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Covers of the Week -- February 1

Covers of the Week -- February 1

This week, a certain wall-crawler tries to turn back time, some angry apes go to war, a revenant seeks cold comfort, a reflection holds the key and a comic nears an explosive end.

Courtney Taylor-Taylor Reconstructs

Courtney Taylor-Taylor Reconstructs "One Model Nation"

Dandy Warhols' frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor discusses the upcoming reprint of "One Model Nation" from Titan Books and the process of revisiting the historical period of the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

Unwrapping Comics: Pros Share Holiday Memories

Unwrapping Comics: Pros Share Holiday Memories

'Tis the season, so ROBOT 6 asked comic pros for their favorite comic book-related holiday memories. Jeff Parker, Colleen Coover, Mike Allred, John Arcudi and many more were happy to share!

Mike Allred Celebrates 20 Years of a Mad, Mad, Madman World

Mike Allred Celebrates 20 Years of a Mad, Mad, Madman World

Creator Mike Allred scares up an all-star cast of talent to help celebrate two decades of his most famous creation in the "Madman: 20th Anniversary Monster" hardcover. Plus, an exclusive look at Allred's story!

PRESS RELEASE: Allred's "Madman" Hardcover is a Monster

Roberson Takes

Roberson Takes "iZombie" Digital

"iZombie" writer and creator Chris Roberson spoke with CBR News about his and Mike Allred's Vertigo series going day-and-date digital on comiXology, delving into the upcoming story arc that kicks it off.

CBR TV: Chris Roberson on

CBR TV: Chris Roberson on "Superman," "iZombie" & More

Writer Chris Roberson spoke with CBR TV about collaborating with Mike Allred on their co-creator-owned "iZombie," taking over "Superman" from JMS and much more.

CBR TV @ CCI: Allred on Madman, Rocketeer, Jack Kirby & More

CBR TV @ CCI: Allred on Madman, Rocketeer, Jack Kirby & More

Mike Allred spoke with CBR TV about his plans for Madman's twentieth anniversary, his interest in continuing to tell the story of the Rocketeer, getting a Madman pin-up from Jack Kirby and much more.

CCI: Vertigo Editorial Panel

CCI: Vertigo Editorial Panel

Blurb: Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger took to the stage at San Diego's Comic-Con International with some of Vertigo's leading writers and artists to tell fans what to expect from the DC imprint starting this fall.


REVIEW: "Rocketeer Adventures" #1

Greg McElhatton gives "The Rocketeer Adventiures" #1 4 stars calling IDW's Dave Stevens-inspired anthology with work from Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek and more, "a nicely done comic from all parties involved."

Talking Comics with Laura Allred

Talking Comics with Laura Allred

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with Laura Allred, Mike Allred's longtime colorist and collaborator, about how she began working together with her artist husband, the power a good colorist has over a comic's art and more.

Busiek, Kaluta, Allred & Cassaday Go On A

Busiek, Kaluta, Allred & Cassaday Go On A "Rocketeer Adventure"

Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, Michael Kaluta and John Cassaday discuss their contributions to IDW's May-debuting "Rocketeer Adventures" anthology set in Dave Stevens' classic retro series. Plus, exclusive art!

Allred's Giant-Size

Allred's Giant-Size "Madman"

With April's "Madman All-New Giant-Size Super-Ginchy Special" on the way, creator Mike Allred spoke with CBR News about all things Frank Einstein and his plans for the twentieth anniversary "Madman" collection.

Allred Takes On Wonder Woman for M•A•C

Allred Takes On Wonder Woman for M•A•C

Artist Mike Allred spoke with CBR News about his experience working for beauty giant M•A•C Cosmetics on the company's current and exceedingly popular Wonder Woman cosmetics line.

Roberson has

Roberson has "iZombie" on the Brain

"iZombie" creator and writer Chris Roberson spoke with CBR News about working with series co-owner and artist Mike Allred, how to write female characters and reclaiming the undead from the zombie apocalypse.

PRESS RELEASE: Stumptown Comic Arts Awards Announces First Jury Members

Roberson Eats Away At

Roberson Eats Away At "iZombie"

Chris Roberson dug into the undead fun of his Vertigo title, explaining why "iZombie" is the perfect book for Mike Allred, how his longterm plan is shaping up and what surprise guests will appear along the journey.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Continues "Next Issue Project" with "Crack Comics" #63

BCC: Michael Allred

BCC: Michael Allred

"Madman" creator Michael Allred and colorist Laura Allred met with loyal fans in Baltimore for a discussion of the Allreds' comics and music, and to hear what's next for their signature creation, Frank Einstein AKA Madman.

