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C2E2: Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way

C2E2: Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way

Marvel addressed the burning question of would-be comics professionals: how do I break in? The panel of writers, artists, and editors answered questions and discussed their own experiences of getting their first work.

PRESS RELEASE: S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 Sells Out & Returns With New Printing


REVIEW: "S.H.I.E.L.D." #1

Greg McElhatton reviews the debut issue of Marvel's "S.H.I.E.L.D." and gives it 5 stars, noting that Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver's new series "is a top-notch debut, and I wish all superhero comics were this good."



Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive 10-page preview of "S.H.I.E.L.D.," the upcoming historical epic series by Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver scheduled to be unearthed in stores on April 7.

Hickman Talks

Hickman Talks "Siege: Secret Warriors"

Jonathan Hickman & Alessandro Vitti examine how the Siege of Asgard affects Nick Fury and his team of super-powered operatives in the "Siege: Secret Warriors" one-shot. We spoke with Hickman about the project.


FIRST LOOK: "Fantastic Four" #577

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an exclusive First Look at Dale Eaglesham's issue-opening splash page from "Fantastic Four" #577, depicting the Inhumans in their one-time home in the Blue Area of the moon.

Hickman Feels

Hickman Feels "Fantastically" Heroic

Marvel's Heroic Age will bring a whole new set of challenges for it's inhabitants; challenges that the Fantastic Four are ready to meet head on. We spoke with "Fantastic Four" writer Jonathan Hickman about his plans for the series.

Hickman Has More

Hickman Has More "Secret (Warriors)"

"Secret Warriors" writer Jonathan Hickman spoke with CBR about "Wake the Beast," a storyline that promises to answer many questions while escalating Nick Fury's war against the shadowy and secret forces of HYDRA and Leviathan.

Marvel Releases

Marvel Releases "Fantastic Four in 2010" Teaser Image

Marvel Comics has just released a new teaser image featuring the Fantastic Four and hints of the various threats and events they'll face in 2010 which is shaping up to be a busy year for the company's First Family.

Hickman Unveils

Hickman Unveils "Shield" Details

Jonathan Hickman spoke with CBR about his just-announced ongoing "Shield" series set to launch in April, a sprawling saga that will examine the evolution of a covenant forged in the early days of human history in the Marvel U.

Jonathan Hickman Feels

Jonathan Hickman Feels "Fantastic"

The Fantastic Four are some of Marvel's most popular characters due to their adventures and family dynamic. CBR News spoke with Hickman about his plans to ensure that both elements are part of his run on the title. Updated with exclusive art!


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #572

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents this exclusive look at a Dale Eaglesham penciled 2-page spread featuring the Counsel of Reed Richards battling for their lives against an angry army of Celestials!

PRESS RELEASE: Jonathan Hickman To Sign In Southern California For The Very First Time

BANK JOB: Hickman's Secret Warriors #7

BANK JOB: Hickman's Secret Warriors #7

Next week's "Secret Warriors" #7 features what's sure to be a memorable bank heist orchestrated by... Nick Fury? Writer Jonathan Hickman provides exclusive commentary on this sequence, right here on CBR.

Hickman Talks

Hickman Talks "Secret Warriors"

Nick Fury's war against HYDRA is about hit a major snag, and his name is Norman Osborn. CBR speaks with “Secret Warriors” writer Jonathan Hickman about “Agent of Nothing” and the next arc, “God of Fear, God of War."

"Secret Warriors" Infiltrate "Thunderbolts," Exclusive Preview

Marvel has provided CBR with exclusive previews of "Secret Warriors" #7 and "Thunderbolts" #135, two issues that set the teams against one another with Fury and Osborn at the center.

PRESS RELEASE: Nick Fury & The Secret Warriors Battle H.A.M.M.E.R.!


HeroesCon: "Dark Reign: The List" Panel

Marvel's "Dark Reign: The List" announcement at HeroesCon coincided with their Philly announcement of the same project as Bendis, Hickman and Fraction teamed up to discuss the project.

WWPhilly: Pak, Hickman & Aaron on “Dark Reign: The List”

WWPhilly: Pak, Hickman & Aaron on “Dark Reign: The List”

Greg Pak, Jonathan Hickman & Jason Aaron reveal their plans to CBR for the Hulk, Secret Warriors & Wolverine in the "Dark Reign: The List" one-shots that pit Norman Osborn against the Marvel U.

FURIOUS: Hickman on Secret Warriors

FURIOUS: Hickman on Secret Warriors

With “Secret Warriors” #2 on sale this week, CBR News talks with writer Jonathan Hickman about what's next for Nick Fury now that he knows the dark secret behind his former employer, the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D.



Norman Osborn sets his sights on Marvel's first family in “Dark Reign: Fantastic Four" by Hickman & Chen. We spoke with Jonathan Hickman about the book, which sees Reed Richards looking at past mistakes.

NYCC: Hickman and Eaglesham Talk “Fantastic Four”

NYCC: Hickman and Eaglesham Talk “Fantastic Four”

When Millar and Hitch's run on Fantastic Four comes to an end, waiting in the wings to take the FF on their next fantastic voyage is the new team of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Dale Eaglesham.

When Words Collide - 1/7/2009

When Words Collide - 1/7/2009

Looking ahead to the upcoming twelve months, Tim spotlights fifteen of the most interesting writers and artists with exciting projects due in 2009, including Jason Aaron, Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, Matt Fraction and more.

FIRST LOOK: Secret Warriors #1

FIRST LOOK: Secret Warriors #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at pages from "Secret Warriors" #1 by writers Brian Michael Bendis & Jonathan Hickman and artist Stefano Caselli, on sale in February.

Nick Fury Hides Clue in Marvel Solicitations

Nick Fury Hides Clue in Marvel Solicitations

A hidden clue on the cover of Brian Bendis & Jonathan Hickman's "Secret Warriors" #2 leads fans to a new S.H.I.E.L.D. website with exclusive content, free comics and a special message from Nick Fury himself.

Image Comics On Sale November 26, 2008

Image Comics On Sale November 26, 2008

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next week in finer comics stores everywhere, including an exclusive preview of "The Savage Dragon" #141 by Erik Larsen.

Hickman & Bodenheim Hold

Hickman & Bodenheim Hold "A Red Mass for Mars"

The end of the world is nigh and humanity can call upon but one hero who's not keen on helping. Jonathan Hickman & Ryan Bodenheim take a new look at the super-archetype in “A Red Mass For Mars”

WW Chicago: Hickman & Bendis on

WW Chicago: Hickman & Bendis on "Secret Warriors"

When "Secret Invasion" ends, a new war begins for Nick Fury and his new team in the ongoing series "Secret Warriors." CBR spoke with writers Jonathan Hickman and Brian Bendis about their new title.

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