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The CW Releases

The CW Releases "Smallville: Ambush" Photos

The CW has released photos and the plot synopsis for next week's episode of "Smallville," titled "Ambush" and featuring the debut of Ted Whittall as Rick Flagg. "Ambush" airs next Friday at 8PM.

Nolan Reveals

Nolan Reveals "Batman 3" Title, Knocks Riddler Rumors

The Dark Knight will "Rise" when he returns to theaters in 2012, but while he'll be bringing back much of the cast from his previous adventures, Batman won't face the Riddler in Christopher Nolan's next film.


CBR's "Green Lantern" Set Visit Preview

CBR News previews our visit to the set of "Green Lantern," including newly released concept art revealing what to expect from the big screen debut of the Guardians homeworld & Green Lantern Corps headquarters, Oa.

NYCC: Talking

NYCC: Talking "RED" with Cully Hamner

Artist and series co-creator Cully Hamner and editor Ben Abernathy discussed the past, present and future of "RED," in both it's comic book and film forms, in front of an audience during their NYCC panel.


SPINOFF: "Flash," "GL 2" Scripts Could Be Ready by Christmas

Scripts for "The Flash" and Green Lantern 2" are expected to hit Warner Bros. by Christmas, with the Flash script rumored to be based on Geoff Johns' take on the character. SPINOFF has details.

SPINOFF: What <i>Don't</i> We Know About Superman's Movie Return?

SPINOFF: What Don't We Know About Superman's Movie Return?

Now that we know that Zack Snyder will be directing the new Superman movie, David Goyer has written the script and General Zod is likely the villain, SPINOFF asks what remains to be revealed.


VIDEO: "Smallville" 200th Episode Teaser

The CW has released information about and video teaser for the upcoming 200th landmark episode of "Smallville," featuring James Marsters as Braniac 5 and a potential glimpse of Clark as Superman.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "RED"

"RED," the latest love letter to action and caper films of a bygone era, features strong performances from a cast of Oscar notables and an adaptation that expands the world far beyond the comic upon which it is based.

PRESS RELEASE: WB Animation Offers "Green Lantern" Foursquare Badge at NYCC

Zack Snyder To Direct

Zack Snyder To Direct "Superman"

Warner Bros. has tapped the director of "Watchmen" to helm its reboot of the Man of Steel's screen exploits from a David Goyer script featuring General Zod as Christopher Nolan watches on.

David E. Kelley to Take on

David E. Kelley to Take on "Wonder Woman"

"Wonder Woman" is set to return to television with "Ally McBeal" producer David E. Kelley developing the series. The Amazon last appeared on network television from 1975 to 1979 with Lynda Carter in the role.

Cat Grant Comes To

Cat Grant Comes To "Smallville"

Actress Keri Lynn Pratt becomes the latest DC Universe character to migrate to the small screen's version of Superman as a feisty foil for Clark Kent on the run from the assassin Deadshot in tonight's "Smallville."

SPINOFF: Nolan Officially On

SPINOFF: Nolan Officially On "Batman 3"

Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he is on board to direct the next installment of the Batman series, a franchise he resurrected with "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight." SPINOFF has details.

ROBOT 6: More Legal Maneuvers in Battle Over Superman

ROBOT 6: More Legal Maneuvers in Battle Over Superman

Warner Bros. has filed another round of motions in its increasingly nasty legal battle with the families of Superman’s creators, and their attorney Marc Toberoff and ROBOT 6 has all the details.

Didio & Lee: Changing DC As Publishers

Didio & Lee: Changing DC As Publishers

DC Comics Co-Publishers Dan Didio & Jim Lee talk to CBR News about their role in the changes coming for the company, how digital strategy around licensed comics will change in Burbank and their overall focus for the future.

Diane Nelson Talks DC's Changes

Diane Nelson Talks DC's Changes

The President of DC Entertainment speaks with CBR News about today's changes from the fate of WildStorm to the future of a digital team in Burbank and more.

VIDEO: Wonder Woman in

VIDEO: Wonder Woman in "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman arrive on Apokalips in this new clip from Warner Bros and DC Entertainment's "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse," arriving September 28, 2010.

SPINOFF: Is It Too Late To Exploit DC's Movie Potential?

SPINOFF: Is It Too Late To Exploit DC's Movie Potential?

With Warner Bros reportedly days away from publicly releasing new plans for DC Comics, SPINOFF wonders whether the announcements will be too little, too late.

What's DC Entertainment's Next Move?

What's DC Entertainment's Next Move?

With Warner Bros. tightening its focus on the superheroes of the DC Comics Universe, questions loom over the state of the publisher 's location, staff and impending creative output from comics to film, television and video games.

WB, DC Release Clip from

WB, DC Release Clip from "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

Warner Home Video and DC Entertainment have released a new film clip and screenshots from the September 28 releasing "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" direct to DVD animated feature.

