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Guggenheim Says

Guggenheim Says "Flash" Crossover Changed His Mind on Superpowers on "Arrow"

"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim told CBR that next week's crossover with "The Flash" could lead to more metahumans in Oliver Queen's world.

COMIC REEL: Blunt Talks

COMIC REEL: Blunt Talks "Captain Marvel"; Oswalt Returns To "SHIELD"

Emily Blunt revealed she is aware of Marvel's leading lady; new "S.H.I.E.L.D." pics show Patton Oswalt ready for action and more.

"Arrow" Exec Producer Teases A "Trilogy" Of Episodes Focusing on Black Canary

Laurel Lance's official debut as Black Canary will be part of a "trilogy" of episodes, according to "Arrow" exec producer Andrew Kreisberg.

COMIC REEL: Boseman Talks

COMIC REEL: Boseman Talks "Black Panther" Non-Audition; Arrow Fights Capt. Boomerang In New Photo

Chadwick Boseman says now is the "right time" for Black Panther; pics from the CW superhero crossover reveal fan favorite villain and more.

COMIC REEL: New Pics, Video Tease

COMIC REEL: New Pics, Video Tease "Flash"/"Arrow" Event; Marin Ireland Rumored For "Jessica Jones"

Gustin and Amell get honest in behind the scenes clip; "Breaking Bad" and "Good Wife" actors in running to play Marvel heroes and more.

"Arrow" Recap: "Draw Back Your Bow"

"Draw Back Your Bow" feels like Season 1 episode as Cupid arrives to Starling City, but a Cinderella-like subplot involving Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer saves the day.

Heroes Collide in New

Heroes Collide in New "Flash Vs. Arrow" Crossover Episode Photos

The CW has released photos from the "Flash Vs. Arrow" crossover episode of "The Flash," which sees Barry Allen & Oliver Queen at odds.

The CW's

The CW's "Arrow" Teases Cupid Episode with One-Page Comic

To help promote tonight’s episode, The CW has returned to "Arrow's" roots, with a comic teasing the search for the latest threat to Starling City, Cupid.

Amy Gumenick Twists Love into Deadly Obsession as

Amy Gumenick Twists Love into Deadly Obsession as "Arrow's" Cupid

Amy Gumenick discusses stalking Oliver Queen on "Arrow" as Cupid, the joy of taking on a physically demanding role and getting a little crazy.

COMIC REEL: Berlanti Teases Grodd On

COMIC REEL: Berlanti Teases Grodd On "Flash"; Jean Grey, Cyclops Reportedly In "X-Men: Apocalypse"

The gorilla's arc will mirror that of Slade's in "Arrow"; Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld rumored for young Jean Grey and more.

"The Flash" Recap: "The Flash Is Born"

Barry Allen confronts his childhood tormentor in the form of Girder in an episode that initially feels clichéd but ends with an unpredictable bang.

"The Flash" to "Directly" Deal With Time Travel

"The Flash" executive producer Greg Berlanti has stated that the freshman series will "directly" deal with the concept of time travel in the winter.


COMIC REEL: "Walking Dead" Continues Ratings Dominance; "Gotham" Teases Tense Fall Finale

"Dead" beat "Sunday Night Football" in the ratings for the third consecutive week; assassins go after Bruce and Selina in a new promo and more.


COMIC REEL: "Civil War" Theories Target Baron Zemo; Russos Rumored For "Infinity War"

Daniel Bruhl has been cast as a villain in the "Captain America" sequel; Joe and Anthony Russo may inherit "Avengers" from Whedon and more.


COMIC REEL: "Batman V Superman's" Wayne Murder Scene Revealed; Agent Carter Talks Aliens on "SHIELD"

Batman's inciting incident may be IMAX-ready; Hayley Atwell returns to the Marvel drama in a new clip and more.

Routh's Ray Palmer Gets Shirtless in New

Routh's Ray Palmer Gets Shirtless in New "Arrow" Photos

Brandon Routh gets shirtless during the Atom's workout routine in new "Arrow" photos from next week's episode, "Draw Back Your Bow."

"Arrow" Unleashes Oliver Queen's Boxing Glove Arrow

The boxing glove arrow -- once thought of as a relic from a bygone era in comic books -- made its live-action debut on last night's "Arrow."

"Flash," "Arrow" Crossover Synopses Tease Arrival Of New Rogues

Rainbow Raider and Captain Boomerang will terrorize Central City and Starling City in the upcoming television event.


COMIC REEL: "Guardians 2" To Launch More Cosmic Films; New "Flash," "Arrow" Rogues Revealed

Director James Gunn does not feel beholden to "Avengers: Infinity War"; Rainbow Raider and Captain Boomerang arrive on the CW and more.

"Arrow" Recap: "Guilty"

Did Roy Harper murder Sara Lance? Is Ted Grant a serial killer? The answers are revealed in this week's episode, which also introduces the Boxing Glove Arrow!