PRESS RELEASE: "Fractured Fables" All-Star Signings at Comic-Con 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline and Image Comics Release "Fractured Fables"

PRESS RELEASE: Baltimore Comic-Con Announces First Guests

Allred & Keatinge Edit The

Allred & Keatinge Edit The "Nation"

The editors of "One Model Nation," the upcoming Image Comics graphic novel by writer C. Allbritton Taylor and artist Jim Rugg, discuss their involvement with the book and what fans can expect this October.

The Creators Of

The Creators Of "Liberty"

"Liberty Comics" #2 contributors Jason Aaron, Michael Allred, Ben McCool and Jimmy Palmiotti recently spoke with CBR News about the CBLDF-sponsored book and why freedom of speech is so important to comic books.

PRESS RELEASE: Mike Allred and Steven T. Seagle Confirm They Did Not Announce New Project At Comic-Con

CCI: Vertigo Unleashes “I, Zombie”

CCI: Vertigo Unleashes “I, Zombie”

Clockwork Storybook alum Chris Roberson teams up with fan favorite artist Mike Allred team up for a zombie-fied monster mash-up in Vertigo’s newly announced ongoing series, "I, Zombie."



Metamorpho artist Mike Allred talks to CBR News in this first installment of our weekly coverage of DC's "Wednesday Comics," which also includes series editor Mark Chiarello answering your questions every week!

Mike Allred Closes Out

Mike Allred Closes Out "Madman Atomic Comics"

Madman's series is ending with a bang, a boom and a whole host of other sounds. CBR spoke with creator Mike Allred about "Madman Atomic Comics," and previewed exclusive songs from Allred's band, The Gear.

More Jersey Gods Teasers!

More Jersey Gods Teasers!

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR brings you two more in a series of new teasers in support of "Jersey Gods," the hugely acclaimed ongoing series by Glen Brunswic and Dan McDaid with covers by Mike Allred.

PRESS RELEASE: Mike Allred Announces Final Issue of "Madman"

Allred Named Permanent

Allred Named Permanent "Jersey Gods" Cover Artist

Image announces that the popular creator of "Madman Atomic Comics," Mike Allred, is to become permanent cover artist for Glen Brunswick & Dan McDaid's ongoing superhero saga, "Jersey Gods."

Gaiman & Allred on Metamorpho

Gaiman & Allred on Metamorpho

CBR News has confirmed that superstar "The Sandman" writer Neil Gaiman is teaming-up with "Madman" creator Mike Allred to create a 12-page Metamorpho story for an as-yet unannounced Allred project for DC.

Brunswick & McDaid on

Brunswick & McDaid on "Jersey Gods"

"Jersey Gods" creators Glen Brunswick and COMIC BOOK IDOL's Dan McDaid talk their new sci fi rom-com series, which comes with covers by Mike Allred and Darwyn Cooke and praise from Mark Waid and Kurt Busiek.

PRESS RELEASE: "Jersey Gods" descend upon Image Comics this February

Cosmic Comedy & Romance: Brunswick talks

Cosmic Comedy & Romance: Brunswick talks "Jersey Gods"

Glen Brunswick & Dan McDaid’s first ongoing series is equal parts romantic comedy and cosmic epic, with creators like Mike Allred, Darwyn Cooke, Paul Pope and Erik Larsen riding shotgun.

PRESS RELEASE: The Allreds celebrate 10 years of "Red Rocket 7" at Neon Monster

Image Comics on Sale August 20, 2008

Image Comics on Sale August 20, 2008

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including "Charlatan Ball" #2, "Youngblood, Vol. 1: Focus Tested," and an exclusive preview of "Madman Atomic Comics" #10.

PRESS RELEASE: Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone take on Mike Allred's "Madman"

The Future History of Rock, Then & Now: Mike Allred on “Red Rocket 7”

The Future History of Rock, Then & Now: Mike Allred on “Red Rocket 7”

Has an alien influenced your favorite band? Discover the alt-history of rock in the new “Red Rocket 7” from Image. We spoke with Allred about the book and the changing contours of music.

PRESS RELEASE: Image announces exclusive Emerald City ComiCon covers for "Madman," "Gemini"

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