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Palicki As Wonder Woman Heads Into Action

Palicki As Wonder Woman Heads Into Action

The in production "Wonder Woman" TV pilot sees stills of its leading lady in action hit the web, and fans will notice some different tweaks to Adrianne Palicki's "Wonder Woman" including red boots. UPDATED with new pics.

SPINOFF: Could New

SPINOFF: Could New "Heroes" Save NBC?

Is the time already right to resurrect NBC's "Heroes?" SPINOFF's Graeme McMillan thinks so -- and he has a plan for how to make it fresh and different for a second go-around.

SPINOFF: Why Can't NBC Develop Good Genre TV?

SPINOFF: Why Can't NBC Develop Good Genre TV?

With "The Cape" canceled, "The Event" soon to join it and reports of "Wonder Woman" already having problems, SPINOFF wonders what happened to the network that brought us "Star Trek," "Knight Rider" and "Heroes?"

David E. Kelley Speaks On

David E. Kelley Speaks On "Wonder Woman"

As his TV version of DC Comics most iconic heroine gets ready for a turn at primetime, the producer behind hits like "Ally McBeal" and "Boston Legal" opens up on why he never thought he'd write "Wonder Woman."

First Photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

First Photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

NBC has released the first photo of "Wonder Woman" star Adrianne Palicki in her full superhero garb, revealing a different yet immediately recognizable approach to the classic character.


SPINOFF: "Community" PaleyFest Panel Filled with Laughs, Hints

There were plenty of laughs Tuesday night during the "Community" PaleyFest panel, where the cast and creators of the NBC comedy teased what to expect from the rest of Season 2.

NBC Picks Up Kelley's

NBC Picks Up Kelley's "Wonder Woman" Pilot

In a surprise move, NBC has ordered the pilot for the David E. Kelley "Wonder Woman" revival that just two weeks ago couldn't find a network. The take on the character appears to be a departure from both comics and the ’70s series.

CBR TV: Thomas Wheeler on

CBR TV: Thomas Wheeler on "The Cape"

Thomas Wheeler, creator of NBC's new superhero series "The Cape" spoke with CBR TV about the show, the reaction the debut footage received at Comic-Con International, the inspiration and premise behind the show and more.

Dynamite Enters

Dynamite Enters "Warehouse 13"

Dynamite Entertainment and NBC Universal have announced they will be joining together in order to bring the popular Syfy television show "Warehouse 13" to the comic book page in 2011.

SPINOFF: Innes & Katz Discuss

SPINOFF: Innes & Katz Discuss "The Event

Star Laura Innes and "The Event" executive producer Evan Katz spoke with SPINOFF about decisions Sophia has made, the ones she has yet to make and the secretive nature that drive the character and the show.


Ventimiglia's "Rest" In Development At NBC

"Heroes" actor Milo Ventimiglia may be headed back to the show's network for a brand new series based on the comic book project he co-created, with "Smallville" writer Philip Levens adapting the project.

NYCC: Milo Ventimiglia Talks

NYCC: Milo Ventimiglia Talks "Heroes"

"Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia talks with CBR about the cancellation of the TV series, NBC's decision to pass on a television special that would wrap up loose plot threads, and the impact of the writer's strike.

SPINOFF: Innes, Dale & Patterson Ready For

SPINOFF: Innes, Dale & Patterson Ready For "The Event"

SPINOFF spoke with stars Laura Innes, Ian Anthony Dale and Scott Patterson about their roles on NBC's new sci-fi/conspiracy thriller series "The Event," debuting tonight.

SPINOFF: Underwood & Smitrovich Prepare for

SPINOFF: Underwood & Smitrovich Prepare for "The Event

Veteran actors Blair Underwood and Bill Smitrovitch spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about preparing for their roles in "The Event," NBC's highly-anticipated sci-fi/conspiracy thriller debuting Sunday.

SPINOFF: Ritter & Collins Jr. Prepare for

SPINOFF: Ritter & Collins Jr. Prepare for "The Event"

SPINOFF spoke with Jason Ritter and Clifton Collins Jr. about their respective roles on NBC's upcoming sci-fi/conspiracy thriller, "The Event" and their characters' involvement in the show's central mystery.

SPINOFF: Željko Ivanek & Lisa Vidal Know About

SPINOFF: Željko Ivanek & Lisa Vidal Know About "The Event"

SPINOFF spoke with actors Željko Ivanek and Lisa Vidal about their respective roles in NBC's upcoming sci-fi conspiracy thriller series, "The Event" which is set to debut Monday, September 20.

SPINOFF: Creator Nick Wauters Knows About

SPINOFF: Creator Nick Wauters Knows About "The Event"

With the highly promoted NBC series set to debut on September 20, SPINOFF spoke with "The Event" creator Nick Wauters about the show's sci fi elements, viewer expectations and more.

"Heroes": Almost Certainly Over

Word is out that despite the best efforts of creator Tim Kring, the NBC superhero-themed series will not be brought back for a mini series or special finale to wrap storylines.