Guggenheim Discusses Effect of Sara's Death on

Guggenheim Discusses Effect of Sara's Death on "Arrow," Olicity's Future & More

Marc Guggenheim hints at what the future holds for Starling City, Oliver and Felicity's relationship, new heroes & villains and more!

Katie Cassidy Suits Up as Black Canary on

Katie Cassidy Suits Up as Black Canary on "Arrow"

Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) looks to embrace her family legacy as Black Canary in upcoming "Arrow" episode "Left Behind."


COMIC REEL: "Avengers" Footage Shows Scarlet Witch In Action; CW Debuts "Flash" Cards

New behind-the-scenes footage explores "Age of Ultron's" scope; Ivan Reis provides art for trading card-style "Flash" bios and more.

"The Flash" Recap: "Plastique"

A wedge is driven between Barry and Iris as Plastique makes her television debut. Plus, a glimpse of one of The Flash’s most iconic foes.

Roderique Cast as

Roderique Cast as "The Flash's" Jason Rusch

Luc Roderique will appear in "The Flash" as Jason Rusch, another DC Comics character to take on the mantle of Firestorm.

EXCLUSIVE: Ivan Reis Illustrates Eddie Thawne in

EXCLUSIVE: Ivan Reis Illustrates Eddie Thawne in "The Flash" Profile Card

Veteran DC Comics artist Ivan Reis provides his take on Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne, a major player on The CW's "The Flash" TV series.


COMIC REEL: "Fantastic Four" Gives Doom A Millennial Makeover; Sony Possibly Eyeing Aunt May Film

Toby Kebbell calls new Doom an "anti-social programmer"; Sony rumored to be considering a retro spy flick for Spider-Man's aunt and more.


New "Flash" Images Reveal Plastique, Girder

After a a week off, "The Flash" is back with new episodes this Tuesday and next, featuring the introduction of two more DC Comics-based villains.


COMIC REEL: "Batman V Superman" Lands In Chicago; "Suicide Squad" Casting Rumors Heat Up

A local news crew caught Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in action; Jared Leto and Margot Robbie rumored for Joker and Harley Quinn.

Barry Scales a Building in New

Barry Scales a Building in New "The Flash" Clip

Barry Allen literally runs up the wall for a timely rescue in a new clip from the upcoming "Plastique" episode of "The Flash."

COMIC REEL: Gunn Teases Answers In

COMIC REEL: Gunn Teases Answers In "Guardians Of The Galaxy 2"; Vision May Be Visible In "Ultron" Clip

James Gunn hints at new characters in the sequel; the android Avenger may have shown up in behind-the-scenes footage and more.


COMIC REEL: Meet "Gotham's" Harvey Dent; Rock Teases "Bad Ass Fun" In "Shazam"

Get your first look At Nicholas D'Agosto as the ADA; Dwayne Johnson reveals what sets "Shazam" apart from DC's slate and more.

"Arrow" Recap: "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"

A visit from Donna Smoak and a threat from the mysterious Brother Eye open a window into Felicity's troubled -- and decidedly goth -- past.

Felicity Introduces Her Mother in New

Felicity Introduces Her Mother in New "Arrow" Clip

Oliver and Diggle share an unexpected moment with Felicity's mother in a clip from the upcoming "Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak" episode of "Arrow."

COMIC REEL: Marvel Special Airs

COMIC REEL: Marvel Special Airs "Ant-Man" Footage; "Flash" Faces Rogues In New Clip

Paul Rudd approaches the Ant-Man suit in behind the scenes footage; "Flash" cast round up the rogues before fall finale and more.

COMIC REEL: Elba Hints At Loki In

COMIC REEL: Elba Hints At Loki In "Age Of Ultron"; Tatum's "Gambit" Pays Off

Idris Elba let it slip that he will show up in the "Avengers" sequel along with Tom Hiddleston; Channing Tatum's X-Men spinoff gets the go ahead and more.


COMIC REEL: "Wonder Woman" Rumored To Go Retro; Mystery "Age Of Ultron" Character Revealed

"Wonder Woman" may kick off a trilogy; Disney identities mystery woman in "Avengers" trailer & more.


COMIC REEL: Whedon On "Avengers'" Global Impact; "Flash's" Justice League Easter Egg

The "Age of Ultron" director discusses getting a different perspective on the super team; "Flash" production designer on the big League shout out & more.

"Arrow" Recap: "The Magician"

As the hunt for Malcolm Merlyn begins, a fairly uneventful episode of "Arrow" leads to a game-changing introduction.

Barrowman Always Knew Merlyn Would Be In

Barrowman Always Knew Merlyn Would Be In "Arrow's" Bullseye Again

"Arrow's" first major villain has returned with a vengeance, and John Barrowman tells us he was always ready to take aim on Starling City again.

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