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REVIEW: "Green Lantern Corps" #47

CBR's Doug Zawisza looks at the latest issue of "Green Lantern Corps," which finds the DC space heroes picking up the pieces of "Blackest Night" and setting the stage for the next act of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's epic saga.

DC Shakes Up The GLC In

DC Shakes Up The GLC In "Brightest Day"

Peter Tomasi moves to an all-new Guy Gardner ongoing titled "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors" while "Green Lantern Corps" comes into the hands of "R.E.B.E.L.S." writer Tony Bedard featuring...Green Lantern Ganthet?

Green Lantern R.I.P.

Green Lantern R.I.P.

CBR News spoke with "Green Lantern Corps" writer Peter Tomasi about the repercussions of the death of a major DCU figure in the pages of last week's issue #42 and how the death will leave Guy Gardner seeing red.

BCC: DC Nation Panel

BCC: DC Nation Panel

Saturday afternoon at Baltimore Comic-Con, DC Nation brought the news, announcements, Ketchup-flavored chips, and a naked Batman Mego down by the Nation’s Capitol. CBR has all the details.

Nicieza & Tomasi on Robin & Nightwing  R.I.P.

Nicieza & Tomasi on Robin & Nightwing R.I.P.

CBR checks in with “Robin” and “Nightwing” writers Fabian Nicieza and Peter Tomasi respectively, about what the end of the titles means to Bruce Wayne’s two most famous proteges, Tim Drake and Dick Grayson.

PRESS RELEASE: James Robinson, Peter Tomasi announced as Baltimore Comic-Con guests

Martian Manhunter R.I.P.

Martian Manhunter R.I.P.

Writer Peter Tomasi, a long-time fan of J'onn J'onzz, mourns the death of the fallen superhero in next month's one-shot, “Final Crisis: Requiem,” and speaks with CBR News about the Manhunter from Mars.

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