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SPINOFF: Is Green Lantern Already in his Second Movie?

SPINOFF: Is Green Lantern Already in his Second Movie?

SPINOFF ONLINE's Graeme McMillan highly anticipates the coming "Green Lantern" film, but wonders if the feature has somehow skipped to its own sequel. Read on and join the discussion.


SPINOFF: "Green Lantern" Movie Logo Revealed

We're still more than a year away from the release of the "Green Lantern" feature film, but Warner Bros. has unveiled an official logo and first promotional art for the highly anticipated movie and SPINOFF has the details.

PRESS RELEASE: Andrea Romano Finds the Voice of "Batman: Under the Red Hood"

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse and Warner Bros. Bring "3 Story" to the Big Screen

20 Questions: Palmiotti & Gray on

20 Questions: Palmiotti & Gray on "Jonah Hex"

CBR News spoke with writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray about the Jonah Hex original graphic novel, "No Way Back," the character's ongoing series, the forthcoming movie and much more.

"Smallville" Royalties Fight Heats Up

After the series original producers filed a breach of contract complaint to earn more profits from the CW network anchor, Warner Brothers blasts back with an argument set to cut their former partners out via legalese.

Green Lantern Earns Animated Series

Green Lantern Earns Animated Series

With the Ryan Reynolds film well underway, Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network are planning on a full scale Hal Jordan blitz with a new animated series set to follow the big screen movie's lead.

The Flash Races Towards Theaters

The Flash Races Towards Theaters

A Warner Brothers executive is talking up Barry Allen as the next big DC film, but will he beat Aquaman to the screen and will Geoff Johns be at the starting line when it comes time to script?

WB Releases Animated

WB Releases Animated "Jonah Hex" Stills

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have released a set of still from the "Jonah Hex" animated short that will accompany the main feature on the upcoming "Batman: Under the Red Hood" direct to DVD movie.

PRESS RELEASE: Warner Bros. Announces "Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp"

PRESS RELEASE: Jeff Junge Named SVP Online Games, Digital Games for WBIE and WBDD

Hexed: John Gallagher, Jr. & Will Arnett

Hexed: John Gallagher, Jr. & Will Arnett

The star of Broadway's current hit Green Day musical "American Idiot" and the "Arrested Development" funnyman enlist as Union army officers out for modern justice in June's "Jonah Hex" movie.

Hexed: John Malkovich

Hexed: John Malkovich

As Quentin Turnbull, the Southern rebel villain of "Jonah Hex," the acclaimed actor discusses his origins with the picture, his collaboration on set and the driving factors of his comic book villainy.

Hexed: Josh Brolin

Hexed: Josh Brolin

The star of the outlandish adaptation of DC Comics' scarred-up bounty hunter spoke with CBR about earning his spurs in "Jonah Hex," how they'll update the Western and what friends he brought along for the ride.

"Jonah Hex" - The CBR Set Visit

Director Jimmy Hayward and star Josh Brolin took CBR inside the set of their upcoming weird Western adaptation of the classic DC Comics anti-hero, explaining how they plan to upend the traditional Western genre.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "The Losers"

"The Losers," opening this Friday, is a pleasing mix of laughs and action. Equal parts caper-flick and revenge-picture, it recalls a time when action movies were meant to be fun instead of morose morality plays.


New "Jonah Hex" Photo

Warner Bros. has released a new image from "Jonah Hex." Directed by Jimmy Hayward and starring Josh Brolin as the titular character alongside Megan Fox and John Malkovich, the movie hits theaters on June 18.

A Conference of

A Conference of "Losers"

The cast, writer and director of "The Losers" assembled for a press conference last Sunday and CBR was there as the group discussed love scenes, fight scenes, the film's comic roots and actor Oscar Jaenada's eyes.


VIDEO: "Brave and the Bold" Featuring B'Wana Beast & Vixen

Cartoon Network has provided CBR with clips and pics from this week's new episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," featuring guest stars Detective Chimp, B'Wana Beast and Vixen!

Meet The Losers: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Meet The Losers: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The man behind The Comedian sinks his teeth into a new comic book role as Jeffrey Dean Morgan leads the Losers as Clay, a man out for revenge, talks the next comic character he wants to play and more.

Meet The Losers: Chris Evans

Meet The Losers: Chris Evans

Before signing on to play Captain America, the actor best known as Johnny Storm sat down on the set of "The Losers" to talk cracking wise as computer hacker Jensen, what it was like working on "Scott Pilgrim" and more.

Meet The Losers: Zoe Saldana

Meet The Losers: Zoe Saldana

As the tattooed Aisha, Zoe Saldana brings an uncompromising tough girl take to the Losers' female team member and spoke with CBR about clashing with Morgan's Clay, taking on stunts and the future of "Star Trek."