Inside The Other

Inside The Other "Watchmen" Movie

CBR has an exclusive look at the "Watchmen" film that could have been as production designer Dominic Watkins shares his and Paul Greengrass' early concepts for a more realistic, modern version of the superhero classic.

SPINOFF: Eastwood Could Have Been Superman

SPINOFF: Eastwood Could Have Been Superman

While Christopher Reeve will forever be the Man of Steel in the minds of movie fans worldwide, Clint Eastwood has revealed that prior to Reeves' casting, Dirty Harry himself was offered the role of Superman.

"Sandman" TV Series In The Works

The award-winning sales chart perennial by Neil Gaiman and company finds its prospects for adaptation in other media renewed as Warner Bros. Television makes a move for "The Sandman."


CCI: "Sucker Punch" Press Conference

The cast and crew of "Sucker Punch" spoke at Comic-Con International, discussing the empowerment of their fight training, director Zack Snyder's approach to filmmaking and the decision to shoot the movie in 2D.

CBR TV @ CCI: Marc Guggenheim

CBR TV @ CCI: Marc Guggenheim

Writer Marc Guggenheim spoke with CBR TV's Jonah Weiland about his new Image Comics imprint, Collider Entertainment, his involvement with Warner Bros. Green Lantern movie, and his new creator owned title, "Stringers."

CCI: Abin Sur Visits Comic-Con

CCI: Abin Sur Visits Comic-Con

With the Green Lantern film in production and a panel in San Diego to promote it, Warner Bros. also brought out the dead to get fans excited with the Harlow Designs created Abin Sur corpse on display at the WB booth.

CCI: Warner Bros Unveils Final

CCI: Warner Bros Unveils Final "Green Lantern" Logo

Ahead of today’s big Warner Bros. presentation at SDCC, the studio has released the official logo for the "Green Lantern" movie, a modified version of the one seen in last month's licensing announcements


REVIEW: "Batman: Under the Red Hood"

ROBOT 6's Chris Mautner has positively reviewed the new direct to DVD "Batman: Under The Red Hood" animated feature, calling the movie "an enjoyable, well-done superhero film...a solid bit of entertainment."

Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern Hits Web

Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern Hits Web

The long-awaited CGI costume for the big screen-bound superhero debuts online with more first look action promised in "Entertainment Weekly's" pre-Comic-Con issue tomorrow.

PRESS RELEASE: Warner Bros. and Comic-Con Team Up for Official Bag

SPINOFF: Columbus Setting Sail With

SPINOFF: Columbus Setting Sail With "Superman?"

Director Chris Columbus is rumored to have been tapped by Warner Bros. to step behind the camera of the studios' latest relaunch of the Superman film franchise in 2012. SPINOFF has the details.

PRESS RELEASE: "Hung" Star Thomas Jane Finally Gets His Man in "Jonah Hex" Animated Short

Conroy, Daly Return In

Conroy, Daly Return In "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

"Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" will be Warner Home Video's next direct to DVD and Blu-Ray animated feature release, featuring the voices of Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy in the titular roles.

Jonah Hex: The CBR Review

Jonah Hex: The CBR Review

While "Jonah Hex" contains some genuinely great performances, the movie ultimately suffers from unnecessary CGI and fantastical elements, spiralling into a standard summer actioner conclusion.

DeZuniga Rides With Jonah Hex

DeZuniga Rides With Jonah Hex

Artist Tony DeZuniga spoke with CBR about co-creating the grizzled anti-hero, his spontaneous inspiration for the character's signature facial scar and his thoughts on the upcoming film starring Josh Brolin as Hex.

Cast and Crew Talk

Cast and Crew Talk "Jonah Hex"

"Jonah Hex" stars Josh Brolin and Megan Fox, along with director Jimmy Hayward and producer Andrew Lazar, spoke about adapting the character to the big screen, adding supernatural elements and pleasing the fans.

Being Jonah Hex: Palmiotti & Gray Visit Hex Set

Being Jonah Hex: Palmiotti & Gray Visit Hex Set

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray spoke with us about the time they spent on the set of the big budget Hex movie, Josh Brolin's performance and what the movie means to the future success of the DC Comics series.

"Jonah Hex" Movie Gallery

CBR presents a gallery of posters, screenshots and behind the scenes photos from"Jonah Hex," the Warner Bros. motion picture featuring the popular DC Comics anti-hero as portrayed by Josh Brolin. The movie opens June 18.


A "Green Lantern" Sequel in the Works

Writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim have been hired to write a treatment for a "Green Lantern" sequel while production continues on the first film. They will also pen a new treatment for "The Flash."

SPINOFF: Is Green Lantern Already in his Second Movie?

SPINOFF: Is Green Lantern Already in his Second Movie?

SPINOFF ONLINE's Graeme McMillan highly anticipates the coming "Green Lantern" film, but wonders if the feature has somehow skipped to its own sequel. Read on and join the discussion.

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