CCI: "The Cape" Sneak Peek & Panel

Comic-Con International featured the worldwide introduction of NBC's new superhero-themed show "The Cape" during a panel featuring the series' cast and moderated by CBR's own Jonah Weiland.

What Could Happen In A

What Could Happen In A "Heroes" Miniseries?

Creator Tim Kring takes to the net with word on his negotiations to bring "Heroes" back for a miniseries finale focusing on an outed Claire and a returned Nathan Petrelli amongst other twists and turns.

SPINOFF: 5 Lessons To Learn from

SPINOFF: 5 Lessons To Learn from "Heroes'" Failure

SPINOFF ONLINE'S Graeme McMillan takes a look at the mistakes made with "Heroes," offering suggestions on what should be avoided by other television shows of the same type.


NBC's "The Cape" Trailer Now Online

The first full trailer for NBC's superhero-centric series "The Cape" has hit the internet. The series, featuring Summer Glau and David Lyons, was recently announced as having been picked up for the upcoming Fall 2010 season.

Tim Kring Responds to

Tim Kring Responds to "Heroes" Cancellation

Series creator Tim Kring has responded to NBC's cancellation announcement for "Heroes" with a statement that indicates that he has hopes for the continuation of the show with the network. SPINOFF has the details.

"Heroes" May Get Farewell Movie

There’s a chance "Heroes" could return just long enough to wave goodbye to fans according to reports that NBC may talk to creator Tim Kring about producing a movie or some other event to wrap up remaining storylines

Robert Knepper Talks

Robert Knepper Talks "Heroes"

Robert Knepper spoke with CBR for an in-depth analysis of the duplicitous Samuel Sullivan and how this season's "Heroes" main villain compares to Knepper's previous turn on "Prison Break" as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell.


VIDEO: "Heroes" Season Finale Teaser Clips

With the season finale less than a week away, Warner Bros, has released seven all-new teaser clips from the final episode of "Heroes: Brave New World," airing February 8 on NBC.

James Kyson Lee Talks

James Kyson Lee Talks "Heroes"

"Heroes" actor James Kyson Lee spoke with CBR about Ando's evolution over the course of the series, why he's not worried about the show's ratings and his hopes for the sixth volume, tentatively titled "Brave New World."

Mike Mitchell Is Solidly

Mike Mitchell Is Solidly "With Coco"

On the day fans bid farewell to "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien," CBR talks to the artist whose "I'm With Coco" painting took the internet by storm, fanning support for the host during the most tumultuous late night TV battle in 17 years.

Staying Vigilant with

Staying Vigilant with "Community's" Danny Pudi

CBR News lit the Bat-signal and Danny Pudi answered the call. The comedic actor talks about his recent portrayal as Batman in the recently aired Halloween episode of NBC's new hit comedy, "Community."

NBC Releases

NBC Releases "Heroes" Teaser Photo

NBC has released a promotional photo for the November 11 episode of "Heroes," which features Hiro traveling through time in order to save Charlie, the girl he loved and then lost at the villainous hands of Sylar.

CBR TV: Behind The Scenes of “Heroes”

CBR TV: Behind The Scenes of “Heroes”

In this exclusive video set-visit, CBR News talks with actors Zachary Quinto, Robert Knepper, Ray Park and Dawn Olivieri about the fourth season of “Heroes” and give you a tour of the carnival set!

PRESS RELEASE: Masi Oka At NBC Experience Store in NYC Signing Autographs

CBR TV @ CCI 2009: Jeph Loeb on

CBR TV @ CCI 2009: Jeph Loeb on "Ultimatum," "Hulk" and "Day One"

Jeph Loeb joins Jonah Weiland for a chat on the bridge of the CBR yacht to discuss "Hulk" and "Ultimatum" as well as drop a few cryptic bits of inside information relating to NBC's "Day One."

PRESS RELEASE: NBC teams with Habbo to create a new virtual "Heroes" character



NBC has provided CBR News with video clips from next Monday's episode of "Heroes" titled, "Duel," the fall finale and final chapter of the first volume from Season 3! Get a sneak peak at how this latest storyline wraps up!

Actors Lewis & Logue Talk Comics &

Actors Lewis & Logue Talk Comics & "Life"

The stars of NBC’s cop drama “Life,” Damian Lewis and Donal Logue, discuss their show's new season, its conspiracies and mythology, comic books and Logue’s own comic book movie background.



Joe Pokaski & Aron Coleite are back to answer your “Heroes” questions in the latest edition of CBR’s exclusive question-and-answer session, BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! This week: your questions about "It's Coming."


HEROES VIDEO - "Villains"

NBC has provided CBR News with four video clips from next Monday's episode of "Heroes" titled "Villains." Get an advance look at what happens with the Petrellis, Linderman, Elle, Sylar and more in the eighth episode of the season.

Producer talks New

Producer talks New "Knight Rider"

Writer/Producer Gary Scott Thompson talks to CBR News about the reinvented version of the classic 1980s television series "Kngiht Rider," discussing the new show’s mythology, cast, effects, and the brand new K.I.T.T.

PRESS RELEASE: NBC.com wins Emmy for "Heroes" sites

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