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CCI: Neil Gaiman Returns to

CCI: Neil Gaiman Returns to "The Sandman"

In a surprise announcement at its Friday panel at Comic-Con International, Vertigo revealed that Neil Gaiman announced will write a "Sandman" prequel, with art by J.H. Williams III. Click through for more from the panel.

UPDATE: Rhino, Sandman & Chameleon Have Spidey On The Ropes For

UPDATE: Rhino, Sandman & Chameleon Have Spidey On The Ropes For "Ends of the Earth"

Marvel rounded out the week of Sinister Six teaser images from Gabrielle Dell'Otto for "Ends of the Earth" with images of Rhino, Sandman and Chameleon defeating Spider-Man. The event begins in "Amazing Spider-Man" #682.

VIDEO: Neil Gaiman Visits

VIDEO: Neil Gaiman Visits "The Simpsons"

You may know Neil Gaiman from such works as "Sandman" and "Coraline," but the acclaimed writer is also set to guest star on this Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons." ROBOT 6 has details and a video clip.

The CW Turns on

The CW Turns on "Deadman"

"Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke is set to bring DC Comics' "Deadman" to the CW. While his origins make him an unlikely TV star, deceased Trapeze artist Boston Brand may soon help out the living in a weekly drama.

Comics A.M. - Kirby Family Lawyer Vows to Appeal Copyright Ruling

Comics A.M. - Kirby Family Lawyer Vows to Appeal Copyright Ruling

Attorney for Jack Kirby's heirs says he'll appeal judge's decision! Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison talks "Supergods," "The Sandman" and more! Jay Stephens and Bob Weber Jr. end "Oh, Brother!" strip! Plus much more!

C2E2: Vertigo Panel

C2E2: Vertigo Panel

The end of "Jack of Fables," new story arcs for "American Vampire," and Jill Thompson's "Endless Storybook" were all on the menu for the Vertigo panel, which butler-for-a-day Bill Willingham adding a touch of class.

Johns Declares

Johns Declares "Sandman" TV Adaptation "Awake"

DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has publicly declared the "Sandman" TV project alive and well while promoting creator Neil Gaiman's involvement. SPINOFF has details.

"Sandman" TV Show Stalls Out

A proposed TV series based on the classic Neil Gaiman Vertigo book has stalled as producer and "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke explains that he hopes to return to the Endless some day in the future.

Comic Book Legends Revealed! #300, Part 2

Comic Book Legends Revealed! #300, Part 2

In the second of our three-day celebration of the 300th CBLR, we examine the true story behind Neil Gaiman and his feelings on Death being used in the DC Universe. Plus, legends about George Perez, J.H. Williams III and Grant Morrison!


PREVIEW: "Action Comics" #894

DC Comics has released a preview of "Action Comics" #894 featuring Neil Gaiman's Death. Written by Paul Cornell with Pete Woods on art, a back-up by Nick Spencer and RB Silva and a Dave Finch cover, the issue hits October 27.

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC's Vertigo: On the Edge panel saw the announcement of "The Annotated Sandman," a new "Cinderella" miniseries and "The New York Five" while confirming a new book by chef Anthony Bourdain titled "Get Jiro!"

"Sandman" TV Series In The Works

The award-winning sales chart perennial by Neil Gaiman and company finds its prospects for adaptation in other media renewed as Warner Bros. Television makes a move for "The Sandman."

Lex Luthor Faces Death

Lex Luthor Faces Death

With Neil Gaiman's blessing, writer Paul Cornell is bringing Death of The Endless into his run on "Action Comics" and he spoke to CBR about how the crossover came about and what it means for his villain-centric run.

UCLA Live Presents Neil Gaiman

UCLA Live Presents Neil Gaiman

The prolific creator of comics, novels, film, journalism and poetry spoke to a full house at UCLA Live's Royce Hall about his work on "Sandman," "Coraline," and more. CBR was there to get you the scoop.

PRESS RELEASE: "Coraline" Author Neil Gaiman speaks at UCLA Live Feb. 4

PRESS RELEASE: Gallery Nucleus presents the Sandman-themed Endless Reflections exhibit

PRESS RELEASE: Three more episodes of "Spectacular Spider-Man"

NYCC: An Evening With Neil Gaiman

NYCC: An Evening With Neil Gaiman

CBR News was in attendance Friday night at NYCC, when the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund presented an evening with Neil Gaiman, featuring a Q&A with the vaunted author, along with readings of some of his work.

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