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REVIEW: "Super 8"

With his new sci-fi film "Super 8," writer/director J.J. Abrams weaves a tale worthy of the Amblin Entertainment emblem. SPINOFF calls the movie "a magical experience, and an instantly unforgettable one."

JJ Abrams'

JJ Abrams' "Super 8" Inspirations

Director J.J. Abram sat down for a lengthy interview with SPINOFF ONLINE about the making of his and Steven Spielberg's "Super 8" and what the sci-fi thriller, opening nationwide on Friday, means to him.

Boilerplate Creator Discusses His Bad Robot

Boilerplate Creator Discusses His Bad Robot

"Boilerplate" co-creator Paul Guinan spoke with CBR about entrusting his steampunk robot to the hands of J.J. Abrams for the upcoming big screen adaptation, why Abrams is the perfect director for the film and more.

JJ Abrams To Produce

JJ Abrams To Produce "Boilerplate"

The producer behind everything from "Star Trek" to "Lost" sets his Bad Robot sights on the Victorian Robot comic hero turned multimedia book star with a film adaptation of "Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel" on tap.

Is Abrams Preparing To Invade Inner Space?

Is Abrams Preparing To Invade Inner Space?

Hasbro's recently acquired Micronauts line is not only gearing up for a fresh toy line - J.J. Abrams, the man behind "Lost" and the new "Star Trek" movie is in talks to produce a movie based on the popular action figures.

Star Trek: The CBR Review

Star Trek: The CBR Review

CBR brings you another look at J.J. Abrams' re-launch of the Star Trek franchise. Alex Dueben gives the film high marks for acting and says it offers something special to longtime Star Trek fans: a good Star Trek movie.

PRESS RELEASE: Joshua Jackson brings "Fringe" to NYCC

Wildstorm Explores “Fringe” Universe

Wildstorm Explores “Fringe” Universe

Writer Mike Johnson expands the mythos of Fox’s hit TV series while telling the backstory of the insanely brilliant Walter Bishop and the enigmatic William Bell in a six-part "Fringe" miniseries from Wildstorm.

"Lost" Kubricks Found at Meltdown Party

Co-creators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof the staffers of “Lost” gathered in Hollywood Wednesday to celebrate the release of collectable Kubrick figures based on the hit ABC show, and CBR was there.

Actor Faran Tahir on

Actor Faran Tahir on "Iron Man" and "Star Trek"

The “Iron Man” villain gives CBR News the scoop on the film's hidden comic book references, his possible return for the sequel, and his role as a federation Captain in J.J. Abraham’s forthcoming “Star Trek.”

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