CBR Visits

CBR Visits "The Losers"

Director Sylvain White, actor Columbus Short and others took CBR on a tour of the set for "The Losers," showing us the explosions, foul-mouthed camaraderie and more involved in adapting the acclaimed Vertigo title.

"Bleach" Film for Warner Bros

Warner Bros is looking to secure the rights of the popular manga series "Bleach" with an eye toward a feature film. In Japan, the series has already spun-off into TV, animated features, and even rock musicals.


Official: "Green Lantern" Will Debut in 3D

Warner Brothers has confirmed for CBR that the Ryan Reynolds-starring, Martin Campbell-directed "Green Lantern" film will bow in 3 Dimensions when it brings Hal Jordan to multiplexes next year.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Cop Out"

Warner Bros.' "Cop Out," in theaters today, offers moments of funny in a generally bland cop story of missing cards, cars, and women. While the leads are watchable, the film's overall shortcomings fall on director Kevin Smith.

David Goyer Rumored To Write Superman Film

David Goyer Rumored To Write Superman Film

With the film fate of the Man of Steel still in doubt with fans, the rumor mill continues to circle around the "Dark Knight" creative team with new word popping up that David Goyer will pen a Kryptonian-themed action flick.

Keaton Flashes into

Keaton Flashes into "Crisis on Two Earths"

Josh Keaton, who portrays Spidey on "Spectacular Spider-Man," brings his talents (and laser-quick tongue) to the DCU, voicing Flash for Warner Bros. Animation's recent release, "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths."

The Hughes Bros Attack

The Hughes Bros Attack "Akira"

Early word is that the sibling directing team behind the sleeper hit "The Book of Eli" will reteam with Warner Brothers and their comic-friendly screenwriter to bring the classic manga and anime to live action.


VIDEO: "Heroes" Season Finale Teaser Clips

With the season finale less than a week away, Warner Bros, has released seven all-new teaser clips from the final episode of "Heroes: Brave New World," airing February 8 on NBC.

First Trailer for

First Trailer for "The Losers" Debuts

Warner Bros. has released the first full trailer for their highly anticipated adaptation of "The Losers," their big budget action movie scheduled for an April 9 release and based on the Vertigo series by Andy Diggle and Jock.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "The Book of Eli"

"The Book of Eli," opening January 15, is a well-made science fiction actioner with good performances, genuine twists and thoughtful spiritual and philosophical themes that will stay with the viewer long after the film is over.

Scribe of

Scribe of "Eli" - Gary Whitta

Writer Gary Whitta spoke with CBR News in a one-on-on interview discussing the nature of "The Book of Eli," the caliber of acting involved and the miracle of a movie that looks and feels like what the original writer put to paper.

Directors of

Directors of "Eli" - Allen & Albert Hughes

Allen and Albert Hughes, directors of "The Book of Eli," talked with CBR news about how they work together, the challenges of making a film like "Eli," working with stars Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman and more.

Stars of

Stars of "Eli" - Denzel Washington

"The Book of Eli" star Denzel Washington spoke with CBR News about his new film, developing the character of Eli, some of the movie's deeper themes, learning how to fight with a sword and more.

Silver, Downey and Wigram on

Silver, Downey and Wigram on "Sherlock Holmes"

CBR spoke with producers Joel Silver, Susan Downey and Lionel Wigram about the upcoming "Sherlock Holmes" movie, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, discussing the film's fresh take on Holmes, its comics link and more.

"Arkham Asylum" Sequel Announced at VGAs

While "Batman: Arkham Asylum" did not take home any awards at the Spike Video Game Awards ceremony, the game's developer, Rocksteady Studios, was named Studio of the Year and a teaser trailer for the sequel was unveiled.

Matthew Sand Cuts Into

Matthew Sand Cuts Into "Ninja Assassin"

The co-screenwriter of the Wachowskis-produced, high intensity, anime-inspired martial arts action flick talked with CBR News about how the movie came together, why ninjas are like sharks and his connection with the comic book world.

JMS Takes on

JMS Takes on "Ninja Assassin"

Fan favorite writer J. Michael Straczynski spoke with CBR about the soon to be released "Ninja Assassin" and his other current writing projects, including a TV pilot for FOX and an unnamed Superman project for DC Comics.

Liu Directs the World’s Finest in “Public Enemies”

Liu Directs the World’s Finest in “Public Enemies”

An accomplished storyboard artist who worked on "Superman/Doomsday,” “Green Lantern: First Flight” and more, Sam Liu takes over the director’s chair for “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies."

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