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Gillen's X-Men are Sublime

Gillen's X-Men are Sublime

Kieron Gillen debuts as co-writer of "Uncanny X-Men" with today's issue #531, part two of the current "Quarantine" arc. We spoke with him about the plans he and co-writer Matt Fraction have for this storyline and beyond.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Uncanny X-Men" #531

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Uncanny X-Men" #531 featuring the debut of Kieron Gillen as the title's co-writer alongside Matt Fraction, plus art and cover by Greg Land. The issue hits December 22.

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen

Kieron Gillen, the writer of the newest ongoing X-book, "Generation Hope," answers your questions about flaming birds, archetypical mutant teams and peanut butter. All this, plus exclusive art!


REVIEW: "Generation Hope" #1

James Hunt gave "Generation Hope" #1 a 4.5 star review, calling the opening chapter of Kieron Gillen and Salvador Espin's new series, "the strongest first issue an X-title has had in some time."


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Generation Hope" #2

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Generation Hope" #2. Written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salva Espin and covers by Olivier Coipel, Greg Land & Marko Djurdjevic, the issue hits stores December 1.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Generation Hope" #1

Marvel Comics has released a 9-page advance preview of "Generation Hope" #1, the next chapter in mutantdom as written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Salva Espin. The future arrives on November 3, 2010

Gillen's Future is

Gillen's Future is "Uncanny'

We spoke with Kieron Gillen about joining Matt Fraction as "Uncanny X-Men" co-writer, his plans for Marvel's mutant community and his and Fraction's first arc, which features the return of the villainous Sublime.

Gillen Breaks

Gillen Breaks "The Curfew"

Kieron Gillen spoke with CBR News about "The Curfew," a free online game he created in which players try to discern who can be trusted in a dystopian future Britain where individual liberties are suppressed.

Gillen Joins Fraction on

Gillen Joins Fraction on "Uncanny X-Men"

Marvel Comics has just announced that Kieron Gillen will be joining Matt Fraction as co-writer on "Uncanny X-Men" starting with December's issue #531.

CBR TV: Kieron Gillen

CBR TV: Kieron Gillen

Kieron Gillen spoke about his "Generation Hope" series for Marvel Comics, the challenges of introducing all-new characters into the Marvel Universe and X-Men tapestry, the challenges and rewards of writing Loki and more.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Gillen Ushers in

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Gillen Ushers in "Generation Hope"

At the end of "Second Coming," the future of mutantkind arrived in the form of five new mutants. In November, they take center stage in writer Kieron Gillen's new ongoing series "Generation Hope."

CCI: Gillen Talks

CCI: Gillen Talks "CBGB: The Comic Book"

In this inaugural edition of a new regular feature, "CBGB" writer Sam Humphries interviews fellow writer Kieron Gillen about his contribution to the BOOM! anthology inspired by the legendary rock club.



Marvel Comics has released an advance preview of "Thor" #612 by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Doug Braithwaite. The issue, which will take Thor to the depths of Hel, hits stores Wednesday, July 28.

Gillen Sends

Gillen Sends "Thor" to Hell

Kieron Gillen has big plans for the final issues of his run on Marvel's "Thor," pitting the Thunder God against his genocidal clone, Ragnarok, and weaving a story that literally puts his protagonist through Hell.

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen

"S.W.O.R.D." writer Kieron Gillen joins this weeks X-POSITION to answer reader questions about the end of the series, what could have been, and...a Sloppy Joe eating contest!? All this, plus an exclusive look at the title's final issue!

Gillen gets Mischievous in

Gillen gets Mischievous in "Siege: Loki"

In April's "Siege: Loki" one-shot, writer Kieron Gillen delves deep into the psyche of the Asgardian God of Mischief. We spoke with Gillen about examining Loki's motivations for orchestrating the epic Avengers conflict.



This week, the writer of "New Mutants," Zeb Wells, stopped by X-POSITION headquarters just to answer your questions about magical mutants, team shake-ups, and dating dry spells. Plus exclusive art from "New Mutants" #10!

Gillen Summons the Thunder in

Gillen Summons the Thunder in "Thor"

In the first issue of Kieron Gillen's "Thor," the stage was set for a confrontation between Thor and Doctor Doom. CBR spoke with Gillen about his plans for the series, which include a tie-in to the 2010 event story "Siege."

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen

X-POSITION: Kieron Gillen

The writer of "S.W.O.R.D." drops in on X-POSITION headquarters to answer your questions about alien invasions, cosmic calamities, mortals and gods and the almighty Unit! Plus, an exclusive look at art from issue #3!

Gillen Sharpens His S.W.O.R.D.

Gillen Sharpens His S.W.O.R.D.

In Marvel's new series, "S.W.O.R.D.," writer Kieron Gillen and artist Steven Sanders take readers inside the lives of the men and women who protect the Earth from interstellar threats. CBR News spoke with Gillen about the title.

PRESS RELEASE: The Astonishing X-Men Join S.W.O.R.D To Save Earth

Kieron Gillen Talks Thor

Kieron Gillen Talks Thor

November’s “Thor” #604 marks the beginning of a six-issue stint by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Billy Tan. CBR News spoke with the writer about his plans for the series, which he views as a modern day fantasy epic.

CCC09: Marvel Unleashes

CCC09: Marvel Unleashes "S.W.O.R.D." with Gillen & Sanders

Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Steven Sanders spill the beans on their new offworld series "S.W.O.R.D.," a galaxy spanning adventure starring Agent Brand, Beast and Lockheed.

HeroesCon: Kieron Gillen Talks

HeroesCon: Kieron Gillen Talks "Dark Avengers: Ares"

Marvel's wildest war god, Hercules' brother Ares, takes on new responsibilities as a drill sergeant for Norman Osborn's next generation of soldiers, and writer Kieron Gillen fills CBR News in on the explosive details.

PRESS RELEASE: "Phonogram 2" #1 sells out, second printing announced

PRESS RELEASE: BOOM! Studios "Warhammer: Crown of Destruction" TPB to contain exclusive in-game item

SINGLES CLUB: Gillen & McKelvie on Phonogram 2

SINGLES CLUB: Gillen & McKelvie on Phonogram 2

Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie talk to CBR about the return of their acclaimed urban fantasy series "Phonogram" with "The Singles Club," featuring seven new pop-fueled stories of music and magic set on the same night in the same dance club.

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