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REVIEW: "Adventure Comics" #524

CBR reviewer Greg McElhatton gives "Adventure Comics" #524 4 stars calling Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez's ongoing Legion Academy storyline "a fun, easily-accessible gateway into the 31st century."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Adventure Comics" #523

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Adventure Comics" #523, written by Paul Levitz and featuring art and cover by incoming artist, Phil Jimenez. The issue hits stores this week, February 9.

Jimenez Enrolls in the Legion Academy

Jimenez Enrolls in the Legion Academy

New DC exclusive artist Phil Jimenez spoke with CBR News about his upcoming work on "Adventure Comics" and the start of the "Legion Academy" arc that introduces the future to the possible Legionnaires of tomorrow.

Jimenez Joins the Legion in

Jimenez Joins the Legion in "Adventure Comics"

Artist Phil Jimenez has signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics to illustrate the ongoing adventures of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the pages of "Adventure Comics."

PRESS RELEASE: First Look at Three Superstar Variants to "Wolverine: The Best There Is" #1

Jimenez Returns to DC with

Jimenez Returns to DC with "Legion of Super-Heroes"

Phil Jimenez returns to DC next week, illustrating a co-feature in "Legion of Super-Heroes" #6, written by industry legend Paul Levitz and re-introducing the Legion Academy to current continuity.

CCI: Phil Jimenez Spotlight

CCI: Phil Jimenez Spotlight

Phil Jimenez, current artist of "Astonishing X-Men," spoke with fans at Comic-Con International to spill how he really feels about the new Wonder Woman costume and reveal why he will never draw "The Avengers."

JMS Recreates

JMS Recreates "Wonder Woman"

Debuting Wednesday in her milestone 600th issue, Wonder Woman gets a new Jim Lee-designed costume, a new mission and a new world in the reality-altering storyline which writer J. Michael Straczynski tells CBR about in detail.

Wonder of Wonders - 1/8/2010

Wonder of Wonders - 1/8/2010

In the latest installment of AMAZONS ATTACK, Mars Goetsian focuses on Phillipus and her unique role as the only Amazon - other than Wonder Woman or Hippolyta - to continually appear in the comics over the last two decades.

Wonder of Wonders - 9/25/2009

Wonder of Wonders - 9/25/2009

Carol A. Strickland joins CBR for a Friday edition of WONDER OF WONDERS to examine the convoluted history of Wonder Woman and provide her thoughts on how to clean it up while simultaneously building up and strengthening the character.

PRESS RELEASE: Tim Gunn and Phil Jimenez At Midtown Comics In New York City

PRESS RELEASE: Who Is The New Ms. Marvel?

PRESS RELEASE: Which Ms. Marvel will survive Marvel's "Dark Reign?"

PRESS RELEASE: "SI: Who Do You Trust?" second printing receives non-skrully variant cover

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