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Isaacs Conjures

Isaacs Conjures "Magus"

"DV8" artist Rebekah Isaacs talks about her first creator-owned book from 12 Gauge Comics, her messy layouts and working with her boyfriend, writer Jon Price. She also brought along from "Magus" #2.

Williams Soars with

Williams Soars with "Captain America and Falcon"

This March, Marvel will release a series of one-shots in honor of Captain America's 70th Anniversary. CBR caught up with Rob Williams about the book, Falcon's past and the character's homecoming.

PRESS RELEASE: Rebekah Isaacs and Jon Price Sign and Sketch "Magus"#1 at Midtown Comics



Courtesy of 12 Gauge Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Magus" #1 by Jon Price, David Norton and Rebekah Isaacs with a cover by Fiona Staples. Where will you be when magic returns this December?

Brian Wood Talks

Brian Wood Talks "DV8"

"DMZ" creator Brian Wood talks to COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD about "DV8," his in-progress WildStorm miniseries with Rebeka Isaacs that updates the cult superhero team for modern times.

Gardner Loads 12 Gauge with New Titles

Gardner Loads 12 Gauge with New Titles

Keven Gardner, president of 12 Gauge Comics, gave CBR News the details on the publishing company's upcoming titles slated for release, including series by Mick Foley, Eriq La Salle, Rebekah Isaacs and more.


REVIEW: "DV8" #1

CBR's Chad Nevett says the new "DV8" is off to a promising start, with Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs honoring the WildStorm cult classic while giving new readers all they need to enjoy this edgy new series.

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs to Sign DV8 at Midtown

Brian Wood to DV8 at WildStorm

Brian Wood to DV8 at WildStorm

Possibly the last Brian Wood book you'd expect, the "Northlanders" and "Demo" creator is reviving WildStorm's "DV8" as only he can. We spoke with Wood and artist Rebekah Isaacs about "DV8: Gods and Monsters."

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due's "Drafted" names Rebekah Isaacs as new artist

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