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SDCC: "Lost" Alum Henry Ian Cusick Plays Numbers With The CW's "The 100"

"Lost" veteran Henry Ian Cusick discusses moving from the island to a satellite high above a post-apocalyptic Earth in The CW's upcoming sci-fi drama "The 100."

"Arrow" Adds "The Killing" Actress Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sin

"The Killing" actress Bex Taylor-Klaus joins "Arrow" in season two, where she'll be playing Sin, a character who originated during Gail Simone's run on DC Comics' "Birds of Prey."

"Arrow" Producers Run Towards "The Flash"

Marc Guggenheim discusses the surprising news that "The Flash" will expand the DC TV Universe on The CW, promising Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti's new spinoff series won't change what made "Arrow" a hit.

SDCC: The CW's

SDCC: The CW's "Star-Crossed" Blends Aliens, Teen Angst For Sci-Fi Romance

The cast and creators of The CW’s midseason sci-fi romance "Star-Crossed" received an enthusiastic reception from a capacity crowd at Comic-Con International.


SDCC: "Beauty and the Beast" Teases 'Super-Charged' Vincent in Season 2

The stars and producers of "Beauty and the Beast" descended upon Comic-Con International for a discussion about The CW drama’s upcoming second season.


SDCC: "The Vampire Diaries" Panel Brings Humor, Teases to San Diego

"The Vampire Diaries" cast and crew assembled for a special video presentation and Q&A session at Comic-Con International to discuss the recent fourth season, how it leads into the fifth and more.


SDCC: "Arrow" Producers View Season 2 As A Sequel

Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg have big plans for "Arrow's" second, plotting the show like a sequel with two big villain arcs, tons of new characters and an early shocking twist

The CW's

The CW's "Flash" Series Will Spin Out of Three-Part "Arrow" Storyline

Elaborating on The CW's plans to develop a "Flash" television series, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns have revealed details on how Barry Allen's "Arrow" debut will lead to the fully-costumed hero's own show.

UPDATE: CW Fast-Tracks

UPDATE: CW Fast-Tracks "Flash," Puts "Amazon" on Hold

The CW has confirmed its plans to fast-track a "Flash" drama with the pilot to be written by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, and has put the Wonder Woman origin "Amazon" on hold.


SDCC: "Arrow" Cast Tease Season 2 Twists, Villains

Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and others from The CW's "Arrow" talk about expanding the world in Season 2, including more villains, from Deadshot to A.R.G.U.S,. and more crossover between Starling City and the island.


SDCC: "Supernatural" Tends to Fallen Angels

Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and the cast and producers "Supernatural" entertained fans at Comic-Con International with teasers for Season 9, slapstick antics and stories of guns and the Impala.


SDCC: "Arrow" Welcomes Black Canary, New Direction for Oliver

The cast and crew of the CW's "Arrow" took aim at the Comic-Con crowd, offering a preview of the second season, answering a few fan questions, introducing Black Canary and focusing briefly on Stephen Amell's abs.


SDCC: "Arrow" Debuts Season 2 Sizzle Reel

The CW has released a Comic-Con International sizzle reel for the second season of "Arrow" that provides a first look at Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev, Caity Lotz as Black Canary.


SDCC: CW's "Arrow" Casts Its Black Canary

"The Pact" star Caity Lotz has reportedly joined The CW's "Arrow" as Black Canary, a recurring role that's expected to progress to series regular. Expect more details at Saturday's Comic-Con International panel.

POLL: Which DC Comics Character Should Get The

POLL: Which DC Comics Character Should Get The "Arrow" Treatment?

With "Arrow" cast and crew teasing new DC Comics characters for the CW drama's second season, CBR wants to know which DC character you think should get the "Arrow" treatment.

"Arrow" Casts Summer Glau in Recurring Villain Role

Summer Glau has reportedly joined the cast of "Arrow's" second season in a recurring adversarial role as Isabel Rochev, the Vice President of Acquisitions for a company hoping to take over Queen Consolidated.

CBR TV: Guggenheim On First Season of

CBR TV: Guggenheim On First Season of "Arrow," Season 2 Developments

Producer/writer Marc Guggenheim joined CBR TV to help christen our all-new new Speakeasy set and, of course, discuss the second season of "Arrow" while taking a look back at the first.



DC Comics has given CBR an exclusive preview of Marc Guggenheim, Allan Jefferson & Jonas Trindade's "Arrow" #36, bridging the gap between Seasons 1 & 2 of The CW show. Peer into Oliver Queen's future June 12.


EXCL PREVIEW: "Arrow" #35 Bridges Gap Between Season 1 and 2

CBR has an exclusive preview of "Arrow" #35, the first chapter of a special story from Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim bridging season 1 and 2 of the hit television series. The digital-first issue hits June 5.

EXCLUSIVE: Guggenheim Shoots Beyond

EXCLUSIVE: Guggenheim Shoots Beyond "Arrow" Finale in Digital Comic

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim discusses DC's "Arrow" digital comic's own two-part season finale, looking past the shocking end of The CW drama's run and towards Season 2. Plus, exclusive art from #35!

