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Palmiotti & Gray Commit

Palmiotti & Gray Commit "Random Acts of Violence"

The "Jonah Hex" and "Power Girl" writing duo join forces once more for a thrilling new Image Comics graphic novella about the horrors of fiction and creation. Plus, check out an exclusive preview from the book!

PRESS RELEASE: Palmiotti, Gray and Caracuzzo Create Debut Splatterman Graphic Novella in April

50 Kills for

50 Kills for "Jonah Hex" #50

The team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray discuss the semicentennial issue of "Jonah Hex" and the way they chose to celebrate - with the death of 50 men by the hands of the man blessed with the mark of a demon.

Jimmy Palmiotti on his

Jimmy Palmiotti on his "Last Resort"

Proving that sex, violence and zombie attacks not only never go out of style but are also hilarious, CBR spoke with Palmiotti about his and Justin Gray's "The Last Resort," which releases its third dangerous issue this month.

Palmiotti Proposes “The Last Resort”

Palmiotti Proposes “The Last Resort”

Jimmy Palmiotti unleashes a virus on some unsuspecting tourists this week in his latest outing with writing partner Justin Gray. Unshackled from comic continuity, the fan favorite promises some 1970s R-rated fun.

Gray & Palmiotti Talk Power Girl

Gray & Palmiotti Talk Power Girl

Kara Zor-L finally gets her own ongoing series this week, when DC launches “Power Girl” by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray and Amanda Conner. CBR News spoke with the writers about "Power Girl."

Gray & Palmiotti Talk

Gray & Palmiotti Talk "Prototype"

Prolific comics and games writers Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti talk to CBR News about "Prototype," their Darick Robertson-illustrated miniseries from WildStorm that ties-in to the upcoming game.

Jonah Hex Gets Bigger & Badder

Jonah Hex Gets Bigger & Badder

The two-headed writing monster of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray speak extensively with CBR News about the multi-issue story arc in the pages of “Jonah Hex” and the return of fan favorite artist Darwyn Cooke.

Gray & Palmiotti On

Gray & Palmiotti On "Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe"

The duo behind "Jonah Hex" and "Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters," writers Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti talk to CBR News about their contribution to "Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe."



Writer Justin Gray stops by to talk about his new “Terra” miniseries, his new “Power Girl” ongoing series, what’s in store for Jonah Hex, and what lies ahead now that he is no longer exclusive with DC Comics.

Gray & Palmiotti on Terra, Power Girl

Gray & Palmiotti on Terra, Power Girl

After years of waiting, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Connor unleash their reinvented Titan in November's "Terra" miniseries, while gearing up for an ongoing Power Girl follow through. We spoke about both projects.

Palmiotti & Conner Bust Out on

Palmiotti & Conner Bust Out on "Power Girl"

DC Comics' fan-favorite heroine Power Girl finally gets her own solo title, and CBR News spoke with co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Amanda Conner about the long-awaited new monthly.

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