue stirs in a few extra shovels of concrete."

Aaron Looks Back On

Aaron Looks Back On "Scalped"

Writer Jason Aaron and artist R.M. Guera's crime saga, "Scalped," comes to a conclusion with issue #60. To prepare for the finale, we had an in-depth conversation with Aaron about issues #1-50

VIDEO: Marvel Releases Aaron, Silvestri

VIDEO: Marvel Releases Aaron, Silvestri "Hulk" Trailer

Marvel has released a trailer for Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri's "Incredible Hulk," offering insight into the series' premise and featuring new art!


REVIEW: "X-Men: Schism" #2

There's no sophomore slump for "X-Men: Schism" as James Hunt gives the series' second issue 4 stars, calling Jason Aaron and Frnak Cho's comic "very enjoyable...[it] bodes well for the future of the X-franchise"


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Moon Knight," "Wolverine"

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at "Moon Knight" #4 and "Wolverine" #13, both of which hit stores next Wednesday, August 3!

CCI: Aaron Gives the

CCI: Aaron Gives the "Incredible Hulk" Separation Anxiety

This October, Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri kick off a new volume of "Incredible Hulk" with a story that finds Bruce Banner and the Hulk separated at last. We spoke with Aaron about keeping the beast in check.

CCI: Marvel's Next Big Thing

CCI: Marvel's Next Big Thing

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso lead a discussion of projects new and old with Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Nick Spencer and more in Comic-Con's Next Big Thing panel, and CBR has all the announcements from the show.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Amazing Spider-Man," "X-Men: Schism"

Marvel has provided CBR with advance looks at "Amazing Spider-Man" #666, the first chapter of Dan Slott's "Spider-Island" event and the second issue of "X-Men: Schism" by Jason Aaron and Frank Cho!

Where The Hell Am I - 7/20/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 7/20/2011

While Jason won't be in San Diego this week, he still has much love for Comic-Con and explains exactly why it's one of the few public events where he feels comfortable and at home.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: 12-Gauge Gears Up for a

CCI EXCLUSIVE: 12-Gauge Gears Up for a "Country Ass-Whuppin'"

12-Gauge's Keven Gardner and contributors Nathan Edmondson, Cully Hamner, Jason Aaron and Sean Patrick Flanery discuss "Country Ass-Whuppin'," a southern-themed anthology benefiting Alabama tornado victims.


REVIEW: "X-Men: Schism" #1

Chad Nevett gives the debut issue of Jason Aaron's "X-Men: Schism" 4 stars, saying "there’s an energy and excitement inherent in this comic that hasn’t been seen in the X-books in a while."

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's "X-Men: Schism" #1 Sells Out, Heads Back to Press

Where The Hell Am I - 7/14/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 7/14/2011

Jason interviews another subject in the form of "Uncanny X-Force" writer Rick Remender to grill him about writing for video games like "Bulletstorm" and how it informs his comics work.

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen on

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen on "Schism," the Scarlet Witch & More

Uncanny X-Men" writer Kieron Gillen swings by to answer your emails and share a little "Hope" in light of "Children's Crusade" and "Schism." Plus, exclusive art!

Rucka Pulls

Rucka Pulls "Punisher" Into the Marvel U

Award-winning writer Greg Rucka tells CBR first about how Frank Castle does and doesn't fit in the Marvel Universe and the conflicts that creates for him, the mob and the Avengers.

Where The Hell Am I - 7/6/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 7/6/2011

Jason kicks things into interview mode this week as he has a conversation with "The Sixth Gun" creator Cullen Bunn about his recent transition into the world of full-time freelance comic book writing.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Announces Creator Lineup for 2011 New York Comic Con

Gillen & Aaron

Gillen & Aaron "Schism"-atize "Uncanny" and "Wolverine and the X-Men"

This Summer, "Schism" will pull the X-Men apart resulting two very different X-Men books. We spoke with the writers Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen about the titles.

TALK TO THE HAT: Bringing the New From Spidey to X-Men

TALK TO THE HAT: Bringing the New From Spidey to X-Men

Tom Brevoort is back on CBR to discuss the art of the pitch and how Marvel makes a choice on new series from "Avenging Spider-Man" to the exclusive word of Andy Diggle's new "Six Guns."


