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C2E2: Nick Spencer Awakens

C2E2: Nick Spencer Awakens "Morning Glories"

"Existence 3.0" and "Forgetless" writer Nick Spencer spoke with CBR News about "Morning Glories," his upcoming ongoing Image Comics series described as a mixture of "Lost" and "Runaways."

She Will Cheat On You

She Will Cheat On You

Image Comics has released a brand new teaser image for writer Nick Spencer's new series. Stay tuned to CBR during this weekend's C2E2 coverage for more news about the project as it becomes available.

Nick Spencer's Thriving

Nick Spencer's Thriving "Existence"

CBR News spoke with Image Comics writer Nick Spencer about the midway points of "Existence 3.0" and "Forgetless," the debut of "Shuddertown," the recently announced movie deal for "Existence 2.0" and much more.

Visiting Spencer's

Visiting Spencer's "Shuddertown"

The "Existence" and "Forgetless" writer spoke with CBR News about his upcoming Image Comics/Shadowline miniseries, which focuses on a homicide detective investigating murders that are seemingly commited by the dead.

Creating a

Creating a "Forgetless" Comic Book

Writer Nick Spencer and artists W. Scott Forbes, Jorge Coelho and Marley Zarcone spoke with CBR News about their process in creating "Forgetless," the new miniseries from Image Comics' Shadowline imprint.

Nick Spencer's

Nick Spencer's "Existence 3.0"

The writer and co-creator of Image and Shadowline's "Existence" franchise speaks with CBR News about returning characters, new voices and various twists and turns to be found in the upcoming second miniseries, "Existence 3.0."

Nick Spencer Wants You To Remember

Nick Spencer Wants You To Remember "Forgetless"

The author of the upcoming Image Comics/Shadowline miniseries talks to CBR News about assassins, girls, dance parties and the seedy underbelly of New York City's party scene.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Announces "Forgetless"

CCI: Spencer and Salas Live a New

CCI: Spencer and Salas Live a New "Existence"

The creators behind "Existence 2.0" are back for a sequel, "Existence 3.0." CBR spoke with creators Nick Spencer and Ron Salas about the series that promises to continue the high-tech noir tradition of the first.

Image's New

Image's New "Existence"

Creators Nick Spencer and Ron Salas talk to CBR News about "Existence 2.0," their new sci-fi/action Image Comics miniseries about a man who transfers his consciousness into the body of the hitman hired to kill him.

PRESS RELEASE: "Existence 2.0" Reveals Life After Death at Image

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