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Kirkman, Hurd Discuss

Kirkman, Hurd Discuss "Walking Dead" Season 4 Surprises, Threats

Series creator Robert Kirkman and producer Gale Anne Hurd discuss developments and new threats in Season 4 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" which will continue to utilize aspects of the comic's storylines.

"Walking Dead" Paleyfest Panel Discusses Rick's State of Mind, Defends Andrea's Decisions

The cast and crew of AMC's "The Walking Dead" gathered at Paleyfest, discussing Andrea's questionable choices, Rick's state of mind and whether Daryl and Carol will consummate their attraction for one another.

Kirkman Developing Exorcism Series For Television

Kirkman Developing Exorcism Series For Television

In addition to "The Walking Dead" and "Thief of Thieves," Robert Kirkman has a third television adaptation in the works based on his upcoming Image Comics series set in the world of exorcism.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Clear"

In "Clear," one of the best episodes of this season's "The Walking Dead," Rick, Michonne and Carl go on a munitions run back to the Grimes' hometown, where they find an unexpected survivor.

ECCC: Skybound On The Rise With Adlard & Ottley

ECCC: Skybound On The Rise With Adlard & Ottley

"Walking Dead" and "Invincible" artists Charlie Adlard and Ryan Ottley sound off on their work with Robert Kirkman, and Skybound announces the new series "Ghosted" from Joshua Williamson and Goran Sudzuka in Seattle.

Comic Book Easter Eggs: Robert Kirkman's

Comic Book Easter Eggs: Robert Kirkman's "Invincible"

In honor of the 100th issue of Invincible, CSBG takes a look at Easter eggs from Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley's hit series, including cameos from the Walking Dead, the Venture Brothers and...Sleepwalker?!

Ryan Ottley Looks Back on the

Ryan Ottley Looks Back on the "Invincible" Centennial

Longtime "Invincible" artist Ryan Ottley spoke with CBR News about his history with the title, how writer Robert Kirkman discovered him, his impressive output and much more.

"The Walking Dead" Midseason Premiere Sets Basic Cable Record

Sunday's midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead" not only brought Rick Grimes and the other survivors one step closer to all-out war with The Governor, it delivered the AMC drama its best ratings to date.

Conversing On Comics With Nate Bellegarde

Conversing On Comics With Nate Bellegarde

ROBOT 6's Chris Arrant spoke with "Nowhere Men" artist Nate Bellegarde about the Image Comics series, working with Robert Kirkman on "Invincible," his love of world-building and more.

"The Walking Dead's" Greg Nicotero Brings the Undead to Life

With AMC's "The Walking Dead" returning to television this Sunday, CBR spoke with makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero about his role on Season 3 as producer, director and even performer in full zombie form.


EXCL FIRST LOOK: ECCC "The Walking Dead: The Governor" Variant Cover

Courtesy of Skybound, CBR presents an exclusive first look at the Emerald City Comic-Con green foil variant cover for "The Walking Dead: The Governor" Special.

"The Walking Dead" To Introduce Another "Major Character" From Comic

"The Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazzara discusses the inevitable showdown between the Governor and Rick, the development of Daryl and Michonne, and the introduction of a “major character” from the comic series.

"The Walking Dead" Sneak Peek Showcases Prison Tensions

The first clip from the February 10 midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead," “The Suicide King,” focuses on the two groups within the Prison as they try to get to know one another.

PRESS RELEASE: "Invincible" #100 Returns with Second Printing

Hester Explores Kirkman's

Hester Explores Kirkman's "Invincible Universe"

CBR News spoke with "Guarding the Globe" writer Phil Hester about his continued work exploring Robert Kirkman's sandbox with "Invincible Universe!" from Image Comics and Skybound.

Robert Kirkman Reflects on 100 Issues of

Robert Kirkman Reflects on 100 Issues of "Invincible"

Robert Kirkman spoke with longtime Kirkmaniac Augie De Blieck Jr. about hitting 100 issues of "Invincible," expanding the Invincible Universe, the thinking behind the infamous "Death of Everyone" teasers and more.


REVIEW: "Invincible" #100

Doug Zawisza gives "Invincible" #100 by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley 4 stars, saying Kirkman "establishes a new tone for this series going forward in a manner that welcomes all readers" in the centennial issue.


Latest "Walking Dead" Promo Promises "Fight to the Death"

AMC has released a new promo for the February 10 midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead" that teases what’s in store for Rick and the other survivors as they inch closer to war with Woodbury.

PRESS RELEASE: Robert Kirkman & Ryan Ottley Celebrate 100 Issues of "Invincible"


New "Walking Dead" Promo States: "If He Wants A War, He's Got One"

Gearing up for the Feb. 10 midseason return of "The Walking Dead," AMC has released a promo that ratchets up the tension on the impending war between the Prison and Woodbury.

