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REVIEW: Aguirre-Sacasa & Francavilla's

REVIEW: Aguirre-Sacasa & Francavilla's "Afterlife With Archie" #4

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Francesco Francavilla's "Afterlife With Archie" #4 is "a fun story that crosses genres and transforms a cast of characters."

REVIEW: Ellis & Shalvey's

REVIEW: Ellis & Shalvey's "Moon Knight" #1

Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey's "Moon Knight" #1 puts a new spin on the disciple of Khonsu in "a magnificent debut issue" for All-New Marvel NOW!

REVIEW: Millar & Parlov's

REVIEW: Millar & Parlov's "Starlight" #1

Mark Millar and Goran Parlov's debut issue of "Starlight" has "a real emotional heart, and that's definitely a lot of the attraction."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Tomb Raider" & "Fantastic Four" Return

Check out all the highlights from last week including Gail Simone's "Tomb Raider" revival at Dark Horse and James Robinson's new era for "Fantastic Four."

REVIEW: Marguerite Bennett's

REVIEW: Marguerite Bennett's "Superman: Lois Lane" #1

Marguerite Bennett and a team of artists deliver a "well-rounded, thoughtfully developed Lois" in DC Comics' "Superman: Lois Lane" #1.

REVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's

REVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's "Three" #5

Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly wrap up their historical miniseries with "Three" #5, a "gut-churning" issue that concludes the series nicely.

REVIEW: Simone, Selma & Gedeon's

REVIEW: Simone, Selma & Gedeon's "Tomb Raider" #1 is "Visually Stunning and Fun"

Gail Simone, Nicholas Daniel Selma & Juan Gedeon bring Lara Croft back to comics in "Tomb Raider" #1, a "visually stunning and fun" debut.

REVIEW: Palmiotti, Gray & Johnson Celebrate 100 issues of Hex in

REVIEW: Palmiotti, Gray & Johnson Celebrate 100 issues of Hex in "All-Star Western" #28

Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray & Staz Johnson celebrate 100 issues of working on Jonah Hex with "All-Star Western" #28, "one of the very best comics DC has to offer."


REVIEW: "Non-Stop" Takes Liam Neeson, and Its Audience, on Bumpy Flight

"Taken" star Liam Neeson's airplane thriller "Non-Stop" flies with some fun scenes and gimmicks, but comes in for a rough landing.

REVIEW: Fraction & Aja's

REVIEW: Fraction & Aja's "Hawkeye" #15

Matt Fraction and David Aja's "Hawkeye" #15 returns to Clint Barton with "a terrific issue that elevates the threat level."

REVIEW: Robinson & Kirk's

REVIEW: Robinson & Kirk's "Fantastic Four" #1

James Robinson and Leonard Kirk bring a strong "Fantastic Four" debut to All-New Marvel NOW!, a "welcome addition" to the publisher's library.

REVIEW: Waid & Krause's

REVIEW: Waid & Krause's "Daredevil: Road Warrior" #1 Infinite Comic

Mark Waid & Peter Krause go cross-country with "Daredevil: Road Warrior" #1, with a story that's "some of the very best Marvel has to offer."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Superman," "GoGetters," "Joyners," "Daredevil"

Last week's comics were superhero strong, with Marz & Shaner's "Adventures of Superman" story and Mark Waid & Chris Samnee "Daredevil" finale impressing.

REVIEW: Ryan & Marquez's

REVIEW: Ryan & Marquez's "The Joyners in 3D" is "A Thing of Beauty"

R.J. Ryan and David Marquez's "The Joyners in 3D" OGN is "a game-changer, reawakening 3D comics" and "a thing of beauty" in stereoscopic 3D.

REVIEW: Miyazaki’s

REVIEW: Miyazaki’s "The Wind Rises" is Dream-Like and Thought-Provoking

Hayao Miyazaki's (purported) anime swan song is a visually stunning, and emotionally devastating, examination of ambition and priorities.

REVIEW: Duggan & Medina's

REVIEW: Duggan & Medina's "Nova" #13.NOW

Gerry Duggan & Paco Medina construct a meeting between Sam Alexander and Beta Ray Bill in "Nova" #13.NOW, an issue that's "pure comic joy."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Rachel Rising," "Batman," "She-Hulk"

With Valentine's Day in the books, it's time to check out what comic books impressed last week, including "Rachel Rising" and Vertigo's "The Royals."


REVIEW: "The Trial of Jean Grey" Continues in Bendis & Immonen's "All-New X-Men" #23

Brian Bendis & Stuart Immonen's "All New X-Men" #23 "hits an unexpected note and offers a payoff to readers" for "The Trial of Jean Grey."

REVIEW: Snyder, Tynion & Nguyen's Future-Shifted

REVIEW: Snyder, Tynion & Nguyen's Future-Shifted "Batman" #28

Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV & Dustin Nguyen's future-shifted "Batman" #28 is "a change of pace, a switch in visual impact, a breath of fresh air."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Ms. Marvel," "Turok," Lazarus" & More

February starts strong with Wilson & Alphona's "Ms. Marvel" #1 earning 5 stars wotj "Turok" & "Loki" also making stellar debuts.

