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EXCL. PREVIEW: Guggenheim & Kreisberg's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Guggenheim & Kreisberg's "Arrow" #20

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the latest digital-first issue of Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg's "Arrow" #20, the companion series for the hit CW drama.

"Supernatural" Writers Return Drama to Its Hellish Roots in Season 8

"Supernatural" writers Adam Glass, Daniel Loflin, Andrew Dabb, Robbie Thompson and Jenny Klein discuss the current current season of the long-running drama, and what lies ahead for Sam and Dean Winchester.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - The Odyssey"

On this week's episode, "The Odyssey," The Hood pays a visit to Moira Queen, someone else learns Oliver's big secret, and we finally discover why Yao Fei is playing nice with Fyers.


EXCLUSIVE: "Arrow's" Guggenheim Tells A Tale Of Two Deathstrokes

In advance of tonight's episode of "Arrow," executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals the story behind the show's take on Deathstroke and mercenary Slade Wilson, sharing never before seen costume designs.

"Arrow" Renewed For Season 2

The CW has announced early renewals for its breakout drama "Arrow," based on the DC Comics character, and veteran series "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural."

PRESS RELEASE: Electronic Music Star Steve Aoki To Cameo On "Arrow"



Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR has an exclusive preview of "Arrow" #18, a tie-in to The CW's television show. Detective Lance is forced to choose between Laurel and his career February 6.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Vertigo"

In this week’s "Arrow" the maniacal Count and his designer drug Vertigo make their presence felt in Starling City, Thea Queen goes in front of a judge, and Oliver Queen learns his mother has dark secrets.

"Amazon's" Future Uncertain For The CW

Multiple reports state The CW wasn't happy with the initial pilot script for "Amazon," but the Wonder Woman origin series still has a chance to end up on the fall 2013 schedule.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Trust but Verify"

This week's "Arrow" was all about trust, as Oliver Queen and John Diggle go head to head over a name in the little black book, and Thea becomes suspicious about her mother's relationship with Malcom Merlyn.

Kreisberg Preps

Kreisberg Preps "Arrow" For A Burning Battle

Tonight, The CW's DC Comics-inspired "Arrow" returns, and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explains how an appearance by the villain Firefly ignites a major story involving John Barrowman's Merlyn the Dark Archer.



Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Arrow" #15. The next issue of the digital-first title based on the hit CW television series hits January 16.

Batman Won't Appear on

Batman Won't Appear on "Arrow" (or Anywhere Else on The CW)

The CW President Mark Pedowitz reveals that Batman is still off-limits for live-action television, meaning he won’t be getting his own "Smallville"-like series or hanging out with Oliver Queen on "Arrow."

CW President Discusses

CW President Discusses "Amazon," "Supernatural" and More

Mark Pedowitz took the stage at the Television Critics Association winter press tour to offer updates on a potential Wonder Woman show, a now-dead "Battle Royale" adaptation, a "Vampire Diaries" spinoff and more.

"Arrow" Sneak Peek: "You Might As Well Have Let That Archer Kill You"

John Diggle confronts Oliver Queen about what he lost in his fight with the Dark Archer in a clip from the midseason premiere of "Arrow," airing January 16 on The CW.

Wonder Woman Is 'Ripe' For TV, Says A Regretful David E. Kelley

Wonder Woman Is 'Ripe' For TV, Says A Regretful David E. Kelley

Acknowledging mistakes in his rejected 2011 pilot, prolific producer David E. Kelley insists Wonder Woman can still work on television, saying The CW is "smart to try it" with the planned origin story "Amazon."

The CW Offers First Look at

The CW Offers First Look at "Arrow's" Firefly

Firefly, played by "SGU Stargate Universe" alum Andrew Dunbar, is revealed is fire-loving glory in new images from "Arrow‘s" January 16 midseason premiere, “Burned.”

"Battlestar Galactica’s" James Callis Cast As Jewel Thief On "Arrow"

James Callis, who starred as Gaius Baltar on "Battlestar Galactica," will play the elusive international jewel thief The Dodger on the Feb. 20 episode of The CW’s "Arrow."

"Arrow" Promo Debuts First Look At Firefly in Midseason Premiere

The CW has released a promo for the midseason return of "Arrow" that offers the first look at the breakout drama’s take on the classic DC Comics villain Firefly. The episode, titled “Burned,” airs Jan. 16.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Year's End"

In the midseason finale of "Arrow," Oliver attempts to reintroduce his family to Christmas, a Dark Archer begins killing businessmen on The Hood's list and Walter goes too far in his investigation of Robert Queen's death.

