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PRESS RELEASE: "Invincible Iron Man" #1 gets second printing

PRESS RELEASE: "Thor" sells out, goes back for second printing

PRESS RELEASE: "Invincible Iron Man" #1 second print gets new Salvador Larroca variant cover

Why “Casanova” Matters

Why “Casanova” Matters

CBR reviewer and literary scholar Timothy Callahan espouses on “Casanova,” the Matt Fraction series concluding its second arc this week. This provocative and SPOILER-FILLED piece explains why it may emerge as the decade's defining comic.

PRESS RELEASE: "Invincible," "Viva Las Vegas" Iron Man titles sell out


COMMENTARY TRACK: "Invincible Iron Man" #1 with Matt Fraction

With Tony Stark burning down the box office and Marvel's "The Invincible Iron Man" #1 on sale now, series writer Matt Fraction joins CBR for an in-depth commentary of the Salvador Larroca-illustrated book.

HAMMER TIMES PAST: Fraction & Zircher on “Thor: Ages of Thunder”

HAMMER TIMES PAST: Fraction & Zircher on “Thor: Ages of Thunder”

In “Thor: Ages of Thunder,” in stores now, Matt Fraction and Patrick Zircher offer readers an epic tale of the Thunder God’s violent past. CBR News spoke with both creators about the one-shot.

X-POSITION: Divided We Stand Book One

X-POSITION: Divided We Stand Book One

Nearly all of your favorite X-writers in one place answering your questions about X-Men: Divided We Stand Book One, plus exclusive art from Book Two and X-Force #4! How can you refuse?

NYCC: Fraction Talks

NYCC: Fraction Talks "Secret Invasion: Thor"

This August, it’s the armies of the Earth-invading shapeshifting Skrulls versus the gods of Asgard in the pages of the mini-series, "Secret Invasion: Thor." CBR News spoke with writer Matt Fraction about the series.

NYCC Exclusive: Simons Talks

NYCC Exclusive: Simons Talks "Secret Invasion: Thor"

This August, the invading Skrulls will learn to fear the hammer as the three issue "Secret Invasion: Thor" mini-series kicks off. In an exclusive interview, CBR News spoke with editor Warren Simons who revealed to us the writer of the project.

A Stark Contrast: Fraction talks “Invincible Iron Man”

A Stark Contrast: Fraction talks “Invincible Iron Man”

This May, writer Matt Fraction pits Iron Man against the heir of one of his greatest foes in the new ongoing series, “Invincible Iron Man.” CBR spoke with Fraction about Ezekiel Stane and "The Five Nightmares."


EXCLUSIVE: Billy Tan "Invincible Iron Man" #1 Variant

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Billy Tan's variant cover of "Invincible Iron Man" #1, the new Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca series debuting in May.

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