Gimple Succeeds Mazzara as

Gimple Succeeds Mazzara as "The Walking Dead" Showrunner

Following the news of current "Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazzara's departure after the conclusion of season three, AMC has announced executive producer Scott Gimple will step in as the drama's third showrunner.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Bumps Up Shipping Date for "The Walking Dead: The Governor Special"

Telltale Games Shuffles Into 2013 With More

Telltale Games Shuffles Into 2013 With More "Walking Dead"

Telltale Games Exec. Producer Kevin Boyle discusses the many accolades for "The Walking Dead," the challenge in creating a new aspect of Robert Kirkman's zombie franchise and what to expect from Season 2.

"An Eye For An Eye" - "Walking Dead" Teases Return With New Poster

A new poster promoting "The Walking Dead's" return to AMC on February 10 teases fans with "an eye for an eye" showdown between Rick Grimes and The Governor.

Kirkman Refutes Criticism Over Mazzara's

Kirkman Refutes Criticism Over Mazzara's "Walking Dead" Exit

Robert Kirkman responds via Twitter to criticism over Glen Mazzara's "Walking Dead" exit, stating "Sons of Anarchy" showrunner Kurt Sutter is speaking on "things he knows nothing about."

Andy Diggle Cracks Into

Andy Diggle Cracks Into "Thief of Thieves"

"Action Comics," "Doctor Who" and "The Losers" writer Andy Diggle discusses joining the writer's room approach to Robert Kirkman's Skybound heist book "Thief of Thieves."

PREVIEW: Charlie Adlard's 100th Issue of

PREVIEW: Charlie Adlard's 100th Issue of "The Walking Dead"

Image Comics has released a preview of "The Walking Dead" #106 by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard. The issue marks Adlard's 100th of the series and goes on sale January 9.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Invincible" #99

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley's "Invincible" #99. "The Death of Everyone" nears its conclusion January 2.

"Walking Dead" Season 4 Confirmed

The unexpected announcement this morning that AMC and showrunner Glen Mazzara "have mutually decided to part ways" is accompanied by confirmation that The Walking Dead will return for a fourth season.

Showrunner Mazzara Announces Departure from AMC's

Showrunner Mazzara Announces Departure from AMC's "The Walking Dead"

In a move reminiscent of the 2011 departure of Frank Darabont, showrunner Glen Mazzara has announced he is leaving "The Walking Dead." Both he and AMC cite differences over post-Season 3 plans for the series.

PRESS RELEASE: Michonne, Fan Suggestions Added in iOS-Based "Walking Dead: Assault" Update

EXCLUSIVE: Art Adams Covers

EXCLUSIVE: Art Adams Covers "Invincible" #100

Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley's Image superhero epic celebrates 100 issues with a cover by legendary illustrator Art Adams. CBR shows exclusively what it looks like when Death arrives for "Invincible."

Kirkman Celebrates an

Kirkman Celebrates an "Invincible" Centennial

"Invincible" creator Robert Kirkman discusses the possibility of killing off lead Mark Grayson in the series' 100th issue which concludes "The Death of Everyone" storyline.

Telltale Games'

Telltale Games' "Walking Dead" Named Spike TV's Game of the Year

Telltale Games' adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Image Comics title scored big at the annual Spike Video Game awards, taking home Game of the Year honors, Studio of the Year and more.

Chad L. Coleman Teases

Chad L. Coleman Teases "Juicy and Awesome" Return as Tyreese in "The Walking Dead"

Chad L. Coleman, the newest addition to "The Walking Dead" cast, teases how Tyreese will fit into the back half of Season 3 and whether his character will stray from his comic book counterpart.

"The Walking Dead" Midseason Finale Draws Unprecedented Viewers

The midseason finale of "The Walking Dead" on December 2 was the first cable series to surpass all other shows -- network and cable -- in the fall 2012 broadcast season for adults 18-49.

"The Walking Dead" Promo Offers First Look At Chad Coleman As Tyreese

Ahead of Sunday's fall finale, a new television spot for "The Walking Dead" reveals the first footage of "The Wire" alum Chad Coleman as fan-favorite character Tyreese.

Comics A.M. - Angoulême Announces Official Selections

Comics A.M. - Angoulême Announces Official Selections

Official selections announced for 40th Angoulême International Comics Festival! Bluewater Productions, by the numbers! Robert Kirkman talks success and "The Walking Dead"! Mort Walker, Charles Burns, Adrian Tomine, and much more!


PREVIEW: "Clone" #1

Image Comics has released a first look at the debut issue of "Clone" #1 by David Schulner and Juan Jose Ryp. The newest series in Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint hits November 21.

Comics A.M. - Ohio's Superman License Plate Moves Closer to Reality

Comics A.M. - Ohio's Superman License Plate Moves Closer to Reality

Ohio Senate committee considers Superman license plate! Half the readers of "Shonen Jump" (a boys' manga magazine) are female! Interviews with Kirkman, Bunn & Hurtt, Bell, Snyder and more!

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