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DC Comics On Sale October 1, 2008

DC Comics On Sale October 1, 2008

Courtesy of DC, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including new issues of "Batman," "Justice League of America," "Nightwing," "Trinity," and "Vixen: Return of the Lion."

G. Willow Wilson talks

G. Willow Wilson talks "Vixen"

Acclaimed author and essayist G. Willow Wilson discusses the upcoming "Vixen: Return of the Lion," telling CBR the miniseries is not and an origin tale nor a reimagining, and is indeed set in current DCU continuity.

Unfortunate Confluence of Words - 5/9/2008

Unfortunate Confluence of Words - 5/9/2008

Keith Giffen returns to share his thoughts on "Brave and the Bold," 1960s comic book dialog, what "Countdown" was counting down to, cholesterol drugs and a list of apologies in advance of July's "Ambush Bug: Year None."

McDuffie Confirms No

McDuffie Confirms No "Crisis" For “JLA”

"Justice League of America" writer Dwayne McDuffie teases CBR readers wth what’s next for DC’s top-selling comic, and details exactly how "Final Crisis" will influence the book.

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