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PREVIEW: "Teen Titans" #88

DC Comics has released a preview for "Teen Titans" #88, the debut issue of the new creative team of J.T Krul and Nicola Scott with covers by Scott and Adam Hughes. The new era of Titans begins Wednesday, October 27.



Aspen Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Mindfield" #3, created and written by J.T. Krul with art by Alex Konat & Jon Bolerjack with covers by Konat and Phil Noto. The issue hits stores September 22.

CCI: DC's Event Horizon Panel

CCI: DC's Event Horizon Panel

DC Comics editor Ian Sattler moderated a panel packed with announcements and creators including J. Michael Straczynski, Gail Simone, James Robinson and more at Comic-Con International.

Krul Enlists The A-Team For

Krul Enlists The A-Team For "Teen Titans"

When his run kicks off in "Teen Titans" #88, J.T. Krul says readers will see an A-list roster including fan favorites Superboy and Kid Flash and that he has big plans for the team well beyond the 100th issue.

DC Confirms Waves Of New Creative Teams

DC Confirms Waves Of New Creative Teams

From Tony Daniel's return to regular duties on "Batman" to Nicola Scott's arrival as the artist for "Teen Titans," today the plans for the publisher's DC Universe line shaped up in more ways than one.

Krul Takes Aim at

Krul Takes Aim at "Green Arrow"

JT Krul spoke with CBR about the launch of his new ongoing "Green Arrow" series, stripping the hero of his friends and family and redefining Oliver Queen's place in his hometown of Star City and the entire DCU.

CBR TV @ C2E2: JT Krul

CBR TV @ C2E2: JT Krul

Writer JT Krul spoke with CBR TV about his future plans with Aspen, living up to Michael Turner's legacy, the change in direction he's currently helming on DC Comics' "Green Arrow," his time working on "Seinfeld" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Mark Waid, Sterling Gates, JT Krul, and More Sign at Earth 2 on FCBD

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Comics Set for Free Comic Book Day, Presents Worlds of Aspen 2010 Book and Event Schedule

C2E2: DC's

C2E2: DC's "Brightest Day" Panel

Geoff Johns leads the talk around DC Comics brand new bi-weekly event series "Brightest Day" and tie-in series starring resurrected heroes and villains with word breaking on fan favorite characters and even some "Green Lantern" movie news.

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Comics Tour Kicks Off With WonderCon

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