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Pak (Silver) Surfs the Chaotic Waves of Earth

Pak (Silver) Surfs the Chaotic Waves of Earth

Greg Pak's "Silver Surfer" brings the title character to Earth, embroiling him in events that may have dire cosmic consequences for the entire Marvel Universe. We spoke with Pak about his plans for the series.

Marvel Comics on Sale February 16, 2011

Marvel Comics on Sale February 16, 2011

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Daredevil: Reborn" #2, "Hawkeye: Blindspot" #1, "Marvel Girl" #1, "Silver Surfer" #1 and more.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Silver Surfer" #1

Marvel has released an advance look at "Silver Surfer" #1, the first issue of the new miniseries by writer Greg Pak and artist Stephen Segovia. Featuring a cover by Carlo Pagulayan, the issue hits February 16.

Shelf Life - 12/16/2010

Shelf Life - 12/16/2010

CBR is proud to welcome veteran comics scribe Ron Marz to our family of columnists with the debut of SHELF LIFE, in which he plans to offer insight and commentary on this industry we all love.

Pak Shoots the Cosmic Curl in

Pak Shoots the Cosmic Curl in "Silver Surfer"

CBR News spoke with Greg Pak about his upcoming "Silver Surfer" miniseries, which pits the Surfer against the High Evolutionary in a story of blistering cosmic action and star crossed romance. Plus, exclusive art!

Pak & Segovia go

Pak & Segovia go "Silver" Surfing

Marvel Comics has announced the team of Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia will travel the cosmos with the Silver Surfer in a new five-issue mini-series set to debut February, 2010.

Marvel's Cosmic Heroes Prepare For

Marvel's Cosmic Heroes Prepare For "The Final Assault"

Marvel has released a teaser for "The Thanos Imperative" #4 featuring Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer and more, accompanied only by a phrase promising all-out cosmic action: "The Final Assault."

Things Get Epic In

Things Get Epic In "Avengers" #4

Marvel Comics has just released a teaser image from "Avengers" #4 featuring a decidedly grandiose battle scene including Ultron, Dr. Doom and more along with the promise "this is just hoe the issue begins..."

Pipeline - 2/2/2010

Pipeline - 2/2/2010

This week, Augie has some thoughts on Flash for the iPad and getting your comic books onto Apples newest device. And is Wizard's NJ convention really so badly timed? Perhaps not. Plus, a little more Silver Surfer!

Pipeline - 1/26/2010

Pipeline - 1/26/2010

Pipeline Retro goes all the way back to 1991 for "Silver Surfer," including an interview about the popular cosmic series with its writer, Ron Marz. What was the fun of the title? What memories does it bring back for Augie?

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