"Arrow" Season 2 Promises Two Big Villains, Plus a Super-Team

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim and co-star Colton Haynes tease two “very recognizable” villains for "Arrow" Season 2, and the possibility of a team of "the most important DC characters."

The CW's

The CW's "Amazon" Still In Development

Although it didn't make the cut for the 2013 fall season, the Wonder Woman origin show "Amazon" may still have a chance to see the light of day as it undergoes redevelopment.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Sacrifice"

As the first season of "Arrow" comes to an earth-shaking end, Malcolm Merlyn's scheme is exposed, Oliver and Laurel finally demonstrate why they belong together and one of the characters makes the ultimate sacrifice.

"Arrow's" Hits and Misses

As we head toward Wednesday's season finale of "Arrow," Spinoff looks at five instances in which the show's writers have hit their target ... and five areas in which they've fallen short.

Guggenheim Lights the Fuse for

Guggenheim Lights the Fuse for "Arrow's" Explosive Season Finale

The CW's take on DC Comics Green Arrow is in the home stretch, and Marc Guggenheim explains why "Arrow" is set for an explosive confrontation with Merlyn, a rocky love triangle for Oliver Queen and island revelations.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - The Undertaking"

In "The Undertaking," Oliver finally gets around to rescuing Walter, Moira's involvement in Malcolm's scheme is exposed, Team Arrow gets back together and we stop feeling so bad about the death Frank Chen.

POLL: Which DC Character Has The CW's

POLL: Which DC Character Has The CW's "Arrow" Adapted Best?

Of all the DC Comics characters to appear on The CW's "Arrow" to date, which do you feel has made the most successful leap from the comics page to television screen?

J. August Richards On

J. August Richards On "Arrow's" Assassin Showdown

Playing the psychotic Mr. Blank on The CW's "Arrow," former "Angel" star J. August Richards tells CBR about facing off with Stephen Amell and straddling DC and Marvel's universes with Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot.

WC 13:

WC 13: "Arrow" Cast Discuss Season One, Oliver Queen's Secrets

The stars of the CW's "Arrow" discuss the end of season one, where they want their characters to go and the secrets and relationships surrounding Oliver Queen.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Unfinished Business"

The Count returns to "Arrow" this week as Vertigo again floods the streets of Starling City, sending Oliver Queen in search of the source and Detective Lance on the trail of Tommy Merlyn.

WC13: Guggenheim On

WC13: Guggenheim On "Arrow" & the Failure of Comic Oliver Queen

At WonderCon 2013, "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim discussed the success of the CW television show and why TV Green Arrow has found a wider audience than the comics version.

Celina Jade Casts A Shado On

Celina Jade Casts A Shado On "Arrow"

Hong Kong action star Celina Jade is kicking and flipping her way into The CW's "Arrow," and she explains how her Shado is a different fighter from the comics and what it's like to be the daughter of an action star.


WC13: "Arrow" Stars Detail Injuries, Hint At DC Character Appearances & More

Cast and crew from the CW's "Arrow" gathered at WonderCon 2013 to talk about the end of Season One, compare on-set injuries, hint at Justice League appearances and answer fan questions.


WC13: "Beauty and the Beast" Panel

During the WonderCon panel for The CW's "Beauty and the Beast," star Kristin Kreuk and Executive Producer Kelly Souders teased what "Beasties" can expect from the rest of the season.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Salvation"

In "Salvation," Oliver Queen goes on the hunt of another vigilante, the Lance family gets caught up in the idea that Sara might still be alive, and Roy Harper is given a chance for redemption.

Stephen Amell Adds

Stephen Amell Adds "Arrow" To "Injustice" Roster

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell adds his voice and likeness to "Injustice: Gods Among Us" for the DC fighting game's version of Green Arrow for an unlockable alternative "Arrow" character.

"Arrow" Promotes Colton Haynes To Series Regular in Season 2

"Teen Wolf" alum Colton Haynes, who debuted as Roy Harper in the Feb. 20 episode of "Arrow," has been made a series regular for the second season of The CW’s hit superhero drama.

Guggenheim, Kreisberg Bring the DCU to

Guggenheim, Kreisberg Bring the DCU to "Arrow"

Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg discuss the ins and outs on bringing characters from the DC Universe into the world or "Arrow," revealing their personal favorites they'd like to see make the cross-media journey.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Guggenheim & Kreisberg's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Guggenheim & Kreisberg's "Arrow" #23

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Arrow" #24 by Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg & Emilio Aldrich with art by Omar Francia. Arrow faces a new threat March 13.

Cast, Crew Discuss the Secrets of The CW's

Cast, Crew Discuss the Secrets of The CW's "Arrow"

The cast and crew of the CW's "Arrow" appeared at PaleyFest to discuss the hit series, hint at the show's future sotrylines and trace its origins back to "Green Arrow: Year One" and "The Longbow Hunters."

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