REVIEW: Edmondson & Noto's

REVIEW: Edmondson & Noto's "Black Widow" #3

Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto's excellent "Black Widow" #3 is a "finely constructed, utterly engaging comic" with the added bonus of crocodiles.

REVIEW: Pak & Colak's

REVIEW: Pak & Colak's "Turok" #1

Greg Pak and Mirko Colak's debut issue of Dynamite's "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" "delivers on all expectations readers could have."


SPINOFF REVIEW: "The LEGO Movie" Entertains and Inspires

Though it could have been a mere advertisement, 'The LEGO Movie" inspires individuality and creativity while proving to be undeniably enjoyable to watch.

REVIEW: Ewing & Garbett's

REVIEW: Ewing & Garbett's "Loki: Agent of Asgard" #1

Al Ewing and Lee Garbett's "Loki: Agent of Asgard" #1 "is proof that blatant fan service can also make for a brilliant comic."

REVIEW: Pak & Kuder's

REVIEW: Pak & Kuder's "Action Comics" #28

"Action Comics" #28 creative team Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder offer up a fun issue with "a strong voice that also fits the character."

5-STAR REVIEW: Wilson & Alphona's

5-STAR REVIEW: Wilson & Alphona's "Lovingly Crafted" "Ms. Marvel" #1

G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona's "Ms. Marvel" #1 "will captivate readers, paving a fantastic, fresh direction for the Marvel Universe."

REVIEW: Edmondson & Gerads Relaunch

REVIEW: Edmondson & Gerads Relaunch "The Punisher" #1

Nathan Edmondson & Mitch Gerads' "The Punisher" #1 is "a worthwhile beginning of a new era for the character" in its All-New Marvel NOW! relaunch.

REVIEW: Telltale's

REVIEW: Telltale's "Wolf Among Us" Episode Two Wins Again

Telltale continues its incredible winning streak with the second episode of "The Wolf Among Us," "Smoke and Mirrors," adding a new section to "Fables" mythology.

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Serenity," "Five Weapons" Return

The first month of 2014 closed with the return of Jimmie Robinson's "Five Weapons" and the return to comics of Joss Whedon's "Serenity" -- and more!

REVIEW: Tomasi, Mahnke & Gleason's

REVIEW: Tomasi, Mahnke & Gleason's "Batman and Robin Annual" #2

Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke & Patrick Gleason's "Batman and Robin Annual" #2 "continues a strong, enjoyable trend for this series."

REVIEW: Aaron & Pastoras'

REVIEW: Aaron & Pastoras' "Thor: God of Thunder" #18

Jason Aaron and Das Pastoras present "a magnificent sample of collaborative excellence" with "Thor: God of Thunder" #18.

REVIEW: Taylor & Rocha's

REVIEW: Taylor & Rocha's "Earth 2 Annual" #1 Delves Into Batman's Origin

Tom Taylor and Robson Rocha's "Earth 2 Annual" #1 is "a great example of comic storytelling" that explores Earth 2 Batman's origin.

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: 4.5 Stars for

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: 4.5 Stars for "Unwritten," "Hacktivist" Debuts

"The Unwritten: Apocalypse," "Hacktivist," "Deadly Class" & "Empire of the Dead" all had strong debuts last week. See what else you should be reading.

REVIEW: Remender & Craig's

REVIEW: Remender & Craig's "Deadly Class" #1

Rick Remender and Wes Craig's "Deadly Class" #1 "makes a strong showing with its compelling exposition, dynamic layouts and dark, gritty edge."

REVIEW: Fraction & Wu's

REVIEW: Fraction & Wu's "Hawkeye" #16 Is "A Winner and A Half"

Matt Fraction and Annie Wu's "Hawkeye" #16 continues Kate Bishop's Los Angeles escapades in an issue that's "a winner and a half."

REVIEW: Johns, Reis & Prado's

REVIEW: Johns, Reis & Prado's "Justice League" #27

Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado's "Justice League" #27 brings a focus on Cyborg, delivering "a damn fine read filled with bombastic fun."

SPINOFF REVIEW: Monsters and Mayhem Save

SPINOFF REVIEW: Monsters and Mayhem Save "I, Frankenstein"

Aaron Eckhart stars as Frankenstein’s monster in writer-director Stuart Beattie’s surprisingly fun, if not exactly good, action epic.

REVIEW: Hickman, Spencer & Caselli's

REVIEW: Hickman, Spencer & Caselli's "Avengers World" #2

Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer & Stefano Caselli focus in on Smasher in "Avengers World" #2, an issue that's "entertaining from start to finish."

REVIEW: Snyder & Capullo's

REVIEW: Snyder & Capullo's "Batman" #27

Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo continue "Zero Year" with "Batman" #27, "a fresh story that surprises" as Batman continues his fledgling crusade.

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "EGOs" & "Batgirl" Impress

Image Comics' "EGOs" made a strong debut while "Gothtopia" injected awesome into "Batgirl." Check out what else made a splash in comics last week.

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