Barrowman Brings Malcolm Merlyn To

Barrowman Brings Malcolm Merlyn To "Arrow"

The actor behind "Torchwood's" Captain Jack Harkness gleefully turns villain for The CW's "Arrow," and he tells CBR how the ruthless Malcolm Merlyn leads to the debut of the dark archer in tonight's mid-season finale.


CW's "Arrow" Casts Colton Haynes as Roy Harper

Continuing its embrace of DC Comics mythology, the CW's "Arrow" has cast "Teen Wolf" alum Colton Haynes in the role of Roy Harper, better known in the DCU as Speedy, Red Arrow and Arsenal.

"Arrow" Teases Winter Finale

The promo for "Arrow's" December 12 episode teases the arrival of a mysterious archer in Starling City. Plus, "Fringe" alum Seth Gabel reveals more on his Count Vertigo-inspired villain & the drug he brings with him.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Vendetta"

In the conclusion of "Arrow's" two-part Huntress story arc, the Triad and the mob come to blows, Walter holds onto his suspicions about Moira's shady dealings, and Oliver and Helena grow closer -- only to fall apart.

"Arrow" Casts Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson

The CW's Green Arrow-inspired drama "Arrow" has found its Slade Wilson, casting "Spartacus" actor Manu Bennett as the man under the mask of Deathstroke the Terminator.


UPDATED: "Amazon" Begins Search For The CW's New Wonder Woman

The CW's planned Wonder Woman series is moving forward with the launch of a search for an actress in her early to mid-20s to play the iconic DC Comics superheroine in "Amazon." UPDATE: WW remains princess Diana!


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Muse of Fire"

On this week's episode of "Arrow," Moira has a brush with death, Oliver meets the future Huntress, China White makes another appearance, and viewers finally learn the identity of John Barrowman's Well-Dressed Man.

"Arrow" Photos Reveal First Look At Show’s Mysterious New Archer

The CW has released images from the December 12 episode of "Arrow," called "Year’s End," that promise not only a Christmas gathering for the Queen clan but also a mysterious second archer for Starling City.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Damaged"

In this week's episode of "Arrow," we finally meet Deathstroke, Oliver Queen wriggles out of his legal problems (with a little help) and another DC Comics character makes an appearance.

"Arrow" Gains Count Vertigo As Major New Villain

Green Arrow’s comic-book nemesis Count Vertigo will make his way to The CW’s Arrow this season, although possibly with a new name, as a new drug takes hold of Starling City.

First Photo of

First Photo of "Arrow's" Huntress Released

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first still of Jessica De Gouw as "Arrow's" Huntress, a new vigilante - and potential love interest - entering Oliver Queen's life.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - An Innocent Man"

In this week's episode of "Arrow," Oliver Queen finds an ally, helps to save the live of a wrongly convicted man, and faces the possibility that his career as Starling City's costumed vigilante may be short-lived.

New Photos Unveil

New Photos Unveil "Arrow's" Royal Flush Gang

The CW has dealt fans a first look at Currie Graham and Kyle Schmid as the Royal Flush Gang from the November 14 episode of the hit superhero drama "Arrow."

"Arrow" Gets Full-Season Order

After only two episodes, The CW has given a full-season order to "Arrow," its hit superhero drama based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow starring Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Honor Thy Father"

In this week's episode of "Arrow," Oliver Queen goes to court, bodyguard John Diggle gets suspicious, sister Thea tries to get closer and China White enters the picture.

NYCC: Guggenheim Keeps

NYCC: Guggenheim Keeps "Arrow" Headed in the Right Direction

At New York Comic Con, "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim explained whether Moira Queen is a villain, which Season 1 episode is his favorite and how much action is in store for viewers.


NYCC: "Arrow's" Cassidy & Holland Tease Their Relationships with Oliver Queen

"Arrow" stars Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland spoke at NYCC about the way in which the five-year absence of Oliver Queen changed their characters' relationships with the playboy-turned-vigilante.

NYCC: Stephen Amell Hints At What's To Come in

NYCC: Stephen Amell Hints At What's To Come in "Arrow"

Speaking with the press at New York Comic Con, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell discussed the "manic" pace of the new series, Oliver Queen's relationship with his mother and the imminent arrival of Deathstroke.

NYCC: Amell, Cassidy & Holland Discuss

NYCC: Amell, Cassidy & Holland Discuss "Arrow"

"Arrow" stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland along with producer Marc Guggenheim took the stage at New York Comic Con 2012 for a question and answer session and special video presentation.

"Arrow" Prepares for Deathstroke's Arrival in November

Speculation began about whether Oliver Queen would take on master assassin Deathstroke when his mask appeared in the "Arrow" pilot, and CBR has now learned the showdown is coming in November.

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