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Lemire Takes On

Lemire Takes On "Superboy"

Jeff Lemire spoke to CBR about the new August-launching ongoing "Superboy" series he's writing for DC Comics, saying it will be based in Smallville during the first year, featuring several notable guest appearances.

Lemire Flies With

Lemire Flies With "Superboy"

DC's Teen of Steel is headed back to having his own ongoing series with the award-winning creator of "Essex County" along with artist Pier Gallo kicking things off in August's issue of "Action Comics."

Pipeline - 5/19/2009

Pipeline - 5/19/2009

Superboy is back, following a big event crossover! And he's getting his own series? Well, that's how it happened in 1994, at least, as Augie takes a look at the Karl Kesel/Tom Grummett series in this week's Pipeline.

When Words Collide - 8/20/2008

When Words Collide - 8/20/2008

Always wanted to get into DC's most populous superhero team but never really knew quite where to begin, overwhelmed by the virtual mountain of back issues and continuity? Tim has a simple piece of advice: Don't Fear The Legion, man.

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