EXCL. PREVIEW: "PunisherMAX" #15

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "PunisherMAX" #15 by Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon with a cover by Dave Johnson. It's the Punisher vs. a prison riot on July 13, 2011.

Marvel Readies the X-Men for a

Marvel Readies the X-Men for a "Regenesis"

Marvel Comics has announced plans to relaunch "Uncanny X-Men" with a new first issue in November after debuting the Jason Aaron-scripted "Wolverine & the X-Men" in October.

Where The Hell Am I - 6/15/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 6/15/2011

This week, Jason Aaron fills readers in on a secret that should be obvious to all aspiring comics creators, yet manages to slip by some of them nonetheless in their quest to become pros.

Marvel's Next Big Thing: X-Men Schism

Marvel's Next Big Thing: X-Men Schism

Writer Jason Aaron is joined by Marvel Editor Nick Lowe and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso for an inside look at the incoming event looking to tear the X-Men apart as Cyclops and Wolverine battle Sentinels, new villains and each other.

"Uncanny X-Men" Ends In October

As part and parcel of the incoming "Schism" crossover, Marvel Comics will effectively end the last series whose number has been continuous from the Silver Age to now with "Uncanny X-Men" #544 in October.

Pop! - 6/8/2011

Pop! - 6/8/2011

George examines superstar artist Ron Garney's career path from re-discovering the medium with "Secret Wars" to working on titles like "Captain America" with Mark Waid and "Wolverine" with Jason Aaron.


Marvel: "'Schism' is the X-Men's 'Civil War'"

Marvel has released a new teaser for the upcoming Jason Aaron-scripted "Schism" event calling it the X-Men's "Civil War" and hinting at its ties to the company-wide "Fear Itself" storyline.


PREVIEW: "X-Men: Schism" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an unlettered preview of "X-Men: Schism" #1 by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco. With Cyclops and Wolverine at odds, the X-Men civil war ignites on July 13, 2011.

Where The Hell Am I - 6/1/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 6/1/2011

This week's WHERE THE HELL AM I topic covers something particularly important for aspiring writers who want to tell long-form stories: Always know how your story ends before you begin to write it.

Where The Hell Am I - 5/25/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 5/25/2011

This week, Jason Aaron gives a crash course in the wheres and whens a writer should practice their chosen profession. The short answer: write anywhere and everywhere, all the time.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "X-Men: Schism" #1

Marvel has released an advance look at "X-Men: Schism" #1, the coming X-event written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco, Frank Cho and more. The oversized debut lands in stores on July 13.

Marvel Teases

Marvel Teases "X-Men: Schism" Battle

Marvel has released an Adam Kubert illustrated promo image for "X-Men: Schism" teasing an all-out brawl between Cyclops and Wolverine. The X-Event by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco kicks off in July.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Wolverine" #10

Marvel has released an advance look at "Wolverine" #10, written by Jason Aaron with art by Renato Guedes and a Jae Lee cover. Part one of "Wolverine's Revenge" slices its way onto shelves June 8!

CBR TV: Jason Aaron on

CBR TV: Jason Aaron on "X-Men: Schism," "Scalped" & Football

Jason Aaron discusses fan and pro reaction to his CBR column "Where The Hell Am I," the amplified expectations for his first major event in "X-Men: Schism" and the longterm effects the story will have on the X-Universe.

Where The Hell Am I - 5/11/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 5/11/2011

Jason Aaron returns with an all new installment of WHERE THE HELL AM I, answering reader questions and offering advice to aspiring comics writers and beard enthusiasts alike.


FIRST LOOK: "Wolverine" #9

The man called Logan returns from Hell to take his revenge on double-crossing shape shifter Mystique in the latest "Wolverine" story from Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuña.

Gillen Believes in

Gillen Believes in "Generation Hope"

In "Generation Hope" #6, the new mutants leave on their first mission as a mutant rescue team. We spoke with writer Kieron Gillen about the undertaking and setting up the book's status quo